Collocations with DO: 42 Useful Expressions with DO

Collocations are a crucial aspect of English language learning, especially for non-native speakers. Collocations are words that are frequently used together to form phrases that sound natural to native speakers. One such important set of collocations is with the verb “do.” In this article, we will explore the various collocations with “do” that will help you to improve your English language skills.

List of Expressions with DO

  • Do a course
  • Do a deal
  • Do a favour
  • Do a good/great/terrible job
  • Do a report
  • Do anything/something/everything
  • Do badly
  • Do better
  • Do business
  • Do the crossword
  • Do damage
  • Do exercise
  • Do experiments
  • Do good
  • Do gymnastics
  • Do harm
  • Do homework
  • Do laundry
  • Do nothing
  • Do research
  • Do someone a favour
  • Do something right
  • Do something wrong
  • Do sums
  • Do the cleaning
  • Do the cooking
  • Do the dishes
  • Do the housework
  • Do the ironing
  • Do the math
  • Do the maximum
  • Do the minimum
  • Do the paperwork
  • Do the right thing
  • Do the shopping
  • Do the washing up
  • Do well
  • Do work
  • Do your best
  • Do your duty
  • Do someone’s hair
  • Do your makeup

Collocation with DO 

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Collocations with Do with Meaning and Examples

Do a course

  • Meaning: To complete a learning program
  • Example: They do a course in coding to prepare for their career.

Do a deal

  • Meaning: To make an agreement or arrangement
  • Example: She will do a deal with the distributor to expand her business.

Do a favour

  • Meaning: To help someone
  • Example: She did me a favour by lending me her car yesterday.

Do a good/great/terrible job

  • Meaning: To perform well, average, or poorly in a task
  • Example: The new employee will do a great job of bringing fresh ideas to the company.

Do a report

  • Meaning: To write or prepare a document
  • Example: They do a report on the performance of their company to present to the board.

Do anything/something/everything

  • Meaning: To perform any, some or all tasks
  • Example: He will do something special for his girlfriend on their anniversary.

Do badly

  • Meaning: To perform poorly in a task
  • Example: I always do badly in math exams.

Do better

  • Meaning: To improve performance
  • Example: The team does better when it works together and supports each other.

Do business

  • Meaning: To improve performance
  • Example: They do business in the technology industry, developing innovative software solutions.

Do the crossword

  • Meaning: To solve a crossword puzzle
  • Example: They do the crossword together as a family activity on weekends.

Do damage

  • Meaning: To cause harm or destruction
  • Example: The dog did damage to the couch by chewing on it.

Do exercise

  • Meaning: To engage in physical activity
  • Example: I do exercise every day to stay fit and healthy.

Do experiments

  • Meaning: To carry out scientific tests
  • Example: The scientists do experiments to test their hypotheses.

Do good

  • Meaning: To perform a good deed
  • Example: We can do good by reducing our carbon footprint and taking care of the environment.

Do gymnastics

  • Meaning: To perform gymnastic exercises
  • Example: He was inspired to do gymnastics after watching the Olympics on TV.

Do harm

  • Meaning: To cause harm or injury
  • Example: He didn’t mean to do harm, but his careless mistake caused a lot of damage.

Do homework

  • Meaning: To complete assigned schoolwork
  • Example: We do our homework as a way to practice and reinforce what we learned in class.

Do laundry

  • Meaning: To wash clothes
  • Example: The washing machine makes it easy to do laundry quickly and efficiently.

Do nothing

  • Meaning: To not take any action
  • Example: The park is a great place to do nothing and enjoy the scenery.

Do research

  • Meaning: To investigate a topic or subject
  • Example: He is doing research to find the best travel destinations for his vacation.

Do someone a favour

  • Meaning: To help someone
  • Example: He will do his coworker a favour by covering their shift.

Do something right

  • Meaning:  Perform a task correctly
  • Example: She is determined to do something right, no matter how difficult it seems.

Do something wrong

  • Meaning: To perform a task incorrectly
  • Example: He understands that everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay to do something wrong sometimes.

Do sums

  • Meaning: To perform mathematical calculations
  • Example: We do sums as part of our daily routine to improve our mental math skills.

Do the cleaning

  • Meaning: To clean a space or area
  • Example: They do the cleaning together as a family chore to maintain a clean home.

Do the cooking

  • Meaning: To prepare a meal
  • Example: He does the cooking for his partner because they work long hours.

Do the dishes

  • Meaning: To wash dishes
  • Example: He promised his mom he would do the dishes before she got home.

Do the housework

  • Meaning: To perform household tasks
  • Example: She does the housework every Saturday morning.

Do the ironing

  • Meaning: To iron clothes
  • Example: He forgot to do the ironing for his work clothes and now he’s running late.

Do the math

  • Meaning: To perform mathematical calculations
  • Example: She did the math and found that it would take her six months to pay off her credit card debt.

Do the maximum

  • Meaning: To perform to the best of one’s ability
  • Example: He knows that doing the maximum is the only way to achieve success.

Do the minimum

  • Meaning: To perform only the necessary tasks
  • Example: Don’t just do the minimum, strive for excellence.

Do the paperwork

  • Meaning: To complete necessary administrative tasks
  • Example: He forgot to do the paperwork for his taxes and now he’s facing penalties.

Do the right thing

  • Meaning: To act ethically or morally
  • Example: He knows that doing the right thing is more important than being liked.

Do the shopping

  • Meaning: To buy groceries or other items
  • Example: The family had to do the shopping before the big snowstorm hit.

Do the washing up

  • Meaning: To wash dishes
  • Example: The volunteers did the washing up after serving meals at the homeless shelter.

Do well

  • Meaning: To perform well in a task
  • Example: The company is doing well financially.

Do work

  • Meaning: To perform work duties
  • Example: She is teaching her students to do work as part of their curriculum.

Do your best

  • Meaning: To perform to the best of one’s ability
  • Example: You can do your best to prepare for the job interview by researching the company and practicing your answers.

Do your duty

  • Meaning: To fulfill one’s responsibilities
  • Example: You should always do your duty as a citizen and vote in elections.

Do someone’s hair

  • Meaning: To style someone’s hair
  • Example: He did his friend’s hair for their Halloween costume.

Do your makeup

  • Meaning: To apply makeup to oneself.
  • Example: If you’re not sure how to do your makeup, you can watch tutorials online or ask for help.

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