47 Useful Collocations with GET with Examples

As language learners, we all know the importance of learning collocations. They are groups of words that are commonly used together and can help us sound more natural and fluent in our speech or writing. In this article, we will be focusing on collocations with the verb “get”.

List of Collocations with GET

  • Get a call
  • Get a chance
  • Get a clue
  • Get a cold
  • Get a degree/ a diploma
  • Get a job
  • Get a joke
  • Get a letter (receive)
  • Get a shock
  • Get a splitting headache
  • Get a tan
  • Get a ticket
  • Get angry
  • Get changed (change clothes)
  • Get cool
  • Get dark
  • Get divorced
  • Get dressed/ undressed
  • Get drunk
  • Get fired
  • Get frightened
  • Get good/top/bad marks
  • Get home (arrive)
  • Get hot(ter)
  • Get hungry
  • Get into trouble
  • Get lost
  • Get married
  • Get nowhere
  • Get old
  • Get one’s hair cut
  • Get out of breath
  • Get permission
  • Get pregnant
  • Get ready for
  • Get sleep
  • Get started
  • Get stuck (in a traffic jam)
  • Get the impression
  • Get the message
  • Get the ticket (buy)
  • Get tired
  • Get to sleep
  • Get together
  • Get upset
  • Get wet
  • Get worried

Collocations with GET 

Collocations with GET

Collocations with GET with Meaning and Examples

List of collocations with get with example sentences.

Get a call

  • Meaning: Receive a phone call
  • Example:  I get a call from my mom every Sunday.

Get a chance

  • Meaning: Have an opportunity
  • Example: She got a chance to attend the conference in New York.

Get a clue

  • Meaning: Understand something
  • Example: She never seems to get a clue about what’s going on around her.

Get a cold

  • Meaning: Contract a cold virus
  • Example:  If you don’t wear a coat, you’ll get a cold.

Get a degree/diploma

  • Meaning: Obtain a certificate of completion from a university or college
  • Example: The university offers programs where students can get a degree in engineering.

Get a job

  • Meaning: Obtain employment
  • Example: She is applying to different companies to get a job in marketing.

Get a joke

  • Meaning: Understand a joke
  • Example: The comedian always gets a joke from the audience during his shows.

Get a letter (receive)

  • Meaning: Receive a letter
  • Example: She will get a letter from the university about her admission status.

Get a shock

  • Meaning: Be surprised or shocked by something
  • Example: They get a shock when they hear the news about their favorite celebrity.

Get a splitting headache

  • Meaning: Experience a severe headache
  • Example: He got a splitting headache after drinking too much alcohol.

Get a tan

  • Meaning: Develop a darker skin tone from exposure to the sun
  • Example: My sister gets a tan by lying in the sun for hours.

Get a ticket

  • Meaning: Obtain a ticket for an event or transportation
  • Example: If we park in the wrong spot, we might get a ticket.

Get angry

  • Meaning: Become angry
  • Example: We get angry when our internet connection is slow.

Get changed (change clothes)

  • Meaning: Change one’s clothes
  • Example: I need to get changed before we leave the house.

Get cool

  • Meaning: Become cooler in temperature
  • Example: The weather will get cool when the fall season arrives.

Get dark

  • Meaning: Become darker (usually referring to the sky)
  • Example: The sky gets dark as the sun sets.

Get divorced

  • Meaning: Legally end a marriage
  • Example: The couple got divorced after a year of marriage.

Get dressed/ undressed

  • Meaning: Put on or remove clothing
  • Example: They get dressed in their team uniforms before the game.

Get drunk

  • Meaning: Become intoxicated from alcohol
  • Example: They get drunk on weekends with their friends.

Get fired

  • Meaning: Lose one’s job
  • Example: The employee gets fired for coming in late too often.

Get frightened

  • Meaning: Become scared or frightened
  • Example: The child gets frightened by thunderstorms.

Get good/top/bad marks

  • Meaning: Receive good or bad grades on a test or assignment
  • Example: The student gets good marks in math class.

Get home (arrive)

  • Meaning: Arrive at one’s home
  • Example: I need to get home before it gets dark.

Get hot(ter)

  • Meaning: Become hotter in temperature
  • Example: The sun gets hotter as the day goes on.

Get hungry

  • Meaning: Become hungry
  • Example: I always get hungry in the afternoon.

Get into trouble

  • Meaning: Get into a difficult situation
  • Example: The driver will get into trouble if he continues to drink and drive.

Get lost

  • Meaning: Become lost or disoriented
  • Example: The tourists get lost in the maze of streets.

Get married

  • Meaning: Legally enter into a marriage
  • Example: The bride and groom get married in a church.

Get nowhere

  • Meaning: Make no progress
  • Example: The team gets nowhere when they don’t work together.

Get old

  • Meaning: Become elderly
  • Example: They get old as time goes by.

Get one’s hair cut

  • Meaning: Have one’s hair cut
  • Example: I need to get my hair cut before the wedding.

Get out of breath

  • Meaning: Become out of breath from physical activity
  • Example: She gets out of breath when she sings loudly.

Get permission

  • Meaning: Receive permission to do something
  • Example: The child gets permission from their parents to go to a friend’s house.

Get pregnant

  • Meaning: Become pregnant
  • Example: The couple hopes to get pregnant within the next year.

Get ready for

  • Meaning: Prepare for something
  • Example: They get ready for their trip by packing their bags.

Get sleep

  • Meaning: Fall asleep
  • Example: The baby gets sleep when they are rocked to sleep by their parent.

Get started

  • Meaning: Begin something
  • Example: The musician will get started on their album by writing new songs.

Get stuck (in a traffic jam)

  • Meaning: Become trapped in a traffic jam
  • Example: The driver gets stuck in a traffic jam on the highway during rush hour.

Get the impression

  • Meaning: Form an opinion or impression
  • Example: I get the impression that you don’t like spicy food.

Get the message

  • Meaning: Understand the message being conveyed
  • Example: She left a note for her husband to get the message that she’ll be late.

Get the ticket (buy)

  • Meaning: Purchase a ticket for an event or transportation
  • Example: She always gets the ticket for the movie in advance.

Get tired

  • Meaning: Become tired
  • Example: I get tired after working all day.

Get to sleep

  • Meaning: Fall asleep
  • Example: She finds it difficult to get to sleep when she’s stressed.

Get together

  • Meaning: Meet with others
  • Example: She loves to get together with her family for dinner every Sunday.

Get upset

  • Meaning: Become upset or emotional
  • Example: They get upset when their favorite sports team loses.

Get wet

  • Meaning: Become wet from water or rain
  • Example: I get wet when I walk in the rain without an umbrella.

Get worried

  • Meaning: Become anxious or worried about something
  • Example: He is getting worried about his job security.

Collocations with GET | Picture

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Collocations with GET

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