Collocations with GIVE: 29 Useful Expressions with GIVE

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Expressions with GIVE are a fundamental part of the English language. The verb “give” has many different meanings and can be used in a variety of ways. From giving someone a call to giving someone a break, there are numerous expressions that use this versatile verb. In this article, we will explore some of the most common expressions with GIVE and provide examples of how they can be used in everyday conversation.

List of Collocation with Give

  • Give (someone) a call (a ring, a buzz)
  • Give (someone) a chance
  • Give a choice
  • Give a damn
  • Give a hand
  • Give a headache
  • Give a hug or kiss
  • Give a lecture or speech or performance
  • Give a ride
  • Give an advice
  • Give an answer
  • Give an example
  • Give an idea
  • Give an opinion
  • Give birth
  • Give credit
  • Give evidence
  • Give notice
  • Give permission
  • Give priority
  • Give rise to
  • Give somebody a call
  • Give somebody a chance
  • Give somebody a lift
  • Give something a go
  • Give the impression
  • Give thought (to)
  • Give hope
  • Give way

Collocation with Give

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Collocations with Give with Meaning and Examples

Learn common collocations with give with example sentences.

Give a call (a ring, a buzz)

“Give a call” (or “give a ring” or “give a buzz”) means to make a phone call to someone.

  • She did not give him a call after the date.

Give a chance

“Give a chance” means to provide someone with an opportunity to do something or to prove themselves.

  • They did not give her a chance to participate in the debate.

Give a choice

“Give a choice” means to provide someone with options to choose from.

  • My mom gave me a choice between going to the beach or the park.

Give a damn

“Give a damn” means to care or be concerned about something or someone.

  • I didn’t give a damn about the latest trends.

Give a hand

“Give a hand” means to offer assistance or help to someone.

  • Can you give me a hand with carrying these boxes?

Give a headache

“Give a headache” means to cause stress, confusion, or difficulty for someone.

  • The complicated instructions gave me a headache.

Give a hug or kiss

“Give a hug or kiss” means to embrace or kiss someone as a sign of affection or greeting.

  • She always gives her dog a kiss on the nose before leaving for work.

Give a lecture or speech or performance

“Give a lecture or speech or performance” means to deliver a presentation, talk, or artistic performance to an audience.

  • He is giving a lecture on the benefits of exercise to the fitness class.

Give a ride

“Give a ride” means to provide transportation to someone by giving them a ride in a vehicle.

Give advice

“Give advice” means to provide guidance or suggestions to someone to help them make a decision or solve a problem.

  • The teacher gave the students some advice on how to improve their writing skills.

Give an answer

  • John always gives perfect answers in class.

Give an example

“Give an answer” means to respond to a question or request for information.

  • I will give an answer to the job offer by the end of the week.

Give an idea

“Give an idea” means to provide a suggestion or proposal for consideration.

  • The student gave an idea for a group project topic.

Give an opinion

“Give an opinion” means to express one’s thoughts or views on a particular topic.

  • She gave her opinion on the book she read over the weekend.

Give birth

“Give birth” means to deliver a baby.

  • The woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl at the hospital.

Give credit

“Give credit” means to acknowledge or recognize someone’s contribution or work.

  • The photographer gave credit to the model for the beautiful shots.

Give evidence

“Give evidence” means to provide proof or information that supports a claim or argument.

  • The journalist gave evidence to support the news report.

Give notice

“Give notice” means to inform someone, usually an employer or landlord, that you will be leaving a job or a rental property.

  • I will give notice to my employer that I am resigning from my job next week.

Give permission

“Give permission” means to allow someone to do something or to grant approval for a particular action.

  • The parent gave permission for the child to attend the school trip.

Give priority

“Give priority” means to assign a higher level of importance or preference to a particular task or activity.

  •  I gave priority to studying for the final exam over attending the party.

Give rise to

“Give rise to” means to cause or bring about a particular situation or result.

  • The pollution in the river is giving rise to health concerns for the nearby residents.

Give somebody a call

“Give somebody a call” means to contact someone by phone.

  • They will give their loyal customers a call to offer them exclusive discounts.

Give somebody a chance

“Give somebody a chance” means to provide someone with an opportunity to do something, or to prove themselves.

  • The judge gave the defendant a chance to explain their side of the story.

Give somebody a lift

“Give somebody a lift” means to provide someone with a ride in a vehicle.

  • I will give you a lift to the airport tomorrow morning.

Give something a go

“Give something a go” means to try something, to attempt something new or unfamiliar.

  • The chef decided to give a new recipe a go to add to the menu.

Give the impression

“Give the impression” means to create a certain perception or belief in someone’s mind, often based on one’s behavior, appearance, or communication.

  • The job candidate gave the impression of being confident and well-prepared in the interview.

Give thought (to)

“Give thought (to)” means to consider or think carefully about something.

  • The doctor gave thought to the patient’s symptoms before making a diagnosis.

Give hope

“Give hope” means to provide someone with a feeling of optimism or positivity about a situation, often in difficult or challenging circumstances.

  • The parent gave hope to the child by encouraging them to pursue their dreams.

Give way

“Give way” means to yield or move aside to allow someone or something else to pass.

  • I will give way to the ambulance with its siren on.

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