23 Common Collocations with GO in English

Learn common collocations with GO in English with examples.

Collocation Examples

Useful Collocations with GO

Go abroad

  • We should go abroad on holiday this year.

Go bad

  • The milk will go bad if it is not kept in the fridge.

Go bald

  • Many men go bald at an early age.

Go bankrupt

  • The company is about to go bankrupt.

Go blind

  • The old cat is starting to go blind.

Go crazy

  • The old man is going to go crazy.

Go deaf

  • Many old people go deaf.

Go fishing

  • I would like to go fishing this weekend.

Go insane (idiom)

  • If you don’t stop making that noise, I’m going to go (completely) insane!

Go mad/angry

  • I’d go mad if I was stuck at home all day.

Go missing

  • Cats often go missing in the city.

Go on a date

  • As for myself I doubt I’ll ever go on a date.

Go on a picnic

  • We could go on a picnic today.

Go on foot

  • I don’t have a car, so I will go on foot.

Go online

  • I’ll just go online and look up her address.

Go out of business

  • The farmer is going out of business.

Go out of fashion

  • Their music will never go out of fashion.

Go overseas

  • I often go overseas on business trips.

Go quiet

  • The animals go quiet when there’s a predator around.

Go sailing

  • I want to go sailing.

Go smoothly

  • The process did not always go smoothly.

Go to the beach/to the movie

  • I want to go to the beach with my friends at weekend.

Go to war

  • We were always told we would never have to go to war.

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