120+ Useful Collocations with HAVE in English

Learn useful collocations with HAVE in English with examples.

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Collocation Examples

Commonly Used Collocations with HAVE

Have a baby

  • She’s going to have a baby.

Have a backache

  • My father has a backache so he couldn’t sleep well.

Have a bad fall

  • My friend had a bad fall.

Have a bad temper

  • I know I have a bad temper sometimes.

Have a bath

  • I can’t remember the last time I had a bath.

Have a birthday

  • Well, you can’t have a birthday without a cake.

Have a bite

  • Can I have a bite of your hot dog?

Have a break

  • Let’s have a break when you finish this exercise

Have a business trip

  • My dad has a business trip so we could not visit our grandmother together.

Have a busy day

  • I have a busy day.

Have a career/a goal

  • I wanted to have a career as a singer.

Have a chance

  • We have a chance to make things better.

Have a chat

  • I’ll have a chat to John about it.

Have a cold

  • She has a cold so she is very tired.

Have a competition

  • Next week, we will have a competition at school.

Have a confrontation

  • Our company has a confrontation between employers and unions.

Have a conversation/chat

  • Can we have a conversation before we make any decision?

Have a cup of tea/ coffee

  • Would you like to have a cup of tea/coffee?

Have a dance

  • Let’s have a dance together.

Have a day off

  • I have a day off to take care of my grandmother.

Have a discussion

  • We should have a discussion about this topic to understand deeply.

Have a dispute

  • I have a dispute with anyone who would challenge us.

Have a doubt

  • Teacher, I have a doubt about this.

Have a dream

  • I had a dream that I won the lottery.

Have a drill

  • We have a drill. We’re going to drill.

Have a drink

  • Would you like to have a drink after work?

Have a feeling

  • I have a feeling that something is wrong.

…Useful Collocations with HAVE…

Have a fight

  • My best friend and I had a fight.

Have a fit

  • If your mother finds out about this, she’ll have a fit.

Have a game

  • He said we could have a game.

Have a glass of wine

  • I have a glass of wine with a meal.

Have a go

  • Can I have a go on your guitar?

Have a goal

  • You now have a goal to aim for.

Have a good time

  • I had a good time with my family.

Have a good/nice/etc day!

  • Wish you have a good day with your boy friend.

Have a great weekend

  • Did you have a great weekend?

Have a haircut

  • She has a haircut.

Have a hard time

  • Companies are having a hard time finding and retaining their people.

Have a headache

  • If you have a headache, you should take some aspirin.

Have a holiday

  • I want to have a holiday with my family.

Have a jacuzzi

  • Spa rooms also have a Jacuzzi bath.

Have a jog

  • You should have a jog in the evening.

Have a laugh

  • We just muck around in training and have a laugh.

Have a lecture

  • I will have a lecture tomorrow.

Have a lesson

  • I have a lesson in 15 minutes.

Have a lie down

  • I’ll go home and have a lie down instead.

Have a limp

  • As you know, I have a limp from my service in Gaul.

Have a lisp

  • If they have a lisp, don’t mention it or laugh at it secretly or openly.

Have a listen

  • Finally, Adam tells me to have a listen.

Have a look

  • Can I have a look at your wedding photos?

Have a massage

  • Does this hotel have a massage room?

Have a meal

  • Seldom, if ever, do I have a meal alone.

Have a meeting

  • We have a meeting at 9:00. Don’t be late!

Have a moment

  • I’m just letting her have a moment.

Have a nap

  • I was exhausted so I had a nap on the sofa.

Have a night mare

  • I had a scary nightmare last night.

Have a party/concert

  • It’s your birthday nextweek, let’s have a party!

Have a passion for

  • I have a passion for math.

Have a plan

  • Don’t worry, I have a plan to fix this.

Have a problem

  • Our school is having financial problem.

Have a quarrel

  • Mrs. Ridgewell asked if they’d had a quarrel.

Have a relationship

  • I have a relationship with that brand.

Have a rest

  • You look awful. Lie down and have a rest.

Have a ride

  • Can I have a ride with you?

Have a right

  • People have a right to be heard and express their views.

Have a run

  • You have a run in your stocking.

Have a safe journey

Charts are absolutely essential to having a safe journey.

Have a salad

  • Maybe for dessert we could have a salad of local fresh fruits.

Have a sandwich

  • He did not have a sandwich.

Have a scrub

  • If you don’t have a scrub, you can make your own.

Have a shave

  • I’ll just have a shave before we go.

Have a shower

  • I usually have two showers a day.

Have a smell

  • They have a smell unlike any smell on earth.

Have a snack

  • We have a snack with them before the class.

Have a snooze

  • I’m going to have a snooze after lunch.

Have a stretch

  • If your machine does not have a stretch stitch, use a zigzag stitch.

Have a stroke

  • I was too young to have a stroke.

Have a swim

  • This afternoon I have a swim meet.

Have a talk

  • We can have a talk about it some other time.

Have a taste

I’m inviting you to have a taste of it.

Have a temperature

  • There was no improvement; she continued to have a temperature.

Have a think

  • He doesn’t eat meat, he’s avoiding cheese, he’ll have a think about wine.

Have a touch

  • We’ve allowed someone to have a touch, turn and shoot at our goal.

Have a try

  • I’ll explain what to do and then you can have a try.

Have a walk

  • We would often have a walk of an evening.

Have a wash

  • I need to have a wash before dinner.

…Useful Collocations with HAVE…

Have a wish

  • Human beings have a wish for closure, to get on with their lives.

Have a word

  • My boss had a word with me about my actions.

Have a word

  • Can I have a word with you?

Have a workout

  • Normally I have a workout on the beach when I stay here.

Have a access (to)

  • Who had access to my computer while I was away?

Have an accident

  • Josh had a car accident last night.

Have an appointment with

  • I have an appointment with the doctor today.

Have an argument

  • I had an argument with my father.

Have an effect (on)

  • Did increasing the price have much effect on sales?

Have an energy bar

  • When that’s not an option, have an energy bar for a snack.

Have an event

  • Why not have an event here?

Have an exam

  • I have an exam tomorrow, wish me luck.

Have an excuse

  • She has an excuse for everything.

Have an experience

  • I had a frightening experience the other day.

Have an ice-cream

  • Can I have an ice-cream, please?

Have an idea

  • I’ve just had a really good idea!

Have an interview

  • He has an interview tomorrow, and he’s a little nervous.

Have an opportunity

  • You’ve already had lots of opportunities.

Have breakfast/lunch/dinner

  • I’m having lunch with Linda today.

Have difficulty

  • She had difficulty in starting her car.

Have faith

  • Personally, I do have faith.

Have food

  • We have food banks in this country.

Have fun/a good time

  • Did you have fun at the party.

Have no education

  • There are many children who have no education, food, or family.

Have no fear

  • In any case, I have no fear of death”.

Have patience

  • You’ve got to have patience.

Have a rest

  • You should go to your room and have a rest.

Have room

  • We don’t have room for a pool table in our apartment.

Have self-esteem

  • I have self-esteem now that I’ve never had before.

Have sex

  • I had heard that the girls are forced to have sex.

Have skills

  • The company needs more people who have skills.

Have some sugar/ milk

  • Could I have some milk please?

Have something to eat

  • You should have something to eat.

Have soul

  • They don’t really have soul.

Have success

  • You have to have success and failure.

Have sympathy

  • I really have sympathy for them.

Have the chance (to)

  • You will have the chance to ask questions at the end.

Have time

  • Hopefully we should have time to prepare.

Have trouble

  • I know you have trouble with eye contact.

Have work

  • I can’t stand here talking – I have work to do.

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