Expressions with KEEP: 12 Useful Collocations with KEEP

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Expressions with KEEP are a fundamental part of the English language. In fact, they are used so often that they have become an essential part of daily communication. From keeping a secret to keeping in touch, these expressions are used to convey a variety of meanings.

List of Collocation with Keep

  • Keep a diary
  • Keep a promise
  • Keep a secret
  • Keep calm
  • Keep control
  • Keep in touch
  • Keep quiet
  • Keep records
  • Keep score
  • Keep someone’s place
  • Keep the change
  • Keep your balance

Collocation with Keep 

Collocations with KEEPPin

Examples of Collocations with Keep

Keep a diary

“Keep a diary” means to write down one’s thoughts, experiences, and activities regularly in a personal journal or diary.

  • She kept a diary of her travels around the world.

Keep a promise

“Keep a promise” means to fulfill a commitment or pledge that one has made to someone else.

  • She always keeps her promise to be on time for appointments.

Keep a secret

“Keep a secret” means to not disclose or reveal confidential information to anyone else.

  • She promised to keep the secret that her friend had told her.

Keep calm

“Keep calm” means to remain composed and not become overly emotional or agitated, especially in a stressful or difficult situation.

  • She told herself to keep calm and take deep breaths during the job interview.

Keep control

“Keep control” means to maintain authority or power over a situation or oneself.

  • The pilot had to keep control of the airplane during the turbulence.

Keep in touch

“Keep in touch” means to maintain communication or contact with someone, especially over a period of time.

  • We promised to keep in touch after graduating from college.

Keep quiet

“Keep quiet” means to remain silent or not make noise. It can also mean to keep a secret or not reveal information.

  • Please keep quiet during the movie so others can hear.

Keep records

“Keep records” means to maintain a written or electronic record of information or data.

  • The company keeps records of all financial transactions.

Keep score

“Keep score” means to maintain a record of points or results in a game or competition.

  • Let’s keep score of our game of cards to see who wins.

Keep someone’s place

“Keep someone’s place” means to reserve or maintain a particular spot or position for someone.

  • She asked her friend to keep her place in line while she went to the restroom.

Keep the change

“Keep the change” means to allow the recipient to keep the extra amount of money that would normally be given as a change after a transaction.

  • He tipped the delivery person generously and told him to keep the change.

Keep your balance

“Keep your balance” means to maintain stability and not fall or lose control of one’s body.

  • He rode his bike down the hill, trying to keep his balance and avoid crashing.

Collocations with Keep in Business Language

When it comes to business language, using the right collocations with “keep” can make a big difference in how you communicate with others. Here are some commonly used collocations with “keep” in business language:

  • Keep a record: This means to maintain a written or electronic record of something.
  • Keep up with the competition: This means staying competitive and not falling behind other businesses in the industry. 
  • Keep an eye on: This means to monitor or watch something closely. 
  • Keep in touch: This means to maintain contact with someone. 
  • Keep a tight deadline: This means to have a strict deadline that must be met. 
  • Keep improving: This means to continuously improve and make progress. 

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. She likes to ___________ to remember all the important events in her life. 

Answer: Keep a diary

  1. He ___________ and showed up to the meeting on time.

Answer: Kept a promise

  1. She told him a ___________ 

Answer: Kept a secret

  1. It’s important to ___________ in stressful situations.

Answer: Keep calm

  1. The teacher needs to ___________ in the classroom.

Answer: Keep control

Match the Verbs

Phrasal Verb Meaning
a. Keep records 1. To track and record the points or progress in a game or competition
b. Keep score 2. To allow someone to keep the difference between the cost and amount paid
c. Keep someone’s place 3. To maintain stability and not fall or lose control
d. Keep the change 4. To hold or reserve someone’s spot or position
e. Keep your balance 5. To maintain a written account of information


Phrasal Verb Meaning
a 5
b 1
c 4
d 2
e 3

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