Expressions with MAKE: 90+ Collocations with MAKE

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Expressions with MAKE are a common feature of the English language. Whether you are a native speaker or learning the language, chances are you have come across some of these expressions. From everyday phrases like “make dinner” to more complex idioms like “make a killing,” understanding these expressions can greatly improve your communication skills.

List of Expressions with Make

  • Make a break for
  • Make a bed
  • Make a cake
  • Make a call
  • Make a choice
  • Make a comment
  • Make a complaint
  • Make a confession/ an admission
  • Make a contract
  • Make a cup of tea
  • Make a deal
  • Make a decision
  • Make a difference
  • Make a discovery
  • Make a dress
  • Make a fire
  • Make a fool of yourself
  • Make a fortune
  • Make a fuss
  • Make a habit
  • Make a joke
  • Make a list
  • Make a living
  • Make a mess
  • Make a mistake
  • Make a move
  • Make a note (of)
  • Make a pass at
  • Make a phone call
  • Make a point
  • Make a prediction
  • Make a presentation
  • Make a profit
  • Make a promise
  • Make a recovery
  • Make a reservation
  • Make a rude gesture
  • Make a salad
  • Make a sales call
  • Make a sandwich
  • Make a snack
  • Make a sound
  • Make a speech
  • Make a statement
  • Make a suggestion
  • Make a takeover bid
  • Make a threat
  • Make amends
  • Make an agreement
  • Make an allusion
  • Make an appearance
  • Make an appointment
  • Make an arrangement
  • Make an attempt
  • Make an effort
  • Make an enquiry
  • Make an exception
  • Make an excuse
  • Make an impression
  • Make an objection
  • Make an observation
  • Make an offer
  • Make an arrangement
  • Make believe
  • Make breakfast/ lunch/ dinner
  • Make changes
  • Make coffee
  • Make contact
  • Make ends meet
  • Make food
  • Make friends
  • Make fun of someone
  • Make furniture
  • Make love
  • Make money
  • Make noise
  • Make peace
  • Make plans
  • Make progress
  • Make an effort
  • Make room
  • Make sense
  • Make someone angry/ mad/ happy/ sad
  • Make something easy
  • Make sure
  • Make the bed
  • Make time
  • Make tracks
  • Make trouble
  • Make up your mind
  • Make war
  • Make your bed

Collocation with Make 

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Collocations with Make with Meaning and Examples

Make a break for

  • Meaning: To try to escape or leave quickly
  • Example: The prisoner tried to make a break for it but was quickly caught by the guards.

Make a bed

  • Meaning: To arrange the sheets, blankets, and pillows on a bed
  • Example: Can you make a bed for our houseguests in the spare room?

Make a cake

  • Meaning: To prepare and bake a cake
  • Example: I’m going to make a cake for my friend’s birthday.

Make a call

  • Meaning: To use a phone to contact someone
  • Example: I need to make a call to my doctor to schedule an appointment.

Make a choice

  • Meaning: To decide between two or more options
  • Example: It’s important to carefully consider your options before making a choice.

Make a comment

  • Meaning: To express an opinion or thought about something
  • Example: Please feel free to make a comment if you have any questions.

Make a complaint

  • Meaning: To express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something
  • Example: If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can make a complaint to the manager.

Make a confession/an admission

  • Meaning: To admit to something, usually a wrongdoing or mistake
  • Example: The suspect finally made a confession to the crime.

Make a contract

  • Meaning: To create a legal agreement between two or more parties
  • Example: We need to make a contract to ensure that both parties are protected.

Make a cup of tea

  • Meaning: To prepare and brew a cup of tea
  • Example: I’m going to make a cup of tea before we start the meeting.

Make a deal

  • Meaning: To negotiate and agree on terms with someone
  • Example: We were able to make a deal with the supplier for a lower price.

Make a decision

  • Meaning: To choose a course of action or make a choice
  • Example: It’s time to make a decision about which college to attend.

Make a difference

  • Meaning: To have an impact or effect on something
  • Example: Small actions can make a big difference in the world.

Make a discovery

  • Meaning: To find or uncover something new or unknown
  • Example: The scientist made a groundbreaking discovery in the field of genetics.

Make a dress

  • Meaning: To create or sew a dress
  • Example: I’m going to make a dress for the wedding.

Make a fire

  • Meaning: To start a fire in a fireplace or outdoors
  • Example: We need to make a fire to keep warm.

Make a fool of yourself

  • Meaning: To embarrass or humiliate oneself
  • Example: I don’t want to make a fool of myself in front of my colleagues.

Make a fortune

  • Meaning: To become very wealthy
  • Example: He made a fortune in the stock market.

Make a fuss

  • Meaning: To make a big deal or commotion about something
  • Example: Don’t make a fuss about it, it’s not a big deal.

Make a habit

  • Meaning: To form a regular pattern of behavior
  • Example: It’s important to make a habit of exercising regularly.

Make a joke

  • Meaning: To tell a humorous story or quip
  • Example: He always knows how to make a joke to lighten the mood.

Make a list

  • Meaning: To write down a series of items or tasks
  • Example: I need to make a list of all the things I need to do today.

Make a living

  • Meaning: To earn money for one’s livelihood
  • Example: He works as a carpenter to make a living.

Make a mess

  • Meaning: To earn money for one’s livelihood
  • Example: I accidentally spilled the paint and made a mess on the floor.

Make a mistake

  • Meaning: To make an error or incorrect decision
  • Example: It’s okay to make a mistake as long as you learn from it.

Make a move

  • Meaning: To take action or make a change
  • Example: It’s time to make a move and start looking for a new job.

Make a note (of)

  • Meaning: To write down or remember something important
  • Example: I need to make a note of the meeting time in my calendar.

Make a pass at

  • Meaning: To make a sexual advance towards someone
  • Example: He tried to make a pass at her, but she wasn’t interested.

Make a phone call

  • Meaning: To use a phone to contact someone
  • Example: I need to make a phone call to my parents to check in on them.

Make a point

  • Meaning: To emphasize or make a clear statement
  • Example: She made a good point about the importance of education.

Make a prediction

  • Meaning: To forecast or anticipate something in the future
  • Example: The weather forecasters made a prediction of heavy rain for tomorrow.

Make a presentation

  • Meaning: To give a formal talk or demonstration
  • Example: He spent hours preparing to make a presentation to the board of directors.

Make a profit

  • Meaning: To earn money beyond the cost of production or investment
  • Example: The company was able to make a profit this quarter.

Make a promise

  • Meaning: To commit to doing something in the future
  • Example: Can you make a promise to keep my secret safe?

Make a recovery

  • Meaning: To recover from an illness, injury, or setback
  • Example: After a long illness, she was able to make a full recovery.

Make a reservation

  • Meaning: To reserve a spot or booking for something
  • Example: I need to make a reservation at the restaurant for tonight.

Make a rude gesture

  • Meaning: To make an offensive or impolite gesture towards someone
  • Example: It’s not appropriate to make a rude gesture in public.

Make a salad

  • Meaning: To prepare and assemble a salad
  • Example: I’m going to make a salad for dinner tonight.

Make a sales call

  • Meaning: To make a call to try to sell a product or service
  • Example: He spent the morning making sales calls to potential clients.

Make a sandwich

  • Meaning: To prepare and assemble a sandwich
  • Example: I’m going to make a sandwich for lunch today.

Make a snack

  • Meaning: To prepare and eat a small amount of food
  • Example: I’m feeling hungry, so I’m going to make a quick snack.

Make a sound

  • Meaning: To produce a noise or sound
  • Example: The leaves rustled and made a soft sound in the wind.

Make a speech

  • Meaning: To give a formal address or presentation
  • Example: The president is scheduled to make a speech at the convention this weekend.

Make a statement

  • Meaning: To express a fact or opinion
  • Example: The teacher made a statement by praising the student’s hard work and dedication.

Make a suggestion

  • Meaning: To offer an idea or proposal
  • Example: I would like to make a suggestion for how we can improve our customer service.

Make a takeover bid

  • Meaning: To attempt to acquire a company or organization
  • Example: The company made a takeover bid for its competitor.

Make a threat

  • Meaning: To express a warning or intention to harm someone
  • Example: It’s not appropriate to make a threat against someone.

Make amends

  • Meaning: To apologize or make up for a wrongdoing
  • Example: He apologized and tried to make amends for his mistake.

Make an agreement

  • Meaning: To come to a mutual understanding or contract
  • Example: Both parties were able to make an agreement on the terms of the contract.

Make an allusion

  • Meaning: To refer to something indirectly or subtly
  • Example: She made an allusion to the famous novel in her speech.

Make an appearance

  • Meaning: To show up or be present at an event or gathering
  • Example: The celebrity is scheduled to make an appearance at the charity event.

Make an appointment

  • Meaning: To schedule a meeting or visit
  • Example: I need to make an appointment with my dentist for a check-up.

Make an arrangement

  • Meaning: To plan or organize something beforehand
  • Example: We need to make an arrangement for transportation to the airport.

Make an attempt

  • Meaning: To try or make an effort to do something
  • Example: She made an attempt to climb the mountain, but had to turn back due to bad weather.

Make an effort

  • Meaning: To try or put in effort towards something
  • Example: It’s important to make an effort to stay in touch with friends and family.

Make an enquiry

  • Meaning: To ask for information or investigate something
  • Example: I need to make an enquiry about the availability of the product.

Make an exception

  • Meaning: To deviate from a rule or norm for a specific reason
  • Example: We can make an exception for you this time, but it’s not our usual policy.

Make an excuse

  • Meaning: To provide a reason or justification for a mistake or wrongdoing
  • Example: He tried to make an excuse for being late, but it wasn’t a valid reason.

Make an impression

  • Meaning: To create a certain perception or opinion about oneself or something
  • Example: Her confident demeanor made a strong impression on her colleagues.

Make an objection

  • Meaning: To express disagreement or opposition to something
  • Example: Let’s make an objection to the airline about the delayed flight.

Make an observation

  • Meaning: To notice or comment on something
  • Example: He made an observation about the behavior of the students in the classroom.

Make an offer

  • Meaning: To propose or suggest something, usually in a business or negotiation context
  • Example: The company made an offer to buy out its competitor.

Make an arrangement

  • Meaning: To organize or plan something in advance, often involving a meeting or agreement between two or more parties.
  • Example: We need to make an arrangement for the delivery of the furniture.

Make believe

  • Meaning: To pretend or imagine something is true
  • Example: Children love to make believe and use their imaginations.

Make breakfast/lunch/dinner

  • Meaning: To prepare and cook a meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • Example: I’m going to make breakfast for my family this morning.

Make changes

  • Meaning: To alter or modify something
  • Example: We need to make changes to our marketing strategy to reach a wider audience.

Make coffee

  • Meaning: To prepare and brew coffee
  • Example: I’m going to make coffee for everyone in the office.

Make contact

  • Meaning: To establish communication or connection with someone
  • Example: He was finally able to make contact with the elusive artist.

Make ends meet

  • Meaning: To manage financially with one’s income
  • Example: It’s a struggle to make ends meet on a minimum-wage job.

Make food

  • Meaning: To prepare and cook food
  • Example: I’m going to make food for the potluck dinner tonight.

Make friends

  • Meaning: To develop friendships or relationships with others
  • Example: It’s important to be open and friendly in order to make friends.

Make fun of someone

  • Meaning: To tease or mock someone in a humorous or hurtful way
  • Example: It’s not okay to make fun of someone for their appearance or beliefs.

Make furniture

  • Meaning: To create or build furniture
  • Example: He’s a skilled carpenter who can make beautiful furniture.

Make love

  • Meaning: To engage in sexual activity with someone
  • Example: They spent the night together, making love under the stars.

Make money

  • Meaning: To engage in sexual activity with someone
  • Example: He started his own business to make money and be his own boss.

Make noise

  • Meaning: To produce loud or disruptive sounds
  • Example: The children were making too much noise and disturbing the neighbors.

Make peace

  • Meaning: To resolve conflicts or differences and establish peace or harmony
  • Example: It’s important to make peace with those we have conflicts with.

Make plans

  • Meaning: To make arrangements or preparations for something in the future
  • Example: We need to make plans for our upcoming vacation.

Make progress

  • Meaning: To move forward or make advancements in something
  • Example: With hard work and dedication, we can make progress towards our goals.

Make an effort

  • Meaning: To try hard to do something, often involving physical or mental exertion.
  • Example: It’s important to make an effort to show appreciation for those we care about.

Make room

  • Meaning: To create space or make accommodations for something or someone
  • Example: We need to make room for the new furniture in the living room.

Make sense

  • Meaning: To be logical or understandable
  • Example: His argument didn’t make sense to me.

Make someone angry/mad/happy/sad

  • Meaning: To be logical or understandable
  • Example: Her rude comment made him angry.

Make something easy

  • Meaning: To simplify or make something easier to do or understand
  • Example: I’ll show you how to make this recipe easy by using a slow cooker.

Make sure

  • Meaning: To ensure or confirm something
  • Example: Before leaving the house, make sure you have everything you need.

Make the bed

  • Meaning: To arrange the sheets, blankets, and pillows on a bed
  • Example: I always make the bed in the morning to start the day off right.

Make time

  • Meaning: To set aside or create time for something or someone
  • Example: It’s important to make time for self-care and relaxation.

Make tracks

  • Meaning: To leave or depart quickly
  • Example: We need to make tracks if we want to arrive on time.

Make trouble

  • Meaning: To cause problems or difficulties
  • Example: He’s always causing problems and making trouble for others.

Make up your mind

  • Meaning: To make a decision or come to a conclusion
  • Example: It’s time to make up your mind and decide which college to attend.

Make war

  • Meaning: To engage in armed conflict or warfare
  • Example: It’s never a good idea to make war instead of seeking peaceful solutions.

Make your bed

  • Meaning: To arrange the sheets, blankets, and pillows on your own bed.
  • Example: Don’t forget to make your bed before leaving for the day.

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