Expressions with SAVE: Collocations with SAVE

Collocations with Save! Learn commonly used collocations and expressions with Save in English with example sentences and ESL picture to improve your English.

Useful list of verb noun collocations in English.

Collocations with SAVE

List of Expressions with Save

  • Save electricity
  • Save energy
  • Save lives
  • Save money
  • Save one’s strength
  • Save someone a seat
  • Save someone’s life
  • Save something
  • Save space
  • Save time
  • Save yourself the trouble

Examples of Collocations with Save

Save electricity

  • Turn off the light when you leave a room to save electricity.

Save energy

  • What are ways that we can save energy?

Save lives

  • Spotting the disease early can save lives.

Save money

  • We stayed in a cheapo hotel to save money.

Save one’s strength

  • You’re sick so save your strength, and don’t try to do anything.

Save someone a seat

  • I will be late to the movie. Will you save me a seat?

Save someone’s life

  • Wearing a seat belt in a car can save your life.

Save something

  • It’s just a wonderful feeling to save something.

Save space

  • She saved some space in her suitcase for souvenirs.

Save time

  • It’ll save time if we go by cab.

Save yourself the trouble

  • You should save yourself the trouble.

Expressions with Save | Picture

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