11 Common Collocations with Save in English

Collocations with “save” are commonly used in the English language. This reference covers key verb-noun collocations with save, which can significantly improve your communication skills. The main sections include a list of collocations with save, examples of these expressions, and practice exercises.

List of Collocations with Save

11 Common Collocations with Save in English
Common Collocations with Save – Created by 7ESL
  • Save electricity
  • Save energy
  • Save lives
  • Save money
  • Save one’s strength
  • Save someone a seat
  • Save someone’s life
  • Save something
  • Save space
  • Save time
  • Save yourself the trouble

Examples of Collocations with Save

Save electricity

  • Meaning: To reduce or conserve the amount of electricity used
  • Example: The company implemented a policy to save electricity by reducing the use of air conditioning.

Save energy

  • Meaning: To reduce or conserve the amount of energy used
  • Example: You can save energy by using LED light bulbs instead of incandescent ones.

Save lives

  • Meaning: To prevent or avoid the loss of human life
  • Example: Wearing a seatbelt can save lives in the event of a car accident.

Save money

  • Meaning: To reduce or conserve the amount of money spent or used
  • Example: You can save money by buying in bulk and stocking up on essentials

Save one’s strength

  • Meaning: To conserve one’s physical or mental energy for a later use
  • Example: She decided to save her strength and take the elevator instead of the stairs.

Save someone a seat

  • Meaning: To reserve or hold a seat for someone else
  • Example: Can you save me a seat at the movie theater?

Save someone’s life

  • Meaning: To rescue or prevent someone from dying or being seriously injured
  • Example: The doctor’s quick action saved the patient’s life during a medical emergency.

Save something

  • Meaning: To prevent something from being lost, damaged, or destroyed
  • Example: It’s just a wonderful feeling to save something.

Save space

  • Meaning: To reduce or conserve the amount of physical space used or occupied
  • Example: The apartment owner installed wall shelves to save space in the living room.

Save time

  • Meaning: To reduce or conserve the amount of time spent or used
  • Example: The student saved time by studying in short intervals instead of long sessions.

Save yourself the trouble

  • Meaning: To avoid unnecessary effort or inconvenience by not doing something.
  • Example: Save yourself the trouble and take the highway instead of the back roads.

Practice and Exercises

Fill in the blank

  1. We should ___________ by turning off the lights when we leave the room. Answer:

Answer: Save electricity

  1. We need to ___________ by using more efficient appliances.

Answer: Save energy

  1. The doctors were able to ___________ by performing emergency surgery.

Answer: Save lives

  1. She’s been trying to ___________ by cutting back on unnecessary expenses.

Answer: Save money

  1. He decided to ___________ for the big race tomorrow.

Answer: Save his strength

Match the Verbs

Phrasal Verb Meaning
a. Save someone a seat 1.  To prevent someone from dying or being seriously harmed
b. Save someone’s life 2. To use or allocate less physical area or volume
c. Save something 3. To use time efficiently or avoid wasting time
d. Save space 4. To keep something from being lost or destroyed
e. Save time 5. To reserve a spot for someone to sit


Phrasal Verb Meaning
a 5
b 1
c 4
d 2
e 3