46 Common Collocations with TAKE in English

Learn useful collocations with TAKE in English with examples.

Collocation Examples

Common Collocations with TAKE in English

Take (sb) to court

  • I will take you to court if you persist in pestering my client.

Take (sb’s) temperature

  • We take temperature readings every two hours.

Take a bite

  • I make up a soft taco and take a bite.

Take a bow

  • During the show, I could barely take a bow.

Take a break

  • I wanted to take a break and work on some things.

Take a call

  • Apologies for the delay, I had to take a call.

Take a chance

  • We will take a chance to have the party outdoor.

Take a class

  • You could just walk in, sit down and take a class.

Take a decision (make)

  • You have to take lots of decisions in life.

Take a holiday

  • He had intended to take a holiday in New York.

Take a lesson

  • I might take a lesson from you.

Take a look

  • I’ll take a look at the website and let you know what I think. 

Take a message

  • The manager is out, can I take a message?

Take a nap

  • I usually take a nap after lunch.

Take a number

  • I think it will take a number of months for this to play out.

Take a photo/ a photograph

  • Why did you take so many photos on holiday?

Take a picture

  • Could I take a picture of you?

Take a rest

  • Take a rest from your hard work.

Take a risk

  • She is left with little choice but to take a risk.

Take a seat

  • Take a seat while I get you something to drink.

Take a shower (have)

  • I usually take a shower before having my breakfast.

Take a step

  • I take a step into the center of the circle.

Take a taxi/bus/train/plane

  • Let’s not take a taxi; we can easily walk over.

Take a test

  • Have you taken your driving test yet?

Take a while/ a minute/ five minutes

  • It might take a while for this file to upload.

Take action

  • We must take action to cut vehicle emissions.

Take advantage (of)

  • Many schools don’t take full advantage of the Internet.

Take advice

  • We don’t have to take advice from him.

Take ages

  • It’ll probably take ages to find a parking space.

Take an exam/ a test/ a course

  • Do you have to take an exam in French?

Take care of

  • We had a chance to take care of our own business.

Take charge (of)

  • The policeman said he would take charge of the gun.

Take drugs

  • He does not smoke or take drugs.

Take exercise

  • Take exercise if you’re out of shape.

Take medicine

  • Take medicine when you get gripes.

Take notes

  • He drew out his notebook and began to take notes.

Take notice

  • This news made us all sit up and take notice.

Take part

  • He will take part in this contest.

Take place

  • The wedding will take place in October.

Take pride in

  • I take pride in my work.

Take somebody’s place

  • He has just begged off, can you take his place in the team?

Take someone’s temperature

  • I took my temperature and I found that Iam running a fever.

Take time

  • Her mental scars will take time to heal.

Take turns

  • We take turns to answer the phone.

Take up space

  • You take up space and you slow me down.

Take your time

  • Whatever you do, slow down and take your time.

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Collocations with TAKE

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Collocations with TAKE

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