Conniption Fit: What Does the Interesting Saying “Conniption Fit” Mean?

You may have heard the popular idiomatic term ‘conniption fit’ used in the English language. But what is the meaning of this term and how can we use it in our conversations? We are going to look further into this phrase and find out where it came from and what it is used for.

Conniption Fit

Conniption Fit Meaning

When you hear someone saying that someone is having a ‘conniption fit’ they are referring to a person who is displaying overly loud speech and gestures as a reaction to an emotion such as panic or anger.

Origin of this idiom

The term ‘conniption fit’ is believed to have originated from the words ‘corruption’ which was used to describe anger in a person many years ago. The phrase was altered slightly to give the word ‘conniption’ which we use today.

“Conniption Fit” Examples

Example Sentences

You might use this phrase to talk about someone who is reacting in an overly dramatic way to a situation. You might say something along the lines of

  • ‘Look at Bob, he is having a conniption fit because he is late for his meeting.’

You might also use it as a way of telling someone to stop over reacting to something.

  • ‘Stop your conniption fit, it’s only a spider, there is no need to react like that.’

Conversation Examples

You can use the term ‘conniption fit’ in various different conversations, here are a couple of examples of how it might look.

Conversation 1:

  • Person 1: “Oh my goodness! What am I going to do, oh no, oh no, oh no!”
  • Person 2: “Why are you having a conniption fit? Calm yourself down.”

Conversation 2:

  • Person 1: “I saw David yesterday, he was so worked up over nothing.”
  • Person 2: “He is always having a conniption fit about things.”

Other Ways to Say the Phrase

There are many other ways in which you might express the meaning of the term ‘conniption fit.’ Here are a few examples of other ways you can say it.

  • Have a tantrum
  • Lose it
  • Having a huff
  • Onslaught

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