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59 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello. What great feedback you have, especially from foreign speakers! I was looking for a word (for a puzzle), in particular an American/English word containing a double V. It seemed there was one somewhere in memory but I couldn’t grab it. I looked among your double letter displays and I did not find one. Finally, it came to me (from my military experience). The word is “skivvy” (plural “skivvies”), meaning underclothes (nautical slang). Is this word recognized by you folks? Thanks for allowing my question/comment. Gray Wilson

  2. Sir could you help me to get my fluency in English language? am intermediate level right now .please because I am wondering for support such a teacher who can help me.i am very excited to have you such a teacher .please help me sir.i am under the weather.and I am pretty sure that you ll reply me with a good word.thank you sir.

  3. Hi i am from Amsterdam and currently learning the entire english language all by my self. it is so hard. thank you so much rudy medina for making my journey easier. i appreciate y’all so much.
    -with love,
    mr. zhabo


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