90+ Synonyms for “Continue” with Examples | Another Word for “Continue”

The text presented here is designed to provide a comprehensive exploration of synonyms for ‘continue’. Understanding the importance of lexical variety, this analysis will not only present a list of synonymous terms but also shed light on the subtle connotations and contexts that accompany each word.

Continue Synonyms

Another Word for Continue | 105+ Synonyms for "Continue" with Useful Examples

What Is “Continue”?

“Continue” is a verb that expresses the action of carrying on or maintaining a certain activity or state without interruption. It indicates the persistence of an action or condition over a period of time.

List of Synonyms for Continue

  • Proceed
  • Carry on
  • Go on
  • Keep on
  • Maintain
  • Persist
  • Persevere
  • Resume
  • Sustain
  • Extend
  • Advance
  • Press on
  • Uphold
  • Persist in
  • Keep up
  • Forge ahead
  • Pursue
  • Keep going
  • Follow through
  • Progress
  • Prolong
  • Endure
  • Last
  • Prevail
  • Stick with
  • Remain
  • Stay the course
  • Hang on
  • Retain
  • Elongate
  • Push on
  • Drag on
  • Plod on
  • Soldier on
  • Hold on
  • Move forward
  • Run on
  • Keep at
  • Abide
  • Survive
  • Consist
  • Perpetuate
  • Stick to
  • Keep alive
  • Keep
  • Press ahead
  • Stay with
  • Stay on
  • Hang in
  • Keep to
  • Stick it out
  • Not stop
  • Not give up
  • Not quit
  • March on
  • Keep the pace
  • Keep on going
  • Carry forward
  • Keep moving
  • Keep forth
  • Stay on track
  • Continue on
  • Continue ahead
  • Stay the path
  • Keep to the path
  • Keep the line
  • Maintain course
  • Keep the course
  • Go forth
  • Go forward
  • Proceed forward
  • Progress forward
  • Drive on
  • Trudge on
  • Keep the momentum
  • Stay focused
  • Keep your course
  • Keep the faith
  • Not falter
  • Not waver
  • Keep on track
  • Keep the ball rolling
  • Keep the flame alive
  • Keep the flag flying
  • Keep the stride
  • Stay the line
  • Keep the trend
  • Keep the motion
  • Maintain the pace
  • Maintain direction

Types of Synonyms for Continue

To Persist in an Action

  • Persevere: suggests determination in continuing despite difficulties
  • Maintain: indicates keeping something at the same level or rate

To Extend Duration

  • Prolong: to make something last for a longer time
  • Sustain: to continue something or keep it in existence

To Progress Without Interruption

  • Advance: to move forward in a purposeful way
  • Proceed: to go on after stopping for a while

To Remain in a State

  • Abide: to stay or remain stable
  • Endure: to carry on through tough conditions

Common Synonyms for Continue

Continue vs. Persist

When we use continue, we imply a sense of ongoing action or state without necessarily conveying any struggle or effort. In contrast, persist often suggests a determination to keep going in spite of difficulties.

  • We decided to continue our work after the break.
  • Despite the challenges, we persist in our efforts to complete the project on time.

Continue vs. Maintain

Continue can simply mean to go on with an action, but without the connotation of effort to keep something at a certain level or standard. Maintain, however, implies not only continuing but also keeping something in a state or condition.

  • After the announcement, we continue the meeting as planned.
  • We must maintain our focus to achieve success.

Continue vs. Carry on

To continue is more formal and may be used in various contexts to indicate the duration of an action or state. Carry on echoes a sense of resilience and can often have an informal tone.

  • Despite the interruptions, the speaker continued her presentation with poise.
  • The tradition of the annual family reunion has been carried on for generations.

Continue vs. Proceed

Continue is a general term that tells us an action is going on without interruption. Proceed implies a movement forward from a specific point and can suggest a formal progression.

  • After a short pause, we continue our journey.
  • Once we have the approval, we proceed with the implementation phase.

Synonyms for Continue in Different Contexts

Persisting or Enduring Over Time

  • Persist: The melody persisted in my head long after the concert had ended.
  • Endure: The legend of the hero endures through generations.
  • Perdure: Few ancient buildings perdure without restoration.

Maintaining a Course of Action

  • Maintain: We must maintain focus to complete this project on time.
  • Carry on: Despite the rain, the football players carried on with the game.
  • Keep up: It’s crucial we keep up the pace to meet our deadline.

Remaining in Place or Position

  • Remain: The image remains vivid in the minds of those who witnessed it.
  • Abide: Old traditions abide within this quaint village.
  • Stay: Memories of that day will stay with us forever.

Resuming or Extending

  • Resume: After the brief interruption, we will resume our meeting.
  • Proceed: Once the path is clear, we shall proceed on our journey.
  • Sustain: With the new budget, we can sustain these programs for another year.

Absolute and Near Synonyms of Continue

Absolute Synonyms for Continue

Word Meaning
persist to continue steadfastly or firmly in some state
maintain to keep in an existing state without interruption
sustain to keep up or keep going, as an action or process
prolong to lengthen out in time; extend the duration of
preserve to keep alive, intact, or free from decay

Near Synonyms for Continue

Word Meaning
advance to move forward in position or progress
proceed to go on after having stopped
carry on to continue an activity or task without interruption
uphold to maintain in good condition or keep up a practice or habit
endure to continue to exist in the same state or condition

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some informal alternatives to the word ‘continue’?

In informal contexts, we might use phrases like “keep on,” “carry on,” or “go on” as synonyms for “continue.” Each of these offers a casual way to express the idea of persistence or ongoing action.

Can you suggest some formal replacements for ‘continue’?

For a more formal tone, we could opt for “proceed,” “persist,” or “maintain.” These terms are appropriate for use in professional or academic settings where a higher degree of formality is required.

What other expressions might one use in place of ‘continue’ in academic writing?

In academic writing, the precision of language is key. Phrases such as “persevere with,” “uphold,” or “sustain” can convey the continuity of an argument or study without becoming repetitive.

Which words could I use instead of ‘continue to grow’?

To express the concept of “continue to grow,” we could use “expand,” “flourish,” or “thrive.” These synonyms convey progressive improvement or development.

What are some synonyms for ‘continuous’ that have a similar meaning?

For “continuous,” similar terms we might consider include “uninterrupted,” “incessant,” or “unending.” These alternatives carry the same connotation of something that is unceasing or without pause.

In various contexts, how could I replace the phrase ‘continuing to do something’?

To replace the phrase “continuing to do something,” we have several options such as “carrying on with something,” “pursuing,” or “prolonging a task.” These selections express the ongoing nature of an activity or process.