Learn Cooking Phrasal Verbs | Cooking Vocabulary in English 1

Learn Cooking Phrasal Verbs | Cooking Vocabulary in English

Useful Cooking Phrasal Verbs with their meaning and examples in English.

List of Useful Cooking Phrasal Verbs

Cooking Phrasal Verbs

Bake off

  • Meaning: Finish baking partly baked food
  • Example: She baked off the cakes in the oven.

Boil away

  • Meaning: Evaporate completely during boiling
  • Example: The soup’s almost boiled away.

Boil down

  • Meaning: If a food or liquid boils down, its volume is reduced as it boils
  • Example: Spinach tends to boil down a lot.

Boil over

  • Meaning: Rise and flow over the side of the container while boiling
  • Example: The milk was boiling over on the stove behind her.

Bolt down

  • Meaning: Eat a large amount of food very quickly
  • Example: She bolted down her lunch and rushed back to work.

Chop up

  • Meaning: Cut into pieces, usually with several sharp blows
  • Example: Sarah was busy chopping up onions.

Cut off

  • Meaning: Remove part of something by cutting it with a knife
  • Example: You should cut the tops off the carrots first.

Cut out

  • Meaning: Shape or form by cutting
  • Example: She cut several pieces of pastry out.

Cut up

  • Meaning: Cut something into small pieces
  • Example: He cut the pie up into little pieces.

Eat out

  • Meaning: Eat in a restaurant instead of at home
  • Example: Do you feel like eating out tonight?

Eat up

  • Meaning: Eat all of something
  • Example: Eat up! We’ve got to go out soon.

Fry up

  • Meaning: Cook something by frying
  • Example: Let’s fry some eggs up for dinner.

Pick at

  • Meaning: Eat only small amounts of a meal
  • Example: Most of the time he just picks at his food.

Pig out

  • Meaning: Eat an extremely large amount of food
  • Example: Kids pigging out on junk food and soda.

Slice off

  • Meaning: Cut something from a larger piece
  • Example: She sliced off a piece of sausage.

Whip up

  • Meaning: Quickly make a meal or something to eat
  • Example: She whipped up a delicious lunch for us in 15 minutes.

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Learn Cooking Phrasal Verbs | Cooking Vocabulary in English 2

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