Cool Words: 200+ Awesome and Cool Sounding Words in English

Awesome and cool words in the English language! English is an odd language. It borrows so much from other languages that learning it can be a major challenge, even if English is the only language you know. However, it also has a lot of really cool words that are great to know! These cool words can help you sound smarter, feel smarter and more confident, or maybe just help you hate English a little less. Each word in the list below comes with a definition put into normal terms. Some of these cool words are on this list because they sound awesome, some are on the list because the definitions are cool, and some are on the list because the definitions are surprising.

Cool Words

Top 100 Coolest Words in English

Below are 100 cool words in the English language:

1. Abbreviate

To shorten a word or phrase, usually to just a couple of letters

2. Accidentology

The study of the prevention of accidents

3. Alliteration

Using two or more words close together that start with the same sound

4. Arithmetician

An expert in basic math functions

5. Bafflegab

Confusing or impossible to understand wording, such as legalese

6. Bibliotherapy

The use of reading as part of a therapy practice

7. Bluster

To be loud like the wind during a storm OR to make a lot of noise without anything to back it up

8. Bounden

Being bound to someone or something in an obligatory way

9. Calcariferous

A thing that has spurred on it

10. Cannetille

Gold or silver thread in a spiral twist

11. Centesimal


12. Charismatic

Description of someone who has charm and magnetism

13. Dastardly

Cowardly and sneaky or underhanded

14. Depigmentation

The loss of coloring (pigment)

15. Disambiguation

Clarifying different possible meanings

16. Doublespeak

Intentionally saying one thing that might mean something else

17. Eavesdrop

To listen in on others’ conversations

18. Eidetic

A description of visual input that’s reproducible with detail and accuracy

19. Empathetic

Being able to relate to someone else’s experience as if it’s your own

20. Etymology

The history and development of a word

21. Facetious

Not serious; like sarcasm, but not always with an obvious tonal difference

22. Finicky

Being hard to please; changing one’s mind a lot

23. Floriferous

A plant that grows flowers

24. Frippery

Something that looks nice but doesn’t always make things better

25. Gallivant

To go around looking for entertainment or pleasure

26. Gaunt

Thin, overly skinny

27. Glimmer

A faint light OR a tiny bit, as in a glimmer of an idea or thought

28. Gregarious

Someone who likes being around people

29. Hallucinate

To see something that isn’t there

30. Heliosphere

The area around the sun where solar winds happen

31. Histamine

The stuff that makes you itchy

32. Horripilation


33. Ideation

The stage of creating ideas

34. Imperative

Important to the point of being required

35. Infatuation

Being really intensely caught up in a person or thing

36. Iterative

Something repetitive OR a rule that can be applied repeatedly

37. Jargon

The language that’s specific to a particular niche

38. Jovial

A happy manner

39. Julienne

A way to cut food into short strips

40. Juxtaposition

Two things put together for (or resulting in) a contrast

41. Kaleidoscope

A tube with colors and mirrors that moves to make varied patterns

42. Keen

Sharp, either literally or talking about somebody’s intelligence or observations

43. Kickstart

Like jumpstart, it means to give something a push to get it going

44. Knight-errant

A knight who goes out looking for adventure

45. Lair

A hidden, safe place

46. Letterboxing

The process of changing something widescreen to something standard ratio, without messing up the images

47. Linear

In a straight line or in order, including by time of occurrence

48. Lugubrious

Looking or sounding sad

49. Magnanimous

Generous, forgiving, especially if you’re the person in power

50. Matriculate

To be enrolled in a university

51. Mundane

Normal, usual

52. Monotony

When things are the same, such as a voice in the same tone, usually in a boring way

53. Narcissist

A person who sees the world as revolving around themselves

54. Nexus

A connection linking two or more things, like a web

55. Nidicolous

An animal raised in a nest

56. Nonsensical

Something that doesn’t make sense, usually in a silly way

57. Obfuscate

To hide or shadow something, sometimes literally, but often figuratively

58. Olfactory

From the nose, or a scent

59. Omnipotent

To be all-knowing and have all potential

60. Onomatopoeia

Writing out of a sound (buzz, plop, etc)

61. Pacifist

Someone who doesn’t fight

62. Pedagogue

A teacher, usually a boring one

63. Pictography

A story told with pictures

64. Polylingual

Ability to speak more than one language

65. Quadrennial

Something that happens every four years

66. Quandary

The state of being stuck on a decision

67. Quibble

To argue over little details instead of the point

68. Racketeer

Someone who gets money illegally, usually through intimidation

69. Recant

To take back what’s been said

70. Rodomont

Someone who brags a lot (outdated but fun)

71. Rusticate

To go live in the countryside

72. Saccharine

Overly sweet, either literally or in behavior

73. Scrawl

Messy handwriting

74. Shod

Wearing shoes

75. Synthesize

To bring things together to make one product

76. Tactile

Something you can touch, or the act or feeling of touching

77. Tensile

Relating to tension, how tight something is

78. Throng

A big group of people

79. Typographic

Relating to typing or font; a typographic error is a typo

80. Ubiquitous

Something that’s used a lot, everywhere, or gratuitous

81. Umbra

The shadowy or dark part of a light source, to include sun and (reflection of) moon

82. Unbridled

Without restraint, with no holding back

83. Vagabond

Someone who wanders, without a set home

84. Velocity

How fact something goes

85. Vicissitude

Something being changeable

86. Voiceprint

Like a fingerprint, it’s the individual characteristics, but of a person’s voice

87. Waggle

To move side to side

88. Wieldy

Something easy to hold and use

89. Writhe

To twist and distort

90. Wyvern

A mythological creature like a dragon

91. Xenophile

Someone who likes people, styles, things that are different

92. Xylotomy

The art of preparing pieces of wood for study

93. Yearning

Wanting someone or something

94. Yestereve

Last night (outdated)

95. Yonder

Far away, but often in sight

96. Yurt

A circular or dome tent. Asian in origin

97. Zeal

Eagerness and excitement for something

98. Zenith

The high point in an arc, often sun or moon

99. Zoniferous

Having to do with a zone or zones

100. Zoogenic

Something caused by or associated with animals

Use any of these words as often as you’d like!

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Cool Words

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Cool Words

Awesome and Cool Sounding Words

Funny Sounding Words

  • Brouhaha – “a noisy and overexcited reaction to something”
  • Kerfuffle – “a commotion or fuss, especially one caused by conflicting views”
  • Flummox – “to confuse or perplex”
  • Blubber – “to cry noisily and uncontrollably”
  • Gobbledygook – “language that is meaningless or difficult to understand”
  • Lollygag – “to spend time aimlessly or to be idle”
  • Malarkey – “meaningless talk or nonsense”
  • Skedaddle – “to run away hurriedly”
  • Smorgasbord – “a variety or assortment of something”
  • Waddle – “to walk with short steps, swaying from side to side”

Beautiful Sounding Words

  • Serenity – “calmness and peacefulness”
  • Euphoria – “a feeling of intense happiness and excitement”
  • Ethereal – “delicate, light, and airy; having a heavenly or spiritual quality”
  • Luminescence – “soft, glowing light”
  • Mellifluous – “pleasant-sounding; musical”
  • Sonorous – “deep, rich, and full in sound”
  • Effervescence – “bubbling over with high spirits”
  • Luminous – “radiating or reflecting light; bright or shining”
  • Aurora – “a natural electrical phenomenon characterized by colorful lights in the sky”
  • Halcyon – “calm, peaceful, and tranquil”

Romantic Sounding Words

List of cool words that are romantic in English.

  • Serenade – “a love song sung or played outdoors at night, usually beneath someone’s window”
  • Enamored – “charmed or captivated by someone; in love”
  • Elysium – “a state or place of perfect happiness; paradise”
  • Adore – “to love and respect someone deeply; to be fond of”
  • Devotion – “great love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for someone or something”
  • Bliss – “supreme happiness or joy”
  • Cherish – “to hold dear and treasure something or someone”
  • Passionate – “intense and ardent feelings of love, desire, or enthusiasm”
  • Romance – “a love affair or love story, often one that is idealized or fanciful”
  • Endearment – “a word or phrase used to express love or affection, often between romantic partners”

Positive Sounding Words

List of cool words that are positive in the English language.

  • Aurora – “dawn”
  • Belle – “beautiful”
  • Blossom – “to flourish or bloom”
  • Celeste – “heavenly”
  • Eden – “paradise”
  • Elise – “pledged to God”
  • Ember – “spark or glowing light”
  • Grace – “elegance, kindness, or divine favor”
  • Harmony – “agreement or peacefulness”
  • Haven – “a place of safety or refuge”
  • Hope – “optimism or expectation”
  • Joy – “happiness or delight”
  • Luminous – “bright or glowing”
  • Melody – “pleasant or musical sound”
  • Serenity – “calm or peacefulness”
  • Trinity – “threefold or unity”
  • Valor – “courage or bravery”
  • Verity – “truth or accuracy”
  • Violet – “purple flower”
  • Zephyr – “a gentle breeze”

Inspiring Sounding Words

  • Believe
  • Dream
  • Courage
  • Hope
  • Perseverance
  • Strength
  • Resilience
  • Determination
  • Faith
  • Passion
  • Ambition
  • Optimism
  • Empowerment
  • Endurance
  • Inspiration
  • Creativity
  • Gratitude
  • Empathy
  • Kindness
  • Love
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Dedication
  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Patience
  • Vision
  • Growth
  • Transformation
  • Positivity

Cool Sounding Slang Words

  • Ace – “excellent”
  • Chillax – “to relax”
  • Cray – “crazy”
  • Dope – “awesome”
  • Fly – “stylish”
  • Gnarly – “cool or awesome”
  • Groovy – “excellent or cool”
  • Hella – “very or extremely”
  • Lit – “awesome or amazing”
  • Rad – “excellent or cool”
  • Sick – “cool or awesome”
  • Snazzy – “stylish or attractive”
  • Swag – “style or confidence”
  • Totes – “totally or completely”
  • Yolo – “you only live once”

Awesome Sounding Words

  • Aurora
  • Bliss
  • Cascade
  • Celestial
  • Conundrum
  • Euphoria
  • Exquisite
  • Galaxy
  • Incandescent
  • Luminous
  • Magnificent
  • Melodic
  • Mystical
  • Nebula
  • Oasis
  • Radiant
  • Resplendent
  • Serendipity
  • Stellar
  • Tranquility

Unique Sounding Words

  • Brouhaha – “an uproar or commotion”
  • Defenestration – “the act of throwing someone or something out of a window”
  • Ephemeral – “lasting for a very short time”
  • Halcyon – “calm, peaceful, and happy”
  • Ineffable – “too great or extreme to be expressed in words”
  • Labyrinthine – “complicated, intricate, and confusing”
  • Mellifluous – “sweet or musical sounding”
  • Opulent – “luxurious and lavish”
  • Petrichor – “the pleasant, earthy smell after rain”
  • Quintessential – “the purest or most typical example of something”
  • Susurrus – “a whispering or rustling sound”
  • Ubiquitous – “present or existing everywhere”
  • Verdant – “green with vegetation; lush”
  • Wunderkind – “a child prodigy or someone who achieves great success at a young age”
  • Zeitgeist – “the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history”

Awkward Sounding Words

  • Cacophony – “a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds”
  • Discombobulate – “to confuse or disconcert”
  • Flummox – “to confuse or perplex”
  • Gobbledygook – “language that is meaningless or hard to understand”
  • Hodgepodge – “a confused mixture or jumble”
  • Kerfuffle – “a commotion or fuss”
  • Malarkey – “nonsense or foolishness”
  • Nincompoop – “a silly or foolish person”
  • Pizzazz – “attractive or exciting vitality”
  • Skedaddle – “to run away quickly”
  • Squelch – “to suppress or silence”
  • Tchotchke – “a small trinket or knick-knack”
  • Uglification – “the act of making something ugly”
  • Viscous – “thick, sticky, and semi-fluid”
  • Wobble – “to move unsteadily from side to side”

Old Sounding Words in Modern English

  • Bequeath – “to leave something to someone in a will”
  • Blithe – “happy or carefree”
  • Clad – “dressed or clothed”
  • Ere – “before or sooner than”
  • Fain – “gladly or willingly”
  • Hither – “towards this place”
  • Lo – “look or see”
  • Mirth – “amusement or laughter”
  • Nay – “no”
  • Quell – “to suppress or extinguish”
  • Rouse – “to awaken or stir up”
  • Thither – “towards that place”
  • Wane – “to decrease or diminish”
  • Whence – “from where”
  • Yonder – “over there”

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100 Cool Words in English

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