Criteria vs. Criterion: How to Use Them Correctly?

Are you often confused about when to use “criteria” and when to use “criterion”? These two words may seem similar, but they have different roles in the English language. Understanding the difference is important for clear communication.

The Main Difference Between Criteria and Criterion

Criteria vs. Criterion: Understanding the Contrast Pin

Understanding the distinction between ‘criteria’ and ‘criterion’ is essential for precise communication, especially in areas where judgment or evaluation is involved.

Criteria vs. Criterion: Key Takeaways

  • Criteria: a list of principles or standards; plural form
  • Criterion: a single principle or standard; singular form

Criteria vs. Criterion: The Definition

What Does Criteria Mean?

Criteria refers to the standards or principles used to judge, evaluate, or make a decision about something. These are the specific requirements, conditions, or parameters that need to be met in order to assess or measure the success, quality, or suitability of something. Criteria are often used in various contexts such as assessments, selection processes, and decision-making, and they provide a framework for making informed judgments or choices.

For example, in a job application, the criteria for selection may include qualifications, experience, and specific skills. Similarly, when evaluating a project, the criteria could involve factors like efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and impact.

What Does Criterion Mean?

Criterion refers to a singular standard or principle that is used to judge, evaluate, or make a decision about something. It represents a specific requirement, condition, or parameter that needs to be met in order to assess or measure the success, quality, or suitability of something. An example is using originality as a criterion for judging art.

Tips to Remember the Differences

  • Plural vs. Singular: “Criteria” is the plural form, indicating multiple standards or principles, while “criterion” is the singular form, indicating a single standard or principle.
  • “Criteria” Ends in “a”: The presence of the letter “a” in “criteria” can serve as a mnemonic to remind you that it is the plural form, as the letter “a” appears twice in “criteria.”
  • Think of “Criterion” as One: Visualize “criterion” as representing a single, specific standard or requirement, helping you associate it with singular usage.

Criteria vs. Criterion: Examples

Example Sentences Using Criteria

  • Your selection criteria for the job applicants should include experience, education, and skill set.
  • The judges will evaluate the entries based on several criteria including originality, design, and functionality.
  • The criteria for selecting the winner were based on creativity, originality, and impact.
  • Meeting the set criteria is essential for the project to proceed to the next phase.
  • The company’s hiring criteria include relevant experience and strong communication skills.
  • The scholarship criteria require a minimum GPA and a compelling personal statement.
  • The team developed specific criteria to evaluate the performance of the new product.
  • Compliance with safety criteria is paramount in the construction industry.

Example Sentences Using Criterion

  • A key criterion in choosing a computer is its processing power.
  • The sole criterion for the scholarship is financial need.
  • The level of customer satisfaction is a key criterion for evaluating the success of the service.
  • The primary criterion for admission to the program is academic excellence.
  • In this competition, creativity will be a significant criterion for judging the entries.
  • Punctuality is an important criterion for assessing employee performance.
  • The film met the criterion of engaging storytelling and compelling visuals.
  • Adherence to ethical standards is a fundamental criterion for conducting research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plural form of ‘criterion’?

The plural form of ‘criterion’ is ‘criteria.’ You use ‘criteria’ when referring to multiple standards or principles.

Can ‘criterias’ be used as the plural of ‘criterion’?

No, ‘criterias’ is not correct. The only plural form of ‘criterion’ is ‘criteria.’

When referring to requirements, should I use ‘criteria is’ or ‘criteria are’?

You should use ‘criteria are’ because ‘criteria’ is a plural noun and thus takes a plural verb.

How should ‘criteria’ be properly used in a sentence?

‘Criteria’ should be used like this: “The main criteria for the scholarship are academic achievement and community involvement.”

What synonyms can be alternately used in place of ‘criteria’?

Synonyms for ‘criteria’ may include ‘standards,’ ‘guidelines,’ or ‘benchmarks,’ depending on the context.

What is the distinction between ‘condition’ and ‘criteria’?

A ‘condition’ generally refers to a prerequisite or requirement for something to happen, whereas ‘criteria’ are the standards by which judgments or decisions are made.