Learn Cups and Glasses Vocabulary in English

Learn English Vocabulary for Cups and Glasses

A cup is a small open container used for drinking and carrying drinks. It can be made of wood, plastic, glass, clay, metal, stone, china or other materials, and it might have a stem, handles or other adornments.

Cups are used for quenching thirst across a wide range of cultures and social classes, and different styles of cups may be used for different liquids or in different situations (i.e. in the kitchen)

List of Cups and Glasses in English

Wine glass

– Her wine glass was still quite full.

Water goblet

– This is a water goblet.

Margarita glass

– Strain and pour into a chilled margarita glass.

Hurricane glass

– Pour into a hurricane glass and garnish with orange wheel.

Champagne flute

– I don’t even own one Champagne flute, let alone a set.

Cocktail glass

– Her cocktail glass was frosted with sugar.

Irish coffee glass

– Pour coffee into an Irish coffee glass.

Cognac balloon

– Phillips ordered a cognac balloon.

Plastic cup

– Megan unpacked the picnic tea and handed me a plastic cup.


– He was so thirsty that he drank a mug of milk.

Beer mug

– How much does your beer mug contain?

Weizen glass

– Please fill this weizen glass for me.


– Please hand me a saucer to put under my teacup.


– Break each egg into a demitasse cup with a rounded bottom.

Footed pilsner glass

– I always drink beer from a footed pilsne glass.

Collins glass

– In a collins glass or other tall glass, combine white and yolk.

Vodka glass

– I like this vodka glass.

Shot glass

– Carry a shot glass in your beach bag.

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Learn Cups and Glasses Vocabulary in English

Cups and Glasses Vocabulary in English | Video for Kids

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