“Curry Favor” | What Does this Idiom Mean?

You may well have heard someone using the term “curry favor” during a conversation and you may also have thought about what this saying means. We are going to reveal the meaning of this term as well as showing you some examples of how it can be used. We will also find out the origin of the phrase and where it first appeared.

Curry Favor

“Curry Favor” Meaning

When someone says that they are going to curry favor, they are saying that they are going to make themselves favoured by being overattentive and helpful.

Origin of this Term “Curry Favor”

The origin of the term curry favour comes from a poem which was written in the 1300s where curry refers to a brushing of a horse rather than an Indian dish.

“Curry Favor” Examples

Examples in Statements

We will now take a look at some examples of how the term curry favour might work in a sentence.

The first example is a statement being made by someone at work.

  • Look at Ian trying to curry favour with the boss by doing all these extra hours.

The next statement is one being made in a blog post.

  • The workers tried to curry favour with the big boss in order to get a pay rise.

Other examples:

  • He brought her some flowers, hoping to curry favor with her.
  • He licked the dust in order to curry favor with the political boss.
  • Effort curry favour with the matter, why become a thankless thing?
  • He’s always trying to curry favour with the director by telling her how talented she is.

Conversation Examples

There are a huge variety of conversations in which the term curry favour might be used. We will now take a look at some examples of things you might hear.

The first is a conversation taking place between two colleagues.

  • Person 1: “Why do you keep doing all of John’s tasks?”
  • Person 2: “I’m trying to curry favor so that he will cover my shift next week.”

The next conversation is happening between two friends.

  • Person 1: “You have been being especially nice to me recently.”
  • Person 2: “Can’t a friend be nice?”
  • Person 1: “It feels like you are attempting to curry favor for something.”

Other Ways to Say “Curry Favour”

You might be interested in looking at other ways you can express the meaning of the term curry favour, here are some examples of this.

  • Sucking up
  • Ingratiate oneself
  • Please

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Curry Favor