Cya Meaning: What Does Cya Mean? with Useful Conversations

Last Updated on March 18, 2020

Cya is a common term seen both online and in text messages. In this lesson, you will learn what does Cya mean and how and when to use this internet slang word in English with useful conversation examples and ESL image.

Cya Meaning

What Does Cya Mean?

Cya is slang for “see ya”. Since “see” and the letter C both sound similar in the English language, the word “see” is condensed into the letter C.

Origin of Cya

The origin of Cya goes back to the rise of instant messaging in the late 1990s and early 2000s. When characters were limited, or messages could only be of certain length due in part to data restrictions at the time Cya was a perfect way to provide a send-off to other users letting them know you wouldn’t be online or able to contact them for some time. As it is only one word and three characters, compared to a minimum or two words and six characters with “see ya”, it’s usage became increasingly popular in SMS.

Other Meanings

Cya can also be used as the acronym CYA, or “Cover You Ass/Arse“. Here it is used when someone is suggesting to someone else that they need to be careful. For example, getting into arguments with someone and a friend suggesting you “cover your ass” just in case that person might return for vengeance. It is normally used in a joking situation, however.

Conversation Examples

Text message between mother and son:

  • Mother: Jimmy, while you’re out could you pick up some milk.
  • Jimmy: Sure thing, mom, anything else?
  • Mother: That’s all. Will you be coming home soon?
  • Jimmy: Shouldn’t be too long. Cya in a moment.

Friends in a group chat:

  • Person 1: Well guys this was fun but it’s getting late. I’m going to log-off soon.
  • Person 2: Same. I’m tired.
  • Person 3: Same time tomorrow?
  • Person 1: Sure thing. Cya tomorrow.
  • Person 2: Sounds good. I’m logging off now. C’ya.

Other Ways To Say The Slang Word

Commonly Cya will be spelled “C’ya”, using an apostrophe. CU or CY are also sometimes used, with CU using the letter U as a stand-in for the word “you”; CU or CY would mean either See You or See Ya.

Here is the list of synonyms for CYA:

  • Canadian Yachting Association
  • Chantilly Youth Association (Chantilly, VA)
  • California Youth Authority
  • Cover Your Ass
  • Cover Your Assets
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • Change Your Attitude
  • College/Young Adult (ministry)
  • Carry Your Ass
  • Cover Your Answer(s)
  • Cover Your Anatomy
  • Choose Your Adventure
  • Control Your Assets
  • California Youth Authority
  • Crazy Young Artists
  • Carstens Yearly Analysis

Cya Meaning Infographic


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