22 Useful Daily Routines Idioms and Expressions

We all have our daily routines, and sometimes explaining them can get a bit tedious. That’s where the charm of idioms comes into play. Daily routine idioms are colorful expressions that capture the essence of our day-to-day activities more engagingly and creatively. These idioms not only make our conversations more interesting but also help us connect better with others, especially with those who share a similar cultural background or language.

List of Daily Routines Idioms and Phrases

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Daily Routines Idioms

Learn these expressions and idioms to describe your daily activitives:

  • (A) Walk in the Park
  • Beat Someone to the Punch
  • Cooking Up a Storm
  • Crash a Party
  • Give Something a Whirl
  • Have a Tough Row to Hoe
  • Hit the Books
  • Hit the Hay
  • Home Away from Home
  • In Touch
  • Knock Some Sense Into
  • Lose Touch
  • Make Someone’s Day
  • Me Time
  • On a Roll
  • Pass with Flying Colors
  • Play With Fire
  • Put a Thumb on the Scale
  • Ring a Bell
  • Spin A Yarn
  • Take The Mickey (Piss) (Out Of Someone)
  • Trip the Light Fantastic

Daily Routines Idioms with Meaning and Examples

Idiomatic expressions to describe your daily activities.

Daily Routines Idioms (A, B, C)

Common phrases and idioms to express your daily activities that start with A, B, C.

(A) Walk in the Park

  • Meaning: An easy or effortless task or activity.
  • Example: The exam was a walk in the park for her, as she had studied hard and knew all the answers.

Beat Someone to the Punch

  • Meaning: To do something before someone else can do it.
  • Example: He beat his colleague to the punch and submitted the report first.

Cooking Up a Storm

  • Meaning: To cook a large amount of food or to cook with great skill or enthusiasm.
  • Example: She cooked up a storm for the dinner party, preparing a delicious feast for her guests.

Crash a Party

  • Meaning: To attend a party without being invited
  • Example: He decided to crash the party and see if he could get in without an invitation.

Daily Routines Idioms (G, H, I)

Common phrases and idioms to express your daily activities that start with G, H, I.

Give Something a Whirl

  • Meaning: To try something new or unfamiliar.
  • Example: He decided to give snowboarding a whirl and see if he liked it.

Have a Tough Row to Hoe

  • Meaning: To have a difficult or challenging task or situation to deal with.
  • Example: She had a tough row to hoe, trying to balance work and family responsibilities.

Hit the Books

  • Meaning: To study or focus on academic work
  • Example: He had to hit the books and prepare for his final exams.

Hit the Hay

  • Meaning: To go to bed or go to sleep.
  • Example: He was tired after a long day and decided to hit the hay early.

Home Away from Home

  • Meaning: A place where one feels comfortable and welcomed as if it were one’s own home.
  • Example: The coffee shop was his home away from home, where he could relax and work on his laptop.

In Touch

  • Meaning: To be in contact or communication with someone.
  • Example: They stayed in touch after college and remained good friends over the years.

Daily Routines Idioms (K, L, M)

Common phrases and idioms to express your daily activities that start with K, L, M.

Knock Some Sense Into

  • Meaning: To help someone understand something or change their behavior by forceful or persuasive means
  • Example: He needed someone to knock some sense into him and make him realize the consequences of his actions.

Lose Touch

  • Meaning: To lose contact or communication with someone.
  • Example: She lost touch with her childhood friend after they moved away.

Make Someone’s Day

  • Meaning: To do something kind or thoughtful that makes someone happy or grateful.
  • Example: He made her day by bringing her favorite coffee and pastry to work.

Me Time

  • Meaning: Time spent alone, doing something enjoyable or relaxing.
  • Example: She needed some me time after a busy week, so she took a long bath and read a book.

Daily Routines Idioms (O, P, R)

Common phrases and idioms to express your daily activities that start with O, P, R.

On a Roll

  • Meaning: To be experiencing a period of success or good luck.
  • Example: He was on a roll with his business, winning new clients and making a profit.

Pass with Flying Colors

  • Meaning: To pass a test or exam with a very high score.
  • Example: She passed the driving test with flying colors, getting a perfect score.

Play With Fire

  • Meaning: To engage in a risky or dangerous activity that could have negative consequences.
  • Example: He was playing with fire by investing all his money in a risky business venture.

Put a Thumb on the Scale

  • Meaning: To manipulate or influence a situation or outcome in one’s favor.
  • Example: He put a thumb on the scale and rigged the competition so that he would win.

Ring a Bell

  • Meaning: To sound familiar or remind one of something.
  • Example: The name didn’t ring a bell, so he wasn’t sure if he had met her before.

Daily Routines Idioms (S, T)

Common phrases and idioms to express your daily activities that start with S, T.

Spin A Yarn

  • Meaning: To tell a long or elaborate story, often with exaggeration or embellishment
  • Example: He spun a yarn about his adventures in the jungle, but no one believed him.

Take The Mickey (Piss) (Out Of Someone)

  • Meaning: To tease or mock someone in a playful or lighthearted way.
  • Example: He took the mickey out of his friend for wearing a silly hat, but they both laughed about it.

Trip the Light Fantastic

  • Meaning: To dance or move in a lively and graceful way.
  • Example: They tripped the light fantastic at the wedding reception, dancing to all their favorite songs.
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