Demisexual Meaning: What Does the Popular Term “Demisexual” Mean?

Demisexual is another modern age slang term used as a depiction of sexual orientation. It has also been considered an asexual sub identity. Demisexual is prevalent among internet dating sites, like many other words denoting “sexual orientation”

Demisexual Meaning

What Does Demisexual Mean?


As an adjective, demisexual refers to the characteristic of needing a strong emotional bond in order to attain sexual attraction to someone. It is considered to be the halfway point between asexual and sexual.


As a noun it simply is a person who is demisexual.

Origin of Demisexual

The term came about in 2006, due to how a user on a forum felt regarding sexual attraction. Over the last decade, demisexual has become more prevalent, especially within online communities such as dating sites and sexual orientation and identity forums.

Conversation Examples


  • All my life I thought that there was something wrong with me, because I needed to have a connection with someone before I felt any feelings towards them. I finally came across a forum post, that described me completely. That’s when I realized that I am demisexual.


  • It takes time to explain to most people that I am a demisexual. I cannot possess sexual feelings for strangers or a person that I don’t know.
  • When I am asked my sexual orientation or identity, I am a demisexual, heterosexual. I identify as a demisexual.

Related Terms

  • Demisexuals
  • Demisexuality
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  • Bisexual

Demisexual Meaning


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