Democrats vs. Republicans: Useful Differences between Republicans vs. Democrats

In politics, there’s a lot to be confused about. However, if you want to more aware of what is happening in the political life of your country and to be able to have conversations about certain political topics, you should have at least the general idea. For example, take Democrats vs. Republicans. The Democratic and the Republican party are the biggest in America but they differ significantly in their ideals and philosophies.

Democrats vs. Republicans

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Definition and Historical Overview


The Democratic Party was established in 1828, originally supporting Andrew Jackson’s policies. It is recognized as the world’s oldest active political party. Over time, we’ve seen this party evolve dramatically from pro-slavery stances in the 19th century to advocating for progressive ideologies in modern times.

  • 19th Century: Pro-slavery and agrarian-focused.
  • 20th Century: New Deal coalition, supporting social welfare programs.
  • 21st Century: Progressive platforms, with emphasis on reform and diversity.


Republicans, on the other hand, came into being in the mid-1850s. They positioned themselves as the counterbalance to Democrats, with a greater emphasis on tradition and social stability. The Republican Party was formed to combat the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the expansion of slavery into American territories.

  • 19th Century: Abolition of slavery and economic reform.
  • 20th Century: Business-centric and anti-communist stances during the Cold War.
  • 21st Century: Conservative principles, defending traditional values and free market policies.

Democrats vs. Republicans: The Differences

Role in Society

One of the main differences is the view that Democrats vs. Republicans have on the government and its role.

Democrats believe that the government should have a more active role in society because this will help society grow, achieve its goals, and also lead to equality and higher quality of life. In contrast, Republicans support the idea that the government should be small: it should employ a small number of people, and it shouldn’t play such a big role in society. They believe that a big government is a waste of resources, claiming that big businesses should be able to survive on their own in a free market, and the government shouldn’t regulate which business will close and which will prosper.

For instance, Democrats support that there should be anti-discrimination laws for employment. On the other handRepublicans think that such laws do more harm than good for businesses.

Policy Differences

There are more differences regarding controversial issues. It’s worth noting that these are very generalized and that each politician might have different, much more detailed opinions on the topics that are mentioned below.

When it comes to the militaryRepublicans tend to support the increase of military spending and a high stance against other countries, such as Syria or Iran. Democrats prefer the decrease of military spending and don’t support the use of military force against other countries.

The two parties have different views on gun control as well. Republicans like to refer to the Second Amendment, i.e. the right of people to bear arms and think that there shouldn’t be any gun control laws. However, Democrats believe that there should be more gun control laws and that it shouldn’t be allowed to have concealed weapons in public places: the right that Republicans strongly support.

Another big difference is what the representatives of these two parties think of LGBTQ rightsRepublicans believe that a marriage should only be between a man and a woman, and they don’t think that gay couples should be allowed to adopt children. In contrast, Democrats believe that same-sex couples should have the same rights, such as the right to get married or to adopt. Democrats also show more support for transgender people.

Taxes are also an issue that Republicans and Democrats view differently. As Republicans support the idea of a smaller government, they believe that it needs fewer taxes to sustain itself. They also think that the best taxes are the ones that are the same for everyone, i.e. where everyone pays the same percentage of their income as taxes, regardless of their income. Democrats consider progressive taxes the best option. These mean that people who earn more money need to pay a higher percentage of their income as taxes.

The biggest similarity between the two parties is the view on immigration. You can hear politicians from both parties saying that the immigration system of the United States is broken, and both Republicans and Democrats support deportations. Still, Democrats are thought to show more sympathy towards immigrants, supporting the DREAM Act that gives undocumented immigrants who came to the country before they turned 18 years old the right for a conditional residency.

The states where the presidential nominee from a Republican party wins are known as “Red”, while those where the Democratic nominee wins are called “Blue”. As of 2016, there were more red than blue states.

Some of the most famous Republican presidents have been Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Roland Reagan. As for Democratic presidents, names such as John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama come to mind.

Democrats vs. Republicans Examples in Sentences

Democrats Examples in Sentence

  • The Democrats in Congress are pushing for comprehensive healthcare reform.
  • During the election, the Democrats rallied to gain support in key swing states.
  • The Democrats often advocate for policies that promote social equality and environmental protection.
  • The Democrats hold a majority in the House of Representatives following the recent midterms.
  • The debate between the Democrats and Republicans highlighted the stark differences in their economic strategies.
  • The Democrats proposed a bill aimed at expanding educational opportunities for all.
  • Local Democrats are organizing a town hall meeting to discuss community concerns.

Republicans Examples in Sentence

  • The Republicans are campaigning on a platform of tax cuts and strong national defense.
  • The Republicans in the Senate are expected to vote against the proposed climate legislation.
  • Historically, the Republicans have advocated for a smaller federal government and states’ rights.
  • The Republicans faced a tough challenge in retaining their seats during the midterm elections.
  • The governor, a member of the Republicans, introduced a new plan for job creation in the state.
  • The Republicans on the committee demanded further investigation into the matter.
  • During the presidential debate, the candidate representing the Republicans outlined his foreign policy vision.

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  1. This entire article is bull sugar honey iced tea. Very biased and the academic graphics that this is an acceptable or even accurate take on the two platforms should be considered a homicide of truth.

  2. These generalities are not entirely accurate. For instance, many Dems are gun owners who merely want all gun owners to be stable, responsible, trained and reliable. I am all for concealed carry by people who are educated in the use of firearms. These buffoons who go around in public with their huge rifles are ridiculous.
    It’s also bewildering that Repubs are depicted as being “smaller government” when the GOP’s laws tend to be invasive, manipulative, oppressive and controlling with tax cuts that only benefit the wealthy. The GOP also seems to give profit precedence over environmental protections, a stance I consider ludicrous and dangerous.
    I’m disgusted with partisan politics. Where is truth, justice, integrity, decency?


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