Determiner Exercises – Determiner Worksheet

Determiners play a crucial role in English grammar, giving us important information about the noun or noun phrase that follows. They help in specifying the noun and clarifying its meaning within a sentence. As educators, we recognize the importance of teaching our students how to use determiners effectively, and that’s where determiner worksheets come into play!

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Determiner Worksheet

Determiner Exercises - Determiner Worksheet

Determiner Exercises

Determiner Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with the correct determiners

Use these determiners (a, an, the, this, that, these, those, my, your, his, her, its, our, their, some, any, no, every, each, all, few, many, much, little, several) to complete the following sentences.

  1. Can you pass me ____ salt, please?
  2. I don’t have ____ idea why she left the party so early.
  3. ____ children are playing in the park.
  4. She hasn’t got ____ money left after buying the car.
  5. ____ of the students in the class passed the exam.
  6. ____ apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  7. I would like to buy ____ new shoes, but I can’t afford them right now.
  8. ____ books on the shelf are covered in dust.
  9. He drank ____ water he could find because he was so thirsty.
  10. They brought ____ own snacks to the movie.
  11. I saw ____ interesting movie last night.
  12. Could you hand me ____ book on the top shelf?
  13. ____ students in my class are very bright.
  14. ____ old tree finally fell in the storm.
  15. We need to buy ____ new furniture for our living room.
  16. ____ sun rises in the east.
  17. ____ few guests arrived late to the party.
  18. There isn’t ____ sugar left in the jar.
  19. ____ teacher gave us some advice on how to improve our essays.
  20. ____ cat that lives next door is very friendly.
  21. I have ____ brothers and one sister.
  22. She wants to travel around ____ world.
  23. ____ of my friends are planning to study abroad.
  24. ____ time we spend together is precious.
  25. Could you please give me ____ information about the tour?


1. the 2. any 3. The
4. any 5. All 6. An
7. some 8. The 9. all the
10. their 11. an 12. that
13. The 14. The 15. some
16. The 17. A 18. any
19. The 20. The 21. two
22. the 23. Some 24. The
25. some

Determiner Exercise 2: Choose the correct determiner.

  1. There are (fewer/fewest) people here than I expected.
  2. This is the (most/more) delicious cake I have ever tasted.
  3. I have (less/fewer) time now than I did last year.
  4. She has the (many/most) interesting stories to tell.
  5. He has (fewer/less) patience than his brother when it comes to waiting in lines.
  6. She has (fewer/less) opportunities than her colleagues.
  7. (Many/Much) people were waiting outside the concert hall.
  8. There are (fewer/less) apples in this basket than in that one.
  9. I have (many/more) reasons to be happy today.
  10. (Fewer/Less) than ten participants showed up for the event.
  11. He has (many/more) books than I do.
  12. There was (much/many) excitement about the new product launch.
  13. The (fewer/less) mistakes you make, the better your work will be.
  14. This city has (fewer/less) parks than my hometown.
  15. (Many/Much) of the land here is used for farming.
  16. She received (many/more) votes than any other candidate.
  17. (Fewer/Less) than a quarter of the applicants were accepted.
  18. There are (many/more) ways to solve this problem.
  19. (Many/Much) of the evidence was inconclusive.
  20. We should spend (fewer/less) money on things we don’t need.


1. fewer 2. most 3. less
4. most 5. less 6. fewer
7. Many 8. fewer 9. more
10. Fewer 11. more 12. much
13. fewer 14. fewer 15. Much
16. more 17. Less 18. more
19. Much 20. less

Determiner Exercise 3: Identify the determiners in the following sentences.

  1. Their house is bigger than her house.
  2. Every student must complete his or her homework.
  3. Many people believe that money can’t buy happiness.
  4. The cat chased its tail.
  5. Some birds migrate long distances each year.
  6. Every morning, I take my dog for a walk.
  7. Some of the cookies were missing from the jar.
  8. That dress looks beautiful on you.
  9. The children need to clean their rooms.
  10. All the players on the team were exhausted after the game.
  11. Several people have recommended that restaurant to me.
  12. Few politicians are trusted by the public these days.
  13. Each member of the group received a prize.
  14. Her performance was the best in the entire competition.
  15. A little kindness can go a long way.
  16. The flowers in this garden are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.
  17. Both of my parents are teachers.
  18. Any student who did not finish the test can stay after school.
  19. This is the only chance we have to see the exhibit.
  20. These are the same shoes I wanted to buy.


1. Their, her 2. Every, his 3. Many
4. The, its 5. Some, each 6. Every, my
7. Some, the 8. That 9. The, their
10. All, the 11. Several 12. Few
13. Each 14. Her, the 15. A little
16. The, the 17. Both, my 18. Any
19. This, the 20. These, the