“DFTBA” Meaning | What Does This Interesting Acronym Stand For?

The acronym “DFTBA” isn’t heard of as often as some of the more commonly used ones. If this is your first encounter with the term, it’s no wonder why you are confused about its meaning. Have no fear! Here you will find the meaning of this term, the story of its origin, and some other meanings if any exist. You will also see some example conversations for your reading pleasure to hopefully help you gain a deeper understanding of this term’s meaning. Finally, you will discover some alternative phrases that you can use in place of the phrase this acronym represents yet still convey the same message.

“DFTBA” Meaning

What Does “DFTBA” Mean?

This acronym represents the phrase “don’t forget to be awesome.” It is typically used as an addition that is used as you are bidding someone farewell to remind them to keep being the awesome person that they are.

Origin of “DFTBA”

This phrase originated in 2007 on the YouTube channel known as vlogbrothers. The channel features two adult brothers Hank and John Green, making videos for one another as a means for them to connect still daily even though they both now live very different lives.

Other Meanings

There are currently no other meanings known for this acronym or term.

Conversation Examples

A text message exchange between friends.

  • Friend 1: Hey, are you still meeting me for lunch tomorrow?
  • Friend 2: Yes, of course. I should get my lunch break around noon. Are we still meeting at Applebees?
  • Friend 1: Yes, if that’s okay?
  • Friend 2: It’s okay with me. I love their food.
  • Friend 1: Okay, then I will see you tomorrow at noon at the Applebees on 14th street. Until then, DFTBA!
  • Friend 2: You too!

An online conversation between two Twitter users.

  • User 1: Anyone want to go out and do something tomorrow? I need to take my mind off things,
  • User 2: Sure! Where do you want to go?
  • User 1: I was thinking about going to the trampoline park.
  • User 2: Sounds like fun! I’ll meet you there at 2 pm?
  • User 1: Sounds good!
  • User 2: okay! It’s a date! I’ll see you then! Enjoy the rest f your night and DFTBA!

Synonyms of “DFTBA”

There are a few synonymous phrases you could use to mean the same thing and replace the phrase that this acronym represents. Some of the alternative phrases you could use include:

  • remember to be awesome
  • remember, always be amazing
  • remember to always be sensational

DFTBA Meaning Infographic

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