111 Synonyms for “Discuss” with Examples | Another Word for “Discuss”

Synonyms for ‘discuss’ can add variety to our speech and writing, enabling us to express nuances and engage our listeners or readers more effectively. Whether we’re aiming to convey a casual conversation or a formal debate, the right word can set the tone and intensity of our dialogue.

Discuss Synonyms

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What Is “Discuss”?

Discuss is a verb that we use when we want to talk about a subject in detail, examining all the different ideas and opinions related to it. It suggests a mutual exchange of ideas where we give and take feedback, often to understand a topic more deeply or to make a collective decision.

List of Synonyms for Discuss

  • Talk about
  • Speak about
  • Converse about
  • Dialogue
  • Debate
  • Deliberate
  • Consider
  • Contemplate
  • Argue
  • Examine
  • Analyze
  • Review
  • Dissect
  • Expound on
  • Elaborate on
  • Clarify
  • Explain
  • Describe
  • Detail
  • Articulate
  • Communicate
  • Confer about
  • Consult on
  • Address
  • Cover
  • Touch on
  • Mention
  • Refer to
  • Discourse on
  • Comment on
  • Reflect on
  • Ponder
  • Moot
  • Exchange views on
  • Parley
  • Negotiate
  • Brainstorm
  • Canvass
  • Ventilate
  • Air
  • Explore
  • Investigate
  • Study
  • Scrutinize
  • Assess
  • Evaluate
  • Appraise
  • Interpret
  • Conjecture
  • Theorize
  • Hypothesize
  • Deduce
  • Infer
  • Reason about
  • Think through
  • Chew over
  • Mull over
  • Ruminates on
  • Question
  • Inquire about
  • Go over
  • Work through
  • Hash out
  • Thrash out
  • Bat around or back and forth
  • Kick around
  • Wrestle with
  • Tackle
  • Handle
  • Approach
  • Broach
  • Engage in conversation about
  • Hold forth on
  • Opine on
  • Exchange opinions about
  • Give one’s view on
  • Offer one’s thoughts on
  • Put forward
  • Suggest
  • Propose
  • Advise on
  • Counsel on
  • Consult with
  • Converse over
  • Deliberate over
  • Confer over
  • Huddle over
  • Powwow over
  • Have discussions about
  • Have talks about
  • Have a dialogue about
  • Have a discourse on
  • Have a confab about
  • Have a chinwag about
  • Have a tete-a-tete about
  • Engage with
  • Interact on
  • Bandy about or around
  • Toss around
  • Weigh up
  • Consider the pros and cons of
  • Debate the merits of
  • Take up
  • Look into
  • Sound out
  • Get into
  • Go into
  • Go through
  • Talk through
  • Talk over
  • Talk out

Types of Synonyms for Discuss

Formal Synonyms

  • Debate: To formally argue about a topic in a public setting.
  • Deliberate: To carefully think or talk something over.

Informal Synonyms

  • Talk over: To discuss something in an informal manner.
  • Chew the fat: To have a casual conversation about something.

Indicating Method of Discussion

  • Confer: To have a discussion, often with the objective of reaching a decision.
  • Consult: To seek advice or information from someone.

Suggesting a More Analytical Discussion

  • Examine: To inspect or scrutinize a topic in detail.
  • Analyze: To study or examine something in a methodical way.

Common Synonyms for Discuss

Discuss vs. Debate

Discuss often implies a more collaborative and less confrontational exchange of ideas. In contrast, debate suggests a formal or structured argument with opposing viewpoints.

  • We discussed the upcoming project to ensure everyone understood the goals.
  • Philosophers have long debated the question of free will versus determinism.

Discuss vs. Converse

Converse is a broader term for engaging in conversation and can be casual. When we use discuss, it implies a focused conversation about a specific topic.

  • During the meeting, we will discuss the upcoming project deadlines and resource allocation.
  • At the dinner party, guests conversed about a range of topics, from movies to cuisine.

Discuss vs. Argue

To argue is to present reasons for or against a thing, often with emotion. Discuss, on the other hand, is typically less heated and more analytical or exploratory.

  • Let’s discuss your ideas for the new marketing campaign during our brainstorming session.
  • The couple argued about their vacation plans, unable to agree on a destination.

Discuss vs. Deliberate

Deliberate conveys a sense of careful consideration or thoughtful discussion. When we discuss something, it need not necessarily be with the intent to reach a decision.

  • The jury deliberated for hours before reaching a verdict.
  • The team discussed the problem, but we have yet to deliberate on a solution.

Synonyms for Discuss in Different Contexts

When we’re looking to express the act of discussing in varying situations, we have a multitude of synonyms to choose from, and these alternatives can offer subtle differences in meaning. Let’s explore some of these options with examples to illustrate their use.

Formal Debates

  • Argue: Often implies a level of disagreement.
  • Debate: Suggests a structured exchange of opposing views.

Example sentence:

  • We will argue the merits of the proposed policy in tomorrow’s meeting.
  • The candidates will debate the environmental issues on Friday.

Academic Settings

  • Examine: Used when analyzing a subject in detail.
  • Confer: Indicates a more formal or professional level of discussion.

Example sentence:

  • In our philosophy class, we examine the ethics of artificial intelligence.
  • The committee will confer about the new research proposals.

Casual Conversations

  • Chat: A more informal form of discussion.
  • Converse: A general term for informal discussion.

Example sentence:

  • While waiting for the bus, I struck up a chat with a fellow traveler about the weather.
  • They often converse in the local café, discussing everything from politics to pop culture.

Business Meetings

  • Review: Often used when evaluating or going over a topic.
  • Consult: Implies seeking advice or information.

Example sentence:

  • Let’s review the sales figures from the last quarter and analyze our performance trends.
  • I need to consult with my business partner before confirming the details of the contract.

Absolute and Near Synonyms of Discuss

Absolute Synonyms for Discuss

Absolute Synonym Meaning
Debate To engage in an argument by discussing opposing points
Review To go over or examine critically or deliberately
Talk over To consider in conversation to reach a decision or to understand each other

Near Synonyms for Discuss

Near Synonym Meaning
Argue To present reasons for or against something, often involving some disagreement
Consider To think carefully about something, often before making a decision
Contemplate To consider thoroughly, think fully or deeply about
Deliberate To think over or discuss issues and decisions carefully
Examine To inspect or scrutinize carefully
Explore To investigate or discuss a subject in detail
Converse To engage in a spoken exchange of thoughts, ideas, or feelings

Synonyms for Discuss with Examples | Infographic

Another Word for Discuss | 105+ Synonyms for "Discuss" with Useful ExamplesPin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some formal alternatives to the word ‘discuss’?

In formal writing, we can opt for terms like ‘examine,’ ‘explore,’ or ‘analyze’ to convey a similar meaning as ‘discuss.’

In academic writing, what terms can replace ‘discussed’?

Academic texts often utilize the words ‘evaluated,’ ‘investigated,’ or ‘considered’ as alternatives to ‘discussed.’

Which synonyms of ‘discuss’ are suitable for IELTS essays?

For IELTS essays, synonyms such as ‘debate,’ ‘deliberate,’ and ‘converse’ can be appropriate replacements for ‘discuss.’

Can you list different words to use for ‘discussion’ in essays?

In essays, we might use ‘dialogue,’ ‘discourse,’ or ‘conversation’ in place of the word ‘discussion.’

How can you rephrase ‘discussing a topic’ in a scholarly article?

In a scholarly article, ‘discussing a topic’ can be rephrased as ‘delving into the subject’ or ‘conducting an analysis of the topic.’

What are other ways to say ‘talk about’ in an academic context?

In an academic setting, instead of saying ‘talk about,’ we might say ‘address the matter,’ ‘expound on the subject,’ or ‘articulate the issues at hand.’

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