Ditto Meaning: What Does the Interesting Slang Term “Ditto” Mean?

What does Ditto mean? The popularity of the internet, online social games and social media ushered in the use of online communication. With this new form of communication came news ways to communicate through slang terms, abbreviations and acronyms. One of the slang terms that is popularly used today is the term “ditto.”

Here you will find the meaning of this term and the information regarding its origin. You will also see other meanings of this term if there are any available and see examples of how this phrase can be properly used in an online conversation. Finally, you will see some suggestions regarding how to say this phrase differently and still convey the same meaning.

Ditto Meaning

What Does Ditto Mean?

The internet slang term “ditto” means the same, also, me too or I agree with you.

Origin of Ditto

The term “ditto” has been in use since the mid-1700s as part of everyday speech. The word is derived from the Italian word “detto” meaning to say or said. The term began as a noun and gradually became the adverb that we know it to mean today. “Ditto” is one of the words that has carried over from one realm to another while maintaining the same general meaning.

Other Meanings

There are no other meanings of this term available.

Example Conversations

A text exchange between two friends:

  • Friend 1: After this Christmas season is over, I am taking a long vacation.
  • Friend 2: Ditto! Work has been crazy! Yesterday no one in the store got any break at all!

An online exchange between two online game players:

  • Player 1: I am going to take a break and come back in about an hour. I need to get some dinner.
  • Player 2: Ditto. I am starving! I have not eaten since this morning.
  • Player 1: Okay, I will meet you back here in about an hour and we will finish this campaign.

Alternatives to “Ditto”

Some things you could use in place of “ditto” in all forms of your communication to mean the same thing include:

  • also
  • too
  • I agree

Ditto Meaning Infographic


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