Doggo Meaning: What Does Doggo Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does Doggo mean? This article provides the definition and usage of this internet slang term with ESL infographic and interesting conversation examples in English.

Doggo Meaning

What Does Doggo Mean?

The main meaning of “Doggo” is a cute way to say “dog”. It has become quite popular about memes that are dog themed.

Similar Internet Slang Words

  • Pupper
  • Common doggo
  • Snip snip doggo
  • Bork bork doggo
  • Snippy snippy doggos
  • Lock neck doggos
  • Licki licky doggos
  • Doge
  • Gabe
  • Woofers

Other Meanings

Other things that “doggo” could mean is “out of sight or hidden”. “Doggo” is often used in the phrase “lie doggo” which means “to hide and keep quiet”. “Doggo” can also mean “keep quiet about something”, “don’t tell anyone”, a dank (this means cool, awesome, or good in today’s generation) meme of a dog or some other animal, or a dog meme.

Conversation Examples

Example one using the word as a cute puppy

  • Speaker 1: omg did you see that doggo?
  • Speaker 2: Yesss! tcfw

*”tcfw” = “t” (too) + “c” (cute) + “f” (for) + “w” (words)

Example two using the internet term as out of sight

  • Speaker 1: yo man keep yo girl doggo til my wife bounce
  • Speaker 2: np hmu when its good
  • Speaker 1: aight l8r

*”np” = “n” (no) + “p” (problem)

*”hmu” = “h” (hit) + “m” (me) + “u” (up)

*”l8r” = “later”

Doggo Meaning Infographic