Doujins Meaning: What Does the Term “Doujins” Mean?

The slang term “doujins” is frequently used on the internet in specific forums and other types of websites. If you have encountered this phrase and are wondering what it means, you have reached your final destination. Here, you will not only find the meaning of this term, but you will also find information about its origin and some other meanings if there are any to be found. Additionally, you will also discover some example conversations using the word in the proper context to help you better understand the term and you will see some alternative phrases or words that can be used in place of the slang term “doujins” to use in conversation to convey the same meaning.

Doujins Meaning

What Does Doujins Mean?

The slang term “doujins” is an abbreviated form of the word “doujinshi.” “Doujinshi” is defined as manga works that are produced by amateur illustrators that feature well-known characters from other popular manga publications. Sometimes this includes the well-known characters depicted in sexual acts not normal for their character in the original manga, but not always. These particular works are known as hentai.

Origin of Doujins and Other Meanings

As previously stated, the slang term “doujins” is an abbreviated word “doujinshi.” “Doujinshi” is a Japanese word derived from two Japanese words used in compound form. The first word is “doujin” which is defined to mean “same person.” The second word “shi,” which is an abbreviated form of the word “zasshi,” which means magazine. Therefore, a “doujinshi” is a magazine that depicts the same characters as another magazine or in this case the self-published manga work of an amateur artist that depict the same manga characters in more popularly published magazines.

In Japan, doujins have been around for a long time as a way for fans to share their passions for their favorite characters or stories with others in creative ways. Over the years, doujin production has grown in popularity and become one of the main sources for entertainment for Japanese youth culture. This includes comic market conventions devoted entirely to buying and selling doujin works from various artists.

One of the common aspects of many doujin projects is collaborative creation. This means that two or more individuals work together on a single project and share ideas on how to make it stand out from the competition. This type of creativity is particularly popular among video game developers; sometimes these collaborations result in franchises such as Touhou Project series that span dozens of games across multiple genres.

Doujin circles also create their own spinoff artwork based on existing characters or concepts from mainstream animation or video games that they may not necessarily be involved in producing themselves. In addition to originals inspired by anime culture, douijn production has expanded into creating original works inspired by traditional literature or mythology as well as modern day concepts such as technology and environmental issues which might not otherwise receive much attention outside Japan’s borders.

Examples of “Doujins”

A text conversation between two friends:

  • Friend 1Did you see the new doujins posted on the manga forum this morning?
  • Friend 2No, I didn’t get a chance to look.
  • Friend 1They are good, but yours are better.

An online conversation between two forum users:

  • User 1I like coming here to look at the doujins that everyone does.
  • User 2Me too! It is awesome to know the community is alive and well.

Alternatives to “Doujins”

There are many words or phrases that you can use to replace the slang term “doujins” during a conversation to convey the same meaning. Some of the other phrases or words you can use include:

  • amateur manga art
  • self-published manga
  • doujinshi

Doujins Meaning Infographic