Learn 15 Common Driving Phrasal Verbs in English

Learn common Driving phrasal verbs with their meaning and examples in English.

Back up

  • Meaning: Make a car go backwards
  • Example: See if you can back up a bit further.

Buckle up

  • Meaning: Fasten your seat belt in a car, plane etc.
  • Example: Please buckle up now; we’re about to land.

Cut off

  • Meaning: Block someone’s way
  • Example: A second policeman cut off his escape.

Drive by

  • Meaning: Do something out of a car
  • Example: He was killed in a drive-by shooting.

Fill up

  • Meaning: Put gasoline in the car until it’s completely full
  • Example: He filled up the tank with petrol.

Get out of

  • Meaning: Leave
  • Example: You must not get out of the car when it is in motion.

Pull over

  • Meaning: Stop on the side of the road
  • Example: She saw the ambulance coming up behind her and pulled over.

Run over

  • Meaning: Hit something/someone with a car and drive over them
  • Example: Jesica was run over by a car outside her house.

Slow down

  • Meaning: To decrease speed; to go slower
  • Example: Slow down! You’re driving too fast.

Turn off

  • Meaning: Stop a piece of equipment working temporarily by pressing a button
  • Example: You forgot to turn off your blinker after you merged.

Pull in

  • Meaning: Move to the side of the road
  • Example: We pulled in at the side of the road.

Pull out

  • Meaning: Move away from the side of the road, etc.
  • Example: A car pulled out in front of me.

Run into

  • Meaning: Crash into somebody/something
  • Example: The bus went of out control and ran into a line of people.

Knock down

  • Meaning: Hit somebody and make them fall to the ground
  • Example: She was knocked down by a bus.

Pick up

  • Meaning: Take someone in vehicle
  • Example: I’ll pick you up at six.

Common Driving Phrasal Verbs in English.

Common Driving Phrasal Verbs

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