EAR Idioms: Useful Idioms with EARS in English

Commonly used EAR Idioms with meaning and examples.

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Useful Idioms with EARS

All Ears

  • Meaning: Listening willingly, waiting for an explanation
  • ExampleWhy did you delete the file I was working on? I’m all ears.

Give Someone an Earful

  • Meaning: angrily express an opinion to someone
  • ExampleWow, my mom gave me an earful when I said I’d be home at 1 a.m. Guess I’ll be going home early!

I’m All Ears

  • Meaning: You have my attention, so you should talk
  • ExampleI’d love to hear about your trip to Indonesia. I’m all ears!

Lend an Ear

  • Meaning: Listen
  • ExampleLend an ear, and I’ll tell you what people said at the meeting yesterday.

Play It by Ear

  • Meaning: To respond to circumstances instead of having a fixed plan
  • ExampleI don’t know whether tickets will be available, but I think we should go to the airport and play it by ear.

That’s Music to My Ears

  • Meaning: I am very happy to hear this.
  • ExampleWhen the boss said I’d be getting a raise next year, that was music to my ears!

The Walls Have Ears

  • Meaning: We may be overheard; be careful what you say
  • ExampleTry to speak quietly—the walls have ears around here.

Wet Behind the Ears

  • Meaning: Inexperienced, immature, new to something
  • ExampleShawna is smart, but she’s still wet behind the ears as a programmer. She’ll need time to master the system.

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Idioms with EARS

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