Egg Dishes: List of Best Foods Made from Eggs

What are egg dishes – foods made from eggs? Eggs are easily accessible, inexpensive, and always available in all parts of the world. We consider it an essential part of our diet since it contains vitamins and essential minerals that our body needs. With the many health benefits that one can get from consuming eggs, there are also some reminders not to take eggs excessively. When eggs are taken in moderation, it is indeed beneficial to the body.

Egg Dishes

Eggs are loaded with nutrients such as Vitamins, Folate, Phosphorus, Selenium, Protein, high in essential amino acids and rich in Omega-3.

List of Egg Dishes

  • Spicy Scramble
  • Fried Eggs
  • Creamy Scramble
  • Smoked-Salmon Scramble
  • Quick Egg Muffin
  • Classic Omelet
  • Spinach Omelet
  • Asparagus Omelet
  • Poached Eggs
  • Moroccan Eggs
  • Bacon and Egg Salad
  • Buttered Egg
  • Egg with milk and butter
  • Hash Brown Eggs
  • Eggs with Onions and Tomatoes
  • Eggs with Sliced Potatoes
  • Boiled Egg
  • Broccoli and Egg Omelet
  • Egg with Bacon and Mushroom
  • Takoyaki

Egg Dishes | Facts & Pictures

Fried Egg

It is the easiest to prepare and can be done in a minute. Heating some oil in a pan and placing the egg to cook for a few seconds, and adding a sprinkle of salt will complete this dish.

Fried Egg Pin

Spicy Scramble Eggs

Scramble some eggs and place them in a pan with hot oil. Just add some cheddar cheese and diced jalapeno plus some salt and pepper to taste.

Spicy Scramble Eggs Pin

Creamy Scramble Eggs

Heat two tablespoons of butter in a non-stick pan. Add the beaten eggs, cream cheese, chives, or spring onions, plus salt and pepper to taste. You may also add milk if there is no cream cheese available.

Creamy Scramble Eggs Pin

Smoked Salmon Scramble

Prepare some creamy scrambled eggs, toast some bread, add some strips of smoked salmon on top of the creamy scrambled eggs, and serve with the toasted bread.

Smoked Salmon Scramble Pin

Classic Omelet

Beat the eggs with salt and pepper. Heat the butter in a non-stick pan, add the eggs and stir until the eggs are no longer runny and when the sides have a brown appearance.

Classic Omelet Pin

Spinach Omelet

First, make a classic omelet. While eggs are in the pan, add the cooked spinach and sprinkle the top with cheese. Let it brown but not too tasty.

Spinach Omelet Pin

Asparagus Omelet

Beat two eggs and place them in a heated non-stick pan with butter. Put some cooked, chopped asparagus plus the shredded cheese.

Asparagus Omelet Pin

Bacon and Egg Salad

Boil the eggs and set them aside. Prepare the bacon and let it crisp in the pan. In a salad bowl, mix all the other ingredients such as arugula, pear, and some vinaigrette. Place the sliced bacon and spread the cubed, boiled eggs on top.

Bacon and Egg Salad Pin

Buttered Egg

Beat a few eggs, put some pepper, salt, and other seasonings you prefer. Heat some butter in the nonstick pan and pour the egg. Let the egg brown and let it sit until there is no more runny consistency.

Buttered Egg Pin

Eggs with Onions and Tomatoes

Prepare onions and tomatoes and slice them into small pieces. Beat two eggs and add a dash of salt and pepper. Heat the nonstick pan and add butter. Cook the onions and tomatoes for a minute or two, and then pour eggs on top. Mix and let it set until cooked.

Eggs with Onions and Tomatoes Pin

Eggs with Sliced Potato

Prepare a handful of cubed potatoes. Beat two eggs and add pepper and salt. Heat the pan and put some butter and cook the cubed potatoes until well done. Pour the eggs and let them cover the potatoes. Let the mixture cook and serve with some sprinkle of spring onions.

Eggs with Sliced Potato Pin

Egg Dishes | Picture

Egg Dishes You Should Try

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