Collocation Examples: Types of English Collocations

Learn Common Collocation Examples and Different Types of English Collocations.

Types of English Collocations

There are several different types of collocation made from combinations of verb, noun, adjective, etc. Some of the most common types are:

Adverbs and Adjectives

Adverb + Adjective Collocation Examples


  • Ben and Jane are happily married.
  • You are fully aware that there are serious problems.
  • George was blissfully unaware that he was in danger.
  • It’s deeply competitive and transparent.
  • I’m deeply worried about you.
  • The train system has been deeply affected.
  • I was deeply unhappy.

English Collocations | List of Common Collocations

Adjectives & Nouns

Adjective + Noun Collocation Examples


  • Joe always wears blue or white or some other bright color.
  • We had a brief chat about Iraq but didn’t have time to discuss it properly.
  • Unemployment is a major problem for the government these days.
  • Jake was my big brother and I admired him.
  • His dying was not any big surprise.
  • This audition is a big deal for Joey.
  • The nonprofit shelters often seem like a big improvement.
  • John won big money in Vegas last year.

Collocation Examples: Types of English Collocations 2

Nouns & Nouns

Noun + Noun Collocation Examples

There are a lot of collocation with pattern a … of …


  • Let’s give Mr. Jones a round of applause.
  • The ceasefire agreement came into effect at 11am.
  • I’d like to buy two bars of soap.
  • Do you know your exact departure time?
  • We interviewed the head teacher of the local school.
  • Banks get paid retailers each time a debit card is used.
  • Young people have gone away to college and taken desk jobs.

Collocation Examples: Types of English Collocations 3

Nouns & Verbs

Noun + Verb Collocation Examples


  • The economy boomed in 2002.
  • The company has grown and now employs over 30 people.
  • The company has expanded and now has branches in most major countries.

Verbs Collocations

Verb + Noun (Verb Collocations) Examples


  • They launched the production 1998.
  • The price increase poses a problem for them.
  • The internet has created opportunities for his company.
  • I like to sit down and do the crossword.
  • It’s been a pleasure to do business with you.
  • Did the flood do much damage?
  • I really enjoy doing exercise everyday.
  • In my business, we have to do experiments everyday.
  • She loves to do laundy.

Collocation Examples: Types of English Collocations 4

Verbs & Prepositions

Verb + Preposition Collocation Examples


  • As Bob went on stage to receive his medal you could see his sister swelling with pride.
  • I was filled with horrorwhen I read the newspaper report of the war.
  • When she spilt apple-juice on her new blue skirt the little girl burst into tears.
  • He works for an engineering company.
  • I want to apologize for my mistakes.
  • I must write and thank Mary for the present.
  • A hotel room is being prepared for them.
  • I always ask for an extra tomato sauce on my pizza.

Collocation Examples: Types of English Collocations 5

Verbs & Adverbs


  • He pulled steadily on the rope and helped her to safety.
  • She placedthe beautiful jar gently on the window ledge.
  • ‘I love you and want to marry you,’ Michael whispered softly to Clare.

Nouns & Prepositions

Noun + Preposition Collocation Examples


  • What’s the reason for your unhappiness?
  • Nobody seems to have responsibility for the budget.
  • The police inquiry into the theft continues.
  • His fear of flying made travel difficult.
  • I have only a limited understanding of French.
  • One major disadvantage of the area is the lack of public transport.
  • He was the first to see the possibilities of the plan.

Collocation Examples: Types of English Collocations 6

Adjectives & Prepositions

Adjective + Preposition Collocation Examples


  • The town is famous for its cheese.
  • I’m quite good at English but I’m bad at maths and I’m terrible at physics.
  • You’ll be responsible to the head of the Finance department.
  • Some among us were talented in hunting.
  • They were successful in winning the contract.
  • I don’t feel comfortable in high heels.
  • He’s very experienced in looking after animals.
  • He’s usually quite polite in my presence.
  • My mother is very skilled in dressmaking.

Collocation Examples: Types of English Collocations 7

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