List of Verbs: 1000+ Common Verbs List with Examples

One of the most important parts of a sentence when using the English language or any language for that matter, is the verb. These words are used to tell the listener or reader what action is being performed by the subject of the sentence. There are a lot of verbs to learn and they fall into further subcategories.

List of Verbs (from A-Z)

As we explore the vast world of verbs, we’ll find that they can be categorized in several ways: action, linking, and helping verbs, to name a few. Each type plays a unique role in how we structure our sentences and express actions, states of being, or conditions. By expanding our knowledge of verbs, we sharpen our language skills, which helps us to express ourselves more accurately and effectively.

The following list of verbs will take you through various different verbs in alphabetical order for you to consider. See if you can spot one you would usually use and try to find one with the same meaning for you to try using in a sentence instead.

Explore verbs that start with…
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Verbs List (A)

List of verbs that start with A with examples.

Verb Example
Accept I accept your invitation.
Accuse She accused him of stealing her phone.
Achieve He achieved his dream of becoming a doctor.
Acknowledge She acknowledged her mistake.
Acquire He acquired a new car.
Adapt He adapted to the new job quickly.
Add She added sugar to her tea.
Adjust He adjusted his tie before the interview.
Admire She admired his courage.
Admit He admitted to stealing the money.
Adopt She adopted a stray cat.
Adore He adored his wife.
Advise She advised him to take a break.
Afford They couldn’t afford to buy a new car.
Agree They agreed to meet at the park.
Aim He aimed the gun at the target.
Allow She allowed him to stay out late.
Announce They announced their engagement.
Anticipate He anticipated the arrival of his guests.
Apologize He apologized for being late.
Appear The sun appeared from behind the clouds.
Apply She applied for the job.
Appreciate He appreciated her help.
Approach She approached the door cautiously.
Approve They approved the budget proposal.
Argue They argued about politics.
Arise A problem arose during the project.
Arrange She arranged the flowers in a vase.
Arrive They arrived at the airport early.
Ask He asked her for her phone number.
Assume He assumed she was coming to the party.
Assure He assured her that everything would be alright.
Astonish He astonished everyone with his magic tricks.
Attach She attached the document to the email.
Attempt He attempted to climb the mountain.
Attend She attends church every Sunday.
Attract The colorful flowers attracted the butterflies.
Avoid She avoided the topic of politics.
Awake He awoke to the sound of his alarm.

Verbs List (B)

List of verbs that start with B with examples.

Verb Example
Bake I need to bake a cake for the party.
Bathe I like to bathe in the morning.
Be It’s important to be kind to others.
Bear I can’t bear the thought of losing you.
Beat The drummer will beat the drums all night long.
Become She wants to become a doctor someday.
Beg He had to beg for forgiveness after his mistake.
Begin Let’s begin the meeting with an introduction.
Behave He needs to behave himself when he’s in public.
Believe I believe in the power of hard work.
Belong These books belong to the library.
Bend He needs to bend his knees when he lifts weights.
Bet I bet he can’t solve that math problem.
Bind We need to bind these papers together.
Bite The dog will bite if it feels threatened.
Blow The wind will blow the leaves away.
Boil Please boil the water before making tea.
Borrow Can I borrow your pen for a minute?
Bounce The ball will bounce if you throw it on the ground.
Bow The violinist will bow at the end of the performance.
Break Don’t break that vase, it’s valuable.
Breed She plans to breed her dogs next year.
Bring Could you bring me some water, please?
Broadcast The radio station will broadcast the news every hour.
Build They will build a new hospital in the city.
Burn The candle will burn brightly in the dark.
Burst The balloon will burst if you blow it up too much.
Buy I need to buy some groceries at the store.

Verbs List (C)

List of verbs that start with C with examples.

Verb Example
Calculate She calculated the total cost of the trip.
Can/Could To be able to do something
Care She cares deeply about the environment.
Carry He carried the heavy box upstairs.
Catch She caught the ball with one hand.
Celebrate They celebrated their anniversary with a party.
Change She changed her hairstyle for the wedding.
Choose He chose the red shirt over the blue one.
Chop She chopped the vegetables for the soup.
Claim He claimed to have witnessed the accident.
Climb They climbed to the top of the mountain.
Cling The child clung to her mother’s hand.
Come She came to the party with her friends.
Commit She committed to finishing the project on time.
Communicate They communicated through email and phone calls.
Compare She compared prices at several different stores.
Compete He competed in the race and finished in first place.
Complain He complained about the quality of the food.
Complete She completed the project ahead of schedule.
Concern The safety of our employees concerns us greatly.
Confirm The test results confirmed her diagnosis.
Consent He consented to let her borrow his car.
Consider She considered all the options before making a decision.
Consist The salad consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.
Consult He consulted with his lawyer before signing the contract.
Contain The box contained a valuable collection of jewelry.
Continue She continued to work on her project late into the night.
Convince He convinced her to come to the party with him.
Cook She cooked a delicious meal for her family.
Cost The new car cost more than she had expected.
Count She counted the money in her wallet.
Crawl The baby crawled across the room.
Create She created a beautiful painting.
Creep The cat crept up on the bird.
Criticize He criticized her performance in the play.
Cry She cried when she heard the news.
Cut She cut the cake into small pieces.

Verbs List (D)

List of verbs that start with D with examples.

Verb Example
Dance Let’s dance at the party.
Dare I dare you to try the spicy food.
Deal We need to deal with this problem.
Decide I decided to go on vacation.
Defer Let’s defer the meeting until next week.
Delay The train was delayed by the snowstorm.
Deliver The mail carrier delivered my package.
Demand The protesters demanded justice.
Deny He denied any involvement in the crime.
Depend Our plans depend on the weather.
Describe Can you describe what happened?
Deserve She deserves a promotion for her work.
Desire I desire a cup of coffee in the morning.
Destroy The hurricane destroyed the town.
Determine The judge will determine the verdict.
Develop The company is developing new products.
Differ We differ on our opinions about politics.
Disagree I disagree with your assessment.
Discover The scientist discovered a new species.
Discuss Let’s discuss the plan at the meeting.
Dislike I dislike mushrooms in my pizza.
Distribute The charity will distribute food to the needy.
Dive He decided to dive into the pool.
Do Please do your homework before class.
Doubt I doubt we will finish on time.
Drag He had to drag his suitcase up the stairs.
Dream Last night, I dreamed about flying through the clouds
Drill The dentist will drill my tooth.
Drink I always drink water with my meals.
Drive She will drive us to the airport.
Drop He dropped his keys on the floor.
Dry Can you dry the dishes with a towel?

Verbs List (E)

List of verbs that start with E with examples.

Verb Example
Earn She earned a promotion by working hard.
Eat I will eat pizza for dinner tonight.
Emphasize The speaker emphasized the importance of education.
Enable The new technology enabled faster communication.
Encourage His parents encouraged him to follow his dreams.
Engage She engaged in a conversation with her coworkers.
Enhance The new software will enhance our productivity.
Enjoy I enjoy reading books in my spare time.
Ensure The lock on the door ensures our safety.
Entail Buying a new car entails spending a lot of money.
Enter She entered the room quietly so as not to disturb anyone.
Establish The company was established in 1995.
Examine The doctor examined the patient thoroughly.
Exist Does extraterrestrial life exist in the universe?
Expand The company plans to expand its business overseas.
Expect I expect to hear back from the job interview soon.
Experiment She wanted to experiment with a new recipe for dinner.
Explain Can you explain how to solve this math problem?
Explore We decided to explore the city on foot.
Extend He extended his arm to reach the book on the top shelf.

Verbs List (F)

List of verbs that start with F with examples.

Verb Example
Fail She failed her driving test.
Fall The leaves fall from the trees in autumn.
Feed The mother bird feeds her chicks.
Feel She feels happy after a good workout.
Fight The two brothers used to fight over toys when they were younger.
Find I was able to find my keys in my purse after searching for a few minutes.
Finish He finished his homework before dinner.
Fit This dress doesn’t fit me anymore.
Fly The bird flies high in the sky.
Fold She folds her clothes before putting them in a drawer.
Follow The dog follows his owner everywhere.
Forbid The sign forbids smoking in the park.
Forget I always forget my passwords.
Forgive She forgave him for his mistake.
Freeze The water freezes in winter.
Fry He fries the eggs for breakfast.

Verbs List (G)

List of verbs that start with G with examples.

Verb Example
Gather Let’s gather some wood for the fire.
Grow The flowers in the garden are growing.
Grasp She grasped the doorknob and opened it.
Glance He glanced at his watch and hurried off.
Greet She greeted me with a warm smile.
Guide The teacher will guide the students through the difficult project.
Guess I can only guess what he meant.
Give He gave me a present for my birthday.
Go We need to go to the store.
Generate The wind turbines generate electricity.
Grab She grabbed her keys and ran out the door.
Glitter The diamonds on her necklace glittered.
Groan He groaned when he realized his mistake.

Verbs List (H)

List of verbs that start with H with examples.

Verb Example
Hang He decided to hang the picture on the wall.
Happen It didn’t happen as he had planned.
Hate She hated the taste of the medicine.
Have I have two cats as pets.
Hear I can hear the birds chirping outside.
Hesitate She hesitated before answering the question.
Hide He tried to hide the gift from his sister.
Hit The boxer hit his opponent with a left hook.
Hold She held the baby tightly in her arms.
Hop The frog hopped across the lily pad.
Hope He hoped to win the race.
Hug She hugged her friend after not seeing her for a long time.
Hurry We need to hurry if we want to catch the train.
Hurt He hurts his knee while playing soccer.

Verbs List (I)

List of verbs that start with I with examples.

Verb Example
Identify Can you identify the person in this photo?
Ignore He chose to ignore the warning signs.
Illustrate She illustrated her point with a diagram.
Imagine Can you imagine what it would be like to live on Mars?
Imply His tone implied that he was not happy with the decision.
Impress Her confidence and intelligence really impressed me.
Improve We need to improve our customer service.
Include The package should include all necessary documents.
Incorporate We decided to incorporate her ideas into the project.
Indicate The sign indicated that the restaurant was closed.
Inform She informed me that the meeting had been rescheduled.
Insist He insisted that we go to the concert together.
Install We need to install new software on our computers.
Intend I intend to travel around the world one day.
Introduce Let me introduce you to my colleague, Sarah.
Invest He decided to invest in the stock market.
Investigate The police are investigating the robbery.
Involve The project will involve a lot of research.
Iron She needs to iron her dress before the party.

Verbs List (J)

List of verbs that start with J with examples.

Verbs Examples
Jog I like to jog in the park every morning.
Juggle She can juggle five balls at once.
Join He joined the army after college.
Jump The cat can jump over the fence easily.
Judge She judged the competition fairly.
Justify He tried to justify his actions, but it was hard to believe him.

Verbs List (K)

List of verbs that start with K with examples.

Verb Example
Keep Can you keep this secret?
Kick He kicked the ball towards the goal.
Kiss She kissed him on the cheek.
Kneel The worshippers knelt down to pray.
Knit She learned to knit a scarf for her sister.
Know Do you know where the nearest gas station is located?

Verbs List (L)

List of verbs that start with L with examples.

Verb Example
Lack She lacks the necessary qualifications for the job.
Laugh We all laughed at the funny joke.
Lay She laid the book on the table.
Lead He led the team to victory.
Lean She leaned against the wall to catch her breath.
Leap The athlete leapt over the hurdle.
Learn She learned how to play the piano.
Leave He left the party early.
Lend Can you lend me a pen for a moment?
Lie (in bed) She lay in bed all morning.
Lift He lifted the heavy box with ease.
Light She lit the candle with a match.
Lie (not to tell the truth) He lied to his boss about being sick.
Like I like chocolate ice cream.
Listen Please listen carefully to my instructions.
Look She looked out the window at the beautiful view.
Lose He lost his wallet on the way to work.
Love She loves spending time with her family.

Verbs List (M)

List of verbs that start with M with examples.

Verb Example
Maintain He maintained his car regularly.
Make She made a cake for the party.
Manage He managed the team successfully.
Matter It doesn’t matter what you wear.
May You may leave the room now.
Mean What does this symbol mean?
Measure She measured the length of the room.
Meet Let’s meet at the coffee shop.
Melt The ice cream began to melt in the sun.
Mention He mentioned his vacation plans.
Might I might go to the concert tonight.
Mind Do you mind if I borrow your pen?
Miss She missed the target with the arrow.
Mix He mixed the ingredients for the cake.
Mow He mowed the lawn on Saturday morning.
Must You must wear a helmet while riding a bike.

Verbs List (N)

List of verbs that start with N with examples.

Verb Example
Nag My mom tends to nag me about cleaning my room every day.
Nourish The mother breastfed to nourish her baby.
Nudge She nudged him awake when the movie ended.
Navigate He navigated the ship through the storm.
Name She named her daughter after her grandmother.
Neglect The landlord neglected to repair the leaking roof.
Nurture She nurtured her garden with water and fertilizer.
Notify The school notified the parents about the upcoming event.
Narrate The author narrated the story in the first person.
Necessitate The complex nature of the project necessitated more research.

Verbs List (O)

List of verbs that start with O with examples.

Verb Example
Observe She observed the birds flying south.
Obtain He obtained a new job with a higher salary.
Occur The accident occurred on the highway.
Offer He offered me a ride to the airport.
Open She opened the door and welcomed me inside.
Operate He operates a small business in the city.
Order I ordered a pizza for dinner last night.
Organize She organized a surprise birthday party for him.
Ought to You ought to be more careful when driving.
Overcome He overcame his fear of public speaking.
Overtake The car overtook the truck on the highway.
Owe He owes me money for the rent.
Own She owns a beautiful house by the beach.

Verbs List (P)

List of verbs that start with P with examples.

Verb Example
Paint She painted her room pink.
Participate He will participate in the chess tournament.
Pay She paid for her coffee with cash.
Peel He peeled the banana before eating it.
Perform She performed a beautiful song on the piano.
Persuade He persuaded her to go on a date with him.
Pinch She pinched her nose to stop the bad smell.
Plan They planned their vacation to Hawaii.
Play They played basketball in the park.
Point She pointed to the north to show the direction.
Possess He possessed a vast collection of books.
Postpone They postponed the meeting until next week.
Pour She poured milk into her coffee.
Practice She practiced the piano for hours every day.
Prefer He preferred tea over coffee.
Prepare She prepared a delicious meal for her guests.
Pretend She pretended to be a princess at the costume party.
Prevent They prevented the fire from spreading to other houses.
Proceed They proceeded with the construction of the building.
Promise He promised to be on time for the meeting.
Propose She proposed a new project to her team.
Protect He protected his family from the wild animals.
Prove He proved his theory through scientific experiments.
Pull He pulled the door to open it.
Punch He punched the bully in the face.
Pursue She pursued her dreams of becoming a doctor.
Push She pushed the shopping cart down the aisle.
Put He put the keys on the kitchen counter.

Verbs List (Q)

List of verbs that start with Q with examples.

Verbs Examples
Quack The duck quacked loudly.
Quit He quit his job after he won the lottery.
Quell The police were able to quell the riot.
Quest He quested for the lost treasure for many years.
Quake The ground began to quake as the volcano erupted.
Qualify She qualified for the scholarship with her excellent grades.

Verbs List (R)

List of verbs that start with R with examples.

Verb Example
React She reacted angrily to the criticism.
Read I like to read books in my free time.
Realize He realized he had made a mistake.
Recall I cannot recall where I left my keys.
Receive I received a gift from my friend.
Recollect I cannot recollect meeting him before.
Recommend I recommend this restaurant for dinner.
Reduce We need to reduce our expenses this month.
Refer Can you refer me to a good lawyer?
Reflect She reflected on her past mistakes.
Refuse I refuse to work for such a low wage.
Regret She regretted not going to college.
Relate I can relate to your struggle with anxiety.
Relax I like to relax by taking a long bath.
Relieve The medicine relieved his headache.
Rely I rely on my best friend for emotional support.
Remain Only a few guests remained at the party.
Remember I remember our first date like it was yesterday.
Remind Can you remind me to call my mom tonight?
Repair I need to repair my car’s brakes.
Replace I replaced my old phone with a new one.
Represent The eagle represents freedom in America.
Require This job requires a lot of hard work.
Resent She resented his constant criticism.
Resist He resisted the temptation to eat the cake.
Retain I retained ownership of the house after the divorce.
Retire My dad plans to retire next year.
Rid She rid herself of toxic friends.
Ride I like to ride my bike to work when the weather is nice.
Ring The phone rang loudly in the quiet
Rise The sun rises in the east every morning.
Risk She didn’t want to risk getting caught by the police.
Roast We are going to roast marshmallows over the fire.
Run She likes to run every morning to stay fit.

Verbs List (S)

List of verbs that start with S with examples.

Verb Example
Sanction The government will sanction the new law.
Satisfy The delicious meal satisfied our hunger.
Say She said that she loved him.
Scrub He scrubbed the floors until they sparkled.
See I can see the mountains in the distance.
Seem It seems that she is not feeling well.
Sell She sells handmade jewelry at the market.
Send He will send the package tomorrow.
Serve The waiter will serve our dinner soon.
Set She set the table for dinner.
Settle They settled their argument peacefully.
Sew She will sew a patch onto her jacket.
Shake He shook his head in disbelief.
Shall We shall meet at the park at noon.
Shed The tree shed its leaves in the fall.
Shine The sun shone brightly in the sky.
Shoot He will shoot a movie in Paris next month.
Should You should study harder for the exam.
Show He will show his new painting at the gallery.
Shrink The sweater shrank in the wash.
Shut She shut the window to keep out the cold.
Sing They will sing a song together.
Sink The boat sank in the stormy sea.
Sit She will sit on the couch to watch TV.
Ski He loves to ski in the mountains.
Sleep She will sleep soundly through the night.
Slice He will slice the bread for sandwiches.
Slide She will slide down the hill on her sled.
Slip She slipped on the icy sidewalk.
Smell The roses smell sweet.
Snore He will snore loudly when he is tired.
Solve She will solve the math equation correctly.
Sow He will sow wildflowers in the field.
Speak She will speak at the conference next week.
Specify Please specify the color and size you want.
Spell She will spell her name for the teacher.
Spend They will spend their vacation at the beach.
Spill She accidentally spilled coffee on her shirt.
Spit He will spit out his gum before the exam.
Spread She will spread butter on her toast.
Squat He will squat down to tie his shoelaces.
Stack She will stack the books neatly on the shelf.
Stand She will stand in line for tickets to the show.
Start He will start his new job next week.
Steal She will steal a glance at her crush.
Stick She will stick the poster on the wall.
Sting The bee can sting you if you get too close.
Stink The garbage in the dumpster stinks.
Stir She will stir the soup on the stove.
Stop She will stop at the red light.
Stretch She will stretch her legs before going for a run.
Strike She will strike the nail with a hammer.
Struggle She will struggle to lift the heavy box.
Study She will study for her history exam.
Submit She will submit her proposal to the committee.
Succeed She will succeed in her new job.
Suffer She will suffer from a headache.
Suggest She will suggest a new restaurant for you
Supply She will supply the office with new computers.
Suppose He will suppose that she’s running late.
Surprise She will surprise her friend with a birthday gift.
Survive He will survive the car accident.
Swear She will swear to tell the truth in court.
Sweep She will sweep the floor before guests arrive.
Swell She will swell with pride when she receives the award.
Swim She will swim in the pool.
Swing She will swing on the playground.

Verbs List (T)

List of verbs that start with T with examples.

Verb Example
Take Can you take this book to the library?
Talk Let’s talk about our plans for the weekend.
Taste This soup tastes too salty.
Teach My mom used to teach me how to cook.
Tear She accidentally tore her shirt sleeve.
Tell Please tell me what happened last night.
Tend She tends to her garden every morning.
Think I need to think about what you said.
Threaten He threatened to call the police on me.
Throw He can throw a football really far.
Tiptoe She tiptoed out of the room to avoid waking anyone up.
Tolerate I can’t tolerate spicy food.
Translate He can translate French into English.
Try I’m going to try this new recipe tonight.

Verbs List (U)

List of verbs that start with U with examples.

Verb Example
Unfold She unfolded the map to find the route to the airport.
Undertake He undertook the project despite the challenges.
Upset The bad news upset him for the rest of the day.
Understand I can’t understand what you’re saying.
Use He used his computer to write a report.
Upgrade She upgraded her phone to the latest model.
Urge I urge you to reconsider your decision.
Unite The two companies decided to unite for a joint venture.

Verbs List (V)

List of verbs that start with V with examples.

Verb Example
Validate The supervisor will validate the test results.
Vanish The magician made the rabbit vanish from the hat.
Vex The constant noise from the construction site vexed me.
Visualize She tried to visualize the beach as she closed her eyes.
Volunteer She volunteered to help organize the fundraiser.
Verify Please verify your email address to complete the sign-up process.
Visit We plan to visit our relatives in Florida this summer.
View The artist’s paintings were viewed by many people at the exhibit.
Vitalize The fresh air and exercise helped to vitalize my body.
Vocalize The baby began to vocalize and make cooing sounds.

Verbs List (W)

List of verbs that start with W with examples.

Verb Example
Wait I have to wait for the bus.
Wake I usually wake up at 7am.
Walk Let’s walk to the park.
Want I want a new phone.
Warn The weather forecast warned of a storm.
Wash I need to wash my car.
Watch Let’s watch a movie tonight.
Wave He waved goodbye to me.
Wear I like to wear comfortable clothes.
Weep She wept after watching the emotional movie.
Weigh I need to weigh this package before shipping it.
Whip The chef whipped the cream for the dessert.
Will I will study harder for my exams.
Win Our team won the championship game.
Wish I wish I could travel the world.
Would I would go if I had more time.
Write I need to write a report for work.

Verbs List (X, Y, Z)

List of verbs that start with X, Y, Z with meanings and examples.

Verbs Examples
X-ray The doctor X-rayed my broken arm to see the extent of the damage.
Xerox I need to Xerox this document before I send it out.
Yield The farm yielded a bountiful harvest this year.
Yell The coach yelled at the players to run faster.
Yearn She yearns to travel the world.
Zap Can you please zap the leftovers for me?
Zoom The race car zoomed down the track.
Zigzag The snake zigzagged across the path.
Zone The city is zoned into residential and commercial areas.
Zero The scale needs to be zeroed before weighing anything.


Positive Verbs List

Verbs Examples
Accomplish She was able to accomplish her dream of becoming a doctor
Achieve He worked hard to achieve his goal of running a marathon
Celebrate They celebrated their anniversary with a romantic dinner
Compliment She complimented her friend’s outfit, saying it looked great
Create The artist created a beautiful painting
Develop The company developed a new software program
Empower The mentor empowered her student to pursue their dreams
Encourage She encouraged her friend to apply for the job
Enhance The renovations enhanced the beauty of the old house
Expand The business decided to expand its operations
Explore They went on a hiking trip to explore the mountains
Foster The school aims to foster a love of learning in its students
Generate The solar panels generated enough energy for the house
Improve The athlete worked hard to improve their performance
Inspire Her story inspired others to pursue their dreams
Learn She signed up for a cooking class to learn new recipes
Motivate The coach motivated his team to work harder and win
Nurture The mother nurtured her child’s artistic talents
Optimise The company optimized its marketing strategy
Overcome She was able to overcome her fear of public speaking
Progress All projects progress towards completion
Promote The company decided to promote its employees
Renew The couple renewed their vows on their anniversary
Succeed She succeeded in winning the competition
Support The charity supports local causes and organizations
Thrive The plants thrived in the sunny and humid weather
Transform The company transformed its image with a new logo
Upgrade He upgraded his computer to improve its speed and memory
Volunteer She volunteers at a local homeless shelter every weekend
Win The team worked hard to win the championship
Yield The farm yielded a bumper crop of fruits and vegetables

List of Verbs (by Grammatical Functions)

In English grammar, verbs are one of the nine parts of speech. A verb is a word or group of words that describes an action, experience or expresses a state of being.

Sometimes verbs don’t always behave the same in a sentence, so to make things easier for you to follow along, we’ve split these verbs up into their grammatical functions so you can see how they would be used in a sentence slightly differently.

In this section, you will be learning about the different verbs in grammar and this will enable you to form much more concise and comprehensive sentences.

Stative Verbs List

Stative verbs describe a state or condition that is not necessarily an action.


  • Feel
  • Hear
  • See
  • Smell
  • Taste


  • Adore
  • Appreciate
  • Dislike
  • Envy
  • Gate
  • Love
  • Prefer

Thoughts and beliefs

  • Believe
  • Doubt
  • Imagine
  • Know
  • Recognize
  • Remember
  • Understand


  • Belong
  • Have
  • Own
  • Possess

States of being

  • Appear
  • Be
  • Exist
  • Lie
  • Remain
  • Seem
  • Stay

Dynamic Verbs List

Dynamic Verbs describe actions or processes that are ongoing or continuous

Dynamic verbs are also known as “action verbs.”

Physical actions

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Jump
  • Dance
  • Swim
  • Play
  • Climb
  • Lift


  • Speak
  • Talk
  • Say
  • Shout
  • Whisper
  • Write
  • Read
  • Listen

Mental actions

  • Think
  • Ponder
  • Consider
  • Analyze
  • Plan
  • Decide
  • Remember
  • Forget


  • Grow
  • Shrink
  • Expand
  • Contract
  • Evolve
  • Transform
  • Develop
  • Change


  • See
  • Hear
  • Feel
  • Smell
  • Taste

List of verbs that can be both stative and dynamic verbs

  • Look
  • Appear
  • Think
  • Feel
  • Have
  • See
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Be
  • Weigh
  • Measure
  • Mind

Modal Verbs List

Modal verbs are used to express possibility, ability, permission, obligation, or advice.

  • Will
  • Shall
  • Would
  • Should
  • Ought to
  • Must
  • Mustn’t
  • May
  • Might
  • Can
  • Could
  • Have to
  • Has to
  • Don’t have to
  • Doesn’t have to

Irregular verbs List

Irregular Verbs do not follow regular patterns in their inflections, such as the past tense or past participle

  • Be (am, is, are / was, were / been)
  • Begin (begin / began / begun)
  • Bite (bite / bit / bitten)
  • Break (break / broke / broken)
  • Bring (bring / brought / brought)
  • Build (build / built / built)
  • Buy (buy / bought / bought)
  • Choose (choose / chose / chosen)
  • Come (come / came / come)
  • Do (do / did / done)
  • Drink (drink / drank / drunk)
  • Drive (drive / drove / driven)
  • Eat (eat / ate / eaten)
  • Fall (fall / fell / fallen)
  • Feel (feel / felt / felt)
  • Find (find / found / found)
  • Fly (fly / flew / flown)
  • Forget (forget / forgot / forgotten)
  • Get (get / got / gotten)
  • Give (give / gave / given)
  • Go (go / went / gone)
  • Grow (grow / grew / grown)
  • Have (have / had / had)
  • Hear (hear / heard / heard)
  • Know (know / knew / known)
  • Leave (leave / left / left)
  • Make (make / made / made)
  • Meet (meet / met / met)
  • Put (put / put / put)
  • Run (run / ran / run)
  • Say (say / said / said)
  • See (see / saw / seen)
  • Sell (sell / sold / sold)
  • Send (send / sent / sent)
  • Sit (sit / sat / sat)
  • Sleep (sleep / slept / slept)
  • Speak (speak / spoke / spoken)
  • Spend (spend / spent / spent)
  • Stand (stand / stood / stood)
  • Take (take / took / taken)
  • Teach (teach / taught / taught)
  • Tell (tell / told / told)
  • Think (think / thought / thought)
  • Understand (understand / understood / understood)
  • Wake (wake / woke / woken)
  • Wear (wear / wore / worn)

Regular Verbs List

  • Accept
  • Achieve
  • Act
  • Add
  • Admire
  • Admit
  • Advise
  • Agree
  • Aim
  • Allow
  • Amuse
  • Answer
  • Appear
  • Applaud
  • Appreciate
  • Approve
  • Argue
  • Arrive
  • Ask
  • Attack
  • Attempt
  • Attend
  • Attract
  • Avoid
  • Bake
  • Balance
  • Ban
  • Bathe
  • Behave
  • Belong
  • Bend
  • Bet
  • Blame
  • Bless
  • Blind
  • Blink
  • Boil
  • Borrow
  • Bounce
  • Bow
  • Box
  • Breathe
  • Brush
  • Burn
  • Buy
  • Calculate
  • Call
  • Camp
  • Can
  • Care
  • Carry
  • Carve
  • Cause
  • Celebrate
  • Challenge
  • Change
  • Charge
  • Chat
  • Check
  • Cheer
  • Choose
  • Circle
  • Clap
  • Clean
  • Clear
  • Click
  • Climb
  • Close
  • Coach
  • Collect
  • Color
  • Come
  • Comfort
  • Command
  • Communicate
  • Compare
  • Compete
  • Complain
  • Complete
  • Concern
  • Confirm
  • Connect
  • Consider
  • Consist
  • Contain
  • Continue
  • Contribute
  • Control
  • Cook
  • Cool
  • Copy
  • Correct
  • Cost
  • Cough
  • Count
  • Cover
  • Crack
  • Create
  • Cry
  • Cure

Linking Verbs List

Linking verbs connect the subject of the sentence to a predicate or subject complement that describes or identifies the subject.

  • Am
  • Is
  • Are
  • Was
  • Were
  • Be
  • Been
  • Being
  • Become
  • Seem
  • Appear
  • Look
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Feel
  • Grow
  • Remain
  • Stay
  • Turn
  • Get
  • Keep
  • Make
  • Keep
  • Prove
  • Satisfy
  • Fall
  • Rise
  • Run
  • Go

Transitive Verbs List

Transitive verbs require a direct object to complete their meaning.

  • Accept
  • Buy
  • Call
  • Choose
  • Clean
  • Cook
  • Drink
  • Drive
  • Eat
  • Find
  • Fix
  • Give
  • Grab
  • Hold
  • Kick
  • Kiss
  • Learn
  • Like
  • Love
  • Make
  • Need
  • Paint
  • Read
  • Sell
  • Send
  • Take
  • Throw
  • Use

Intransitive Verbs

Intransitive verbs do not require a direct object to complete their meaning.

  • Arrive
  • Bleed
  • Cough
  • Cry
  • Dance
  • Die
  • Dream
  • Fall
  • Fly
  • Laugh
  • Run
  • Sing
  • Sleep
  • Smile
  • Sneeze
  • Swim
  • Talk
  • Walk
  • Work
  • Yawn

Helping Verbs List (Auxiliary Verbs)

Auxiliary verbs are used to form verb phrases to convey tense, mood, and voice.

  • Am
  • Are
  • Is
  • Was
  • Were
  • Be
  • Been
  • Being
  • Do
  • Does
  • Did
  • Have
  • Has
  • Had
  • Shall
  • Will
  • Should
  • Would
  • May
  • Might
  • Must
  • Can
  • Could

Phrasal Verbs List

Phrasal verbs consist of a main verb and one or more particles (prepositions or adverbs) that together have a different meaning than the individual words.

  • Add up
  • Ask out
  • Back up
  • Blow up
  • Break down
  • Bring up
  • Call off
  • Carry on
  • Check in
  • Cheer up
  • Come across
  • Cut off
  • Do over
  • Dress up
  • Drop off
  • End up
  • Figure out
  • Fill out
  • Find out
  • Get along
  • Give up
  • Go ahead
  • Hang out
  • Hold on
  • Keep on
  • Look forward
  • Look up
  • Make up
  • Put off
  • Set up

Participles, Gerunds & Infinitives


Participles are verbs that can function as adjectives, ending in -ing or -ed.

Example: The running water is cold. The excited dog wagged his tail.

Gerunds: List of Verbs Followed by Gerunds

Gerunds are verbs that function as a noun in a sentence, ending in -ing.

A useful list of verbs followed by gerunds in English

  • Admit
  • Appreciate
  • Avoid
  • Consider
  • Delay
  • Deny
  • Enjoy
  • Finish
  • Imagine
  • Mind
  • Miss
  • Postpone
  • Practice
  • Quit
  • Recommend
  • Regret
  • Risk
  • Suggest
  • Understand
  • Avoid
  • Keep

Infinitives: List of Verbs Followed by Infinitives

Infinitives are verbs that are preceded by the word “to” and can function as a noun, adjective, or adverb in a sentence.

A useful list of commonly used verbs followed by infinitives.

  • Agree
  • Aim
  • Appear
  • Ask
  • Beg
  • Care
  • Choose
  • Claim
  • Consent
  • Continue
  • Decide
  • Demand
  • Deserve
  • Determine
  • Expect
  • Fail
  • Forget
  • Get
  • Happen
  • Help
  • Hope
  • Learn
  • Manage
  • Need
  • Offer
  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Promise
  • Refuse
  • Seem
  • Tend
  • Try
  • Want
  • Wish

Action Verbs List

Finally, we’ve put together this list of verbs by activity. Whether it’s verbs associated with a restaurant, verbs associated with a sports event, or even verbs associated with body movements, we’ve categorized them all as best we can. Hopefully, you can look over them and understand different verbs that are more appropriate in some categories than in others.

List of different types of verbs with pictures in English.

Common Action Verbs List

List of action verbs commonly used in English.

Bathe Eat Sleep
Bow Fight Smell
Buy Fly Snore
Clap Give Stack
Climb Hug Stand up
Close Jump Talk
Cook Kiss Turn off
Crawl Knit Turn on
Cry Laugh Think
Cut Listen Throw away
Dance Open Wait
Dig Paint Wash
Dive Play Watch TV
Dream Read Win
Drink Ride Write
Shake Sew Sing

Physical Action Verbs List

These verbs describe actions that involve movement of the body.

  • Run
  • Walk
  • Jump
  • Climb
  • Crawl
  • Swim
  • Dive
  • Skip
  • Hop
  • Dance
  • Kick
  • Punch
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Lift
  • Carry
  • Throw
  • Catch
  • Toss
  • Roll
  • Flip
  • Twist
  • Turn
  • Bend
  • Stretch
  • Reach
  • Grasp
  • Squeeze
  • Shake
  • Wave
  • Point
  • Nod
  • Bow
  • Hug
  • Kiss
  • Lick
  • Bite
  • Chew
  • Swallow

Mental Action Verbs List

These verbs describe actions that involve thinking.

  • Think
  • Imagine
  • Visualize
  • Remember
  • Recall
  • Recognize
  • Understand
  • Comprehend
  • Learn
  • Study
  • Analyze
  • Evaluate
  • Judge
  • Assess
  • Compare
  • Contrast
  • Conclude
  • Infer
  • Deduce
  • Decide
  • Solve
  • Create
  • Invent
  • Plan
  • Organize
  • Prioritize
  • Set goals
  • Motivate
  • Focus
  • Concentrate

List of Emotional Action Verbs

These verbs describe actions that involve emotions.

  • Love
  • Admire
  • Cherish
  • Desire
  • Crave
  • Long
  • Miss
  • Hate
  • Dislike
  • Detest
  • Regret
  • Remorse
  • Repent
  • Blame
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Pride
  • Appreciate
  • Value
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Believe
  • Hope
  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Doubt
  • Confuse
  • Surprise
  • Shock
  • Astonish

List of Cooking Verbs with Pictures

Add Peel
Bake Pinch
Barbecue Pour
Boil Roast
Break Roll out
Cut Saute
Chop Slice
Fry Spread
Grate Steam
Layer Stir
Melt Taste
Mix Weigh

List of Verbs: 1000+ Common Verbs List with Examples 1Pin

Restaurant Verbs List with Pictures

  • Give
  • Drink
  • Serve
  • Pay
  • Eat
  • Cook
  • Hold
  • Light
  • Order
  • Spread
  • Lift
  • Write
  • Slice
  • Stack
  • Set (the table)

Restaurant Verbs List with PicturesPin

Sports Verbs List with Pictures

Bend Pass
Bounce Ride
Catch Run
Dribble Serve
Hit Shoot
Hop Sit
Jump Skip
Kick Stretch
Kneel Throw
Lie down Walk

Sport Verbs List for Kids with PicturesPin

Classroom Verbs List

Ask Open
Calculate Paint
Close Play
Count Read
Cut Say
Draw Show
Experiment Sing
Explain Spell
Give Study
Listen Teach
Observe Think

Body Movement Verbs List

Bend Push Dance
Lift Run Break
Carry Lean Stand
Kneel Squat Jog
Hold Throw March
Sit Tiptoe Wave
Drag Walk Talk
Jump Hit Open
Leap Catch Cartwheel
Pick up Kick Put down
Punch Kiss Stretch
Pull Clap Drop
Dive Laugh Point
Look Trip Slip
Crawl Pour Cry

List of Verbs: 1000+ Common Verbs List with Examples 2Pin

English Verbs List | Pictures

Common English Verbs List | Image 1

Common English VerbsPin

English Verbs List | Image 2

List of Verbs: 1000+ Common Verbs List with Examples 3Pin

Common English Verbs List | Image 3

Common English VerbsPin

English Verbs List | Image 4

List of Verbs: 1000+ Common Verbs List with Examples 4Pin

List of Verbs Videos

Verbs are relatively easy to understand, but the key to using them successfully in sentences is being aware of the tense. The best way to combat this is by reading the sentence aloud. It’s incredibly easy to pick up issues with tenses when you hear it rather than read it. Remember, you can always look back here for more information about how verbs change in tenses to give you an idea about what changes you might need to make to your sentence for it to make sense. And of course, our list of verbs will be here for you to look over for new ideas about which verbs to use in different contexts or for different grammatical functions.

Learn 250+ verbs list with pictures and American English pronunciation.

Frequently Asked Questions on Verbs List

What are English verbs?

What is a verb? In the most simple terms, a verb is a word which describes an action, often known as a ‘doing’ word. In the English language, the verb is the only kind of word which will change to show whether the past or present is being spoken about. The verb is considered to be the most vital part of any sentence, without it you would be left literally speechless.

What is the most common regular verbs list?

Here’s a list of 30 common regular verbs in English:

  • Ask
  • Call
  • Clean
  • Cook
  • Dance
  • Dream
  • Enjoy
  • Finish
  • Help
  • Hope
  • Jump
  • Laugh
  • Learn
  • Like
  • Listen
  • Live
  • Look
  • Love
  • Move
  • Need
  • Open
  • Play
  • Read
  • Remember
  • Smile
  • Talk
  • Travel
  • Try
  • Want
  • Work

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What is the most common irregular verbs list?

Here are 30 of the most common irregular verbs in English, listed in alphabetical order!

  • Be
  • Become
  • Begin
  • Break
  • Bring
  • Buy
  • Choose
  • Come
  • Do
  • Drink
  • Drive
  • Eat
  • Fall
  • Feel
  • Find
  • Forget
  • Get
  • Give
  • Go
  • Grow
  • Have
  • Know
  • Leave
  • Make
  • Meet
  • Run
  • Say
  • See
  • Take
  • Write

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What are the 100 most common verbs in English?

  • Ask
  • Be
  • Become
  • Begin
  • Believe
  • Bring
  • Build
  • Buy
  • Call
  • Can
  • Change
  • Choose
  • Come
  • Cost
  • Could
  • Create
  • Cut
  • Do
  • Draw
  • Dream
  • Drink
  • Drive
  • Eat
  • Fall
  • Feel
  • Find
  • Fly
  • Forget
  • Forgive
  • Get
  • Give
  • Go
  • Grow
  • Have
  • Hear
  • Help
  • Hide
  • Hit
  • Hold
  • Hurt
  • Keep
  • Know
  • Learn
  • Leave
  • Let
  • Lie
  • Like
  • Listen
  • Live
  • Look
  • Lose
  • Love
  • Make
  • Mean
  • Meet
  • Miss
  • Move
  • Need
  • Notice
  • Open
  • Own
  • Pass
  • Pay
  • Play
  • Put
  • Read
  • Remember
  • Run
  • Say
  • See
  • Sell
  • Send
  • Set
  • Show
  • Sit
  • Sleep
  • Speak
  • Spend
  • Stand
  • Start
  • Stay
  • Stop
  • Study
  • Take
  • Talk
  • Teach
  • Tell
  • Think
  • Try
  • Turn
  • Understand
  • Use
  • Wait
  • Want
  • Watch
  • Work
  • Write
  • Yell
  • Yield
  • Zoom

What is the basic list of verbs?

Here is a basic list of 20 verbs:

  1. Go
  2. Come
  3. See
  4. Look
  5. Listen
  6. Hear
  7. Speak
  8. Say
  9. Do
  10. Make
  11. Give
  12. Take
  13. Get
  14. Buy
  15. Eat
  16. Drink
  17. Read
  18. Write
  19. Think
  20. Feel

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