Baby Clothes Names: Children’s Clothing Vocabulary with Pictures

Do you have an English speaking friend who is about to have a baby and you wish to buy them a gift? Would you know what they were referring to if they asked you to purchase some bibs for their baby, or perhaps a romper? In this section, you are going to be learning the names of baby clothes in English.

There may be many times which you will need to employ this knowledge, perhaps when looking for a certain item in a store. Not only will this help you immensely but it will also add some very useful words to your vocabulary.

Baby Clothes Names

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Children’s clothes or kids’ clothing/ baby clothes is clothing for children who have not yet grown to full height.

Children’s Clothing List

  • Overalls
  • Mittens
  • Beanie
  • Baby apron
  • Socks
  • Diaper
  • Singlet
  • Shoes
  • Safety pin

Children’s Clothing Names with Examples and Images


A one-piece garment that covers both the upper and lower body, typically worn as protective clothing or for warmth.

  • Example: He wore denim overalls to play in the garden.

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Gloves with a separate thumb and a section for the four fingers, typically worn by children to keep their hands warm.

  • Example: She wore pink mittens to school on the cold winter day.

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A close-fitting hat is worn to keep the head and ears warm.

  • Example: He wore a wool beanie on the ski trip.

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Baby apron

A protective garment is worn by infants to keep their clothes clean during feeding.

  • Example: She wore a baby apron during mealtime to avoid getting food on her clothes.

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A garment worn on the feet to keep them warm or for hygiene purposes.

  • Example: He wore colorful socks with his sneakers.

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An absorbent garment is worn by infants or young children to contain and absorb urine and feces.

  • Example: She changed the baby’s diaper before putting him down for a nap.

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A sleeveless undershirt worn by children for warmth or as an undergarment.

  • Example: He wore a white singlet under his shirt.

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Footwear is worn to protect the feet or for fashion purposes.

  • Example: She wore red shoes with her dress to the party.

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Safety pin

A pin with a clasp or spring mechanism used to fasten clothing or other items.

  • Example: She used a safety pin to fix the tear in her child’s shirt.

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Clothes Vocabulary in English

Big list of clothes names classified by different categories with images in English.

Clothes vocabulary video with American English pronunciation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common names for baby clothes?

When it comes to baby clothes, there are several specific terms you might come across. Some common ones include onesies, which are one-piece garments that usually fasten with snaps; footies or sleepers, which are pajamas with built-in feet; and bibs, which are used to protect clothing during mealtimes. Other terms include baby hats, booties, and swaddling blankets.

How to teach clothing vocabulary to kids?

Introducing kids to clothing vocabulary can be done in a fun and engaging way. One method is to use flashcards with images and words to help them associate the two. You can also play memory or matching games involving clothing items. Additionally, you can teach your child to identify their own clothing items as they get dressed each day, and read books or tell stories that involve various types of clothing.

What are some long clothing names for children?

Some longer clothing names for children you might come across include raincoats, overalls, hooded jackets, turtleneck sweaters, and dress shirts. As kids grow older and their wardrobe expands, you can include more specific and detailed names in their vocabulary, like pinafore dresses or cargo pants.

What are different types of clothing materials?

Clothing materials vary greatly based on factors like comfort, durability, and weather. Some common materials used in children’s clothing include cotton, which is soft and breathable; polyester, which is durable and quick-drying; and wool, which is warm and insulating. Others you might encounter are silk, linen, and synthetic blends like rayon or spandex.

Can you name some clothes for kids?

There is a wide variety of clothes for kids, depending on their age and the occasion. Some examples include t-shirts, jackets, leggings, jeans, and skirts. For more formal or special events, you might see clothes like suits, dresses, ties, and dress shoes. Seasonal clothing for children includes swimwear, snowsuits, gloves, scarves, and hats.

How to learn children’s clothes vocabulary with pictures?

Using pictures is a great way to teach children’s clothes vocabulary. You can create a visual learning tool by gathering images of various clothing items or using pre-made flashcards. Spend time with your child going over the images, identifying the clothes, and connecting the name to the image. You can also use books and magazines with pictures of children wearing different clothing items to further reinforce the vocabulary.

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