105+ Synonyms for “Enjoy” with Examples | Another Word for “Enjoy”

In written and spoken English, synonyms for “enjoy” allow us to convey the depth and range of our experiences. Whether we relish a meal, cherish a moment, or savor an accomplishment, each term invites a unique image and emotion. In discovering these synonyms, we broaden our linguistic range and enhance our ability to communicate the joy we find in life’s many moments.

Enjoy Synonyms

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What Is “Enjoy”?

“Enjoy” is a versatile verb we often use to express the feeling of taking pleasure from a particular activity or situation. It carries a sense of satisfaction and contentment that comes from engaging in something we find pleasurable or delightful.

List of Synonyms for Enjoy

  • Relish
  • Savor
  • Delight in
  • Appreciate
  • Revel in
  • Adore
  • Cherish
  • Take pleasure in
  • Love
  • Be fond of
  • Fancy
  • Be entertained by
  • Be amused by
  • Be pleased by
  • Indulge in
  • Luxuriate in
  • Bask in
  • Embrace
  • Treasure
  • Value
  • Dig
  • Be keen on
  • Be partial to
  • Get a kick out of
  • Get a charge out of
  • Be thrilled by
  • Be tickled by
  • Be gratified by
  • Be into
  • Be smitten with
  • Be taken with
  • Be wild about
  • Find joy in
  • Find pleasure in
  • Glorify
  • Exult in
  • Jubilate
  • Be high on
  • Have a liking for
  • Have a penchant for
  • Have a predilection for
  • Have a proclivity for
  • Have a soft spot for
  • Have a taste for
  • Have an appreciation for
  • Immerse oneself in
  • Lapse into
  • Partake in
  • Rejoice in
  • Revel
  • Take delight in
  • Take to
  • Warm to
  • Cotton to
  • Get off on
  • Groove on
  • Have a ball
  • Have a good time
  • Have fun with
  • Live it up
  • Make the most of
  • Take joy in
  • Be crazy about
  • Be mad for
  • Be nuts about
  • Be potty about (British slang)
  • Be hooked on
  • Be gone on
  • Be sweet on
  • Eat up
  • Fall for
  • Go for
  • Have a thing for
  • Have a weakness for
  • Have the time of one’s life
  • Hold dear
  • Prize
  • Regard highly
  • Revere
  • Take a fancy to
  • Take a shine to
  • Be attached to
  • Be attracted to
  • Be captivated by
  • Be enamored of
  • Be enchanted by
  • Be engrossed in
  • Be infatuated with
  • Be obsessed with
  • Be passionate about
  • Be spellbound by
  • Be taken by
  • Be turned on by
  • Be wrapped up in
  • Develop a liking for
  • Get a buzz from
  • Get
  • Get a thrill from
  • Get satisfaction from
  • Hail
  • Honor
  • Idolize
  • Look up to
  • Melt over
  • Praise
  • Respect
  • Take an interest in
  • Be dazzled by
  • Be overjoyed by
  • Be rapt in
  • Be swept off one’s feet by
  • Find appealing
  • Find captivating
  • Find enchanting
  • Find irresistible
  • Get a buzz out of
  • Get a charge from
  • Glory in
  • Go a bundle on (British slang)
  • Have a passion for
  • Have an affinity for
  • Have regard for
  • Hold in esteem
  • Keep dear
  • Lap up
  • Rate highly
  • Rejoice at
  • Relish in
  • Stand in awe of
  • Take a liking to
  • Think well of
  • Be aroused by
  • Be bewitched by
  • Be crazy over
  • Be entranced by
  • Be head over heels for
  • Be on cloud nine over
  • Be over the moon about
  • Be pleased with
  • Be struck by
  • Be wild for
  • Covet
  • Crave
  • Desire
  • Esteem
  • Feel affection for
  • Find satisfaction in
  • Get a glow from
  • Get pleasure from
  • Go in for
  • Hanker for
  • Have a flair for
  • Have a preference for
  • Have an eye for
  • Have an urge for
  • Long for
  • Lust after
  • Pine for
  • Please
  • Quench
  • Satiate
  • Satisfy
  • Sink into
  • Soak up
  • Take a thrill to
  • Yearn for
  • Be all over
  • Be enamored by
  • Be ensorcelled by
  • Be hooked by
  • Be mad about
  • Be mesmerized by
  • Be shook on
  • Be stuck on
  • Be sweet for
  • Be turned on to
  • Be wooed by
  • Develop a crush on
  • Fall head over heels in
  • Get a high from
  • Go head over heels for
  • Have a yen for
  • Hunger for
  • Indulge oneself with
  • Like to bits
  • Lose oneself in
  • Spoil oneself with
  • Take a passion for
  • Thirst for
  • Worship

Types of Synonyms for Enjoy

When we think about the verb “enjoy,” we often associate it with a sense of pleasure or satisfaction. But there are numerous ways to express this feeling. We’ve organized synonyms for “enjoy” into different categories based on the context they’re best suited for.

Sensory Pleasure

  • Savor: for when we are fully experiencing tastes or smells.
  • Relish: similar to savoring, but we can relish experiences beyond food.
  • Bask in: for soaking up something pleasurable, like sunshine or glory.

Emotional Enjoyment

  • Adore: when affection is mixed with deep pleasure.
  • Revel in: for when we immerse ourselves in joy or celebration.
  • Appreciate: recognizing the full worth of a moment or thing.


  • Prefer: when the enjoyment comes from choosing one thing over another.
  • Fancy: a more casual or whimsical liking for something.

Visual or Aesthetic Enjoyment

  • Admire: when pleasure is derived from looking at something beautiful or impressive.

Common Synonyms for Enjoy

Enjoy vs. Like

Enjoy: We revel in the emotions this word evokes, as it suggests a deep pleasure derived from a particular experience.

  • I thoroughly enjoy going on long hikes during the autumn months when the leaves are changing colors.

Like: A softer term, it implies a favorable attitude but without the depth of emotion that ‘enjoy’ carries.

  • They like their new neighbor; he seems friendly and has a good sense of humor.

Enjoy vs. Please

Enjoy: It’s an active experience, where we’re immersed in the joy of the moment.

  • The children enjoy playing in the park, especially when the weather is sunny and mild.

Please: A more passive term, often focused on what others do to contribute to our happiness.

  • The chef was pleased to see the guests relishing the dishes he had meticulously prepared.

Enjoy vs. Relish

Enjoy: We use it when we want to describe taking pleasure in an activity or sensation.

  • After a long week, they really enjoy a quiet evening at home.

Relish: It suggests a zestful, enthusiastic enjoyment, often of something one finds particularly gratifying.

  • The team relished their victory, celebrating long into the night after months of hard training.

Enjoy vs. Indulge

Enjoy: This term is broad, covering a range of pleasant experiences from the everyday to the extraordinary.

  • I enjoy going for a jog every morning; it’s a refreshing start to the day.

Indulge: It connotes allowing oneself to enjoy a pleasure, especially one that is considered a luxury or a treat.

  • Every once in a while, we indulge in a spa day to rejuvenate our spirits.

Synonyms for Enjoy in Different Contexts

Leisure Activities

  • Relish: I relish spending my weekends hiking in the mountains.
  • Savor: We always savor every moment of our annual beach vacation.
  • Cherish: She cherishes her evening walks with her dog in the park.

Food and Drink

  • Feast on: Guests will feast on a variety of gourmet cheeses and fine wines.
  • Savor: She savored her first sip of the creamy cappuccino.


  • Delight in: I delight in watching classic films on a rainy afternoon.
  • Adore: The children adore the magician’s performances, always eager for his next trick.

Social Events

  • Revel in: He reveled in the joy of the family reunion, surrounded by loved ones.
  • Have a blast: The group had a blast during the escape room challenge, solving puzzles together.

Achievements and Success

  • Bask in: The athlete basked in the glory of setting a new world record.
  • Pride ourselves on: The community prides itself on supporting local businesses and fostering growth.

Absolute and Near Synonyms of Enjoy

Absolute Synonyms for Enjoy

Word Meaning
Love To hold something in deep affection and find great pleasure in it.
Relish To take great pleasure or delight in something.
Savor To enjoy something with full appreciation and take delight in it.

Near Synonyms for Enjoy

Word Meaning
Appreciate To recognize the full worth of something and enjoy its qualities.
Admire To regard something with respect or warm approval.
Revel To get great pleasure from a situation or experience, often in a lively way.
Fancy To feel a liking or desire for something.
Like To find something agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory.

Synonyms for Enjoy with Examples | Infographic

Another Word for Enjoy | List of 105+ Synonyms for "Enjoy" in EnglishPin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternative words for expressing enjoyment?

When looking to express enjoyment, we can use synonyms such as “relish,” “savor,” “adore,” and “cherish.” Each of these words adds a nuanced meaning to the joy we experience.

How can I describe a pleasant experience without using the word ‘enjoy’?

To describe a pleasant experience, we might say we “revel in” the moment or we “take delight in” the particular activity or experience.

Is there a more formal synonym for ‘enjoy’ suitable for a resume?

On a resume, we can convey enjoyment in a more elevated language by using terms like “appreciate” or stating that we “derive satisfaction from” our achievements and tasks.

Can you suggest a phrase that conveys a heightened level of enjoyment?

For a heightened sense of enjoyment, we might say we “bask in the joy” or “are thrilled by” the experience, which implies a deep, intense level of pleasure.

What terms can I use to wish someone a good day in a unique way?

To wish someone a good day uniquely, we might say, “May you bask in happiness,” or “I hope you find delight in your day.”

How do I say I am savoring the moment with a different expression?

Instead of ‘savoring the moment,’ we can say we are “fully immersed in the blissful experience” or “absorbing the pleasure of the moment.”

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