List of Environment Phrasal Verbs (with Meaning and Examples) 1

List of Environment Phrasal Verbs (with Meaning and Examples)

Learn environment phrasal verbs with their meaning and examples in English.

List of Useful Phrasal Verbs related to ENVIRONMENT


Wipe out

  • Meaning: Destroy something completely
  • Example: Whole villages were wiped out by the floods.

Break down

  • Meaning: Decompose, when something slowly reduces to its smallest parts
  • Example: A plastic pot may take more than a million years to be broken down.

Scale back

  • Meaning: Make something smaller in size, amount, etc. than it used to be
  • Example: The British Army intends to scale back on its use of petrol-driven vehicles and soon we may seeing British soldiers going to war on bicycles.

Used up

  • Meaning: Exhaust of strength or useful properties
  • Example: We’ve already used up earth’s resources for 2016.

Throw away

  • Meaning: Get rid of something that you no longer want or need
  • Example: Don’t throw away your grass clippings; leave them on your lawn.

Run out of

  • Meaning: Finish the supply of something
  • Example: What will we do when we run out of gas?

Die out

  • Meaning: Stop existing
  • Example: This species has nearly died out because its habitat is being destroyed.

Spread out

  • Meaning: Cover a large area
  • Example: Because our population is so densely concentrated, a new disease like bird flu can spread out very quickly after the first case has appeared.

Rely on

  • Meaning: Need or depend on somebody/something
  • Example: We won’t have to rely on power companies if we use solar and wind power instead.

Cut down

  • Meaning: Kill trees
  • Example: The rainforest is being cut down.

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