“Et tu, Brute” Meaning, Origin and Easy Examples (Idiom)

If you have ever heard someone use the term ‘et tu, Brute’ in a conversation, you may have wondered what it means. We are going to look at the meaning of this phrase and where the saying came from. We will also look at how the term can be used in a conversation.

Et tu, Brute

Et tu, Brute Meaning

The meaning of this term literally means ‘even you, Brutus?’ when translated from Latin.

Origin of this Phrase

The idiom ‘et tu, Brute’ was originally written in the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare in the 1500s. The words were spoken by Caesar when he saw that his friend was among the people who were killing him.

Other Ways to Say the Phrase

If you are interested in conveying the meaning of the term ‘et tu, Brute’ in another way, here are some examples of how you might say it.

  • Traitor
  • Betrayal/betrayer

“Et tu, Brute” Examples

Examples in Statements

Here are some examples of how you would use the term in a statement. The first example is made by someone who has discovered their friend talking about them behind their back.

  • Et tu, Brute? You are bad mouthing me as well.’

This next example is a statement where the person is showing surprise that their wife has taken part in him losing his job.

  • ‘So all of you have conspired to have me fired from my job, et tu, Brute?’

Conversation Examples

If you are curious as to how to use the term ‘et tu, Brute. in a conversation, here are some examples to show you how it would fit in. The first conversation is between two friends, one of whom is confessing to betraying their friend.

  • Person 1: “John and Maggie were saying awful things about you yesterday.”
  • Person 2: “Were they? I’m not surprised, they’ve never liked me.”
  • Person 1: “I have to confess, I said some things too.”
  • Person 2:Et tu, Brute? I thought I could trust you.”

This next example shows a conversation in which two people are discovered taking their friend’s money.

  • Person 1: “Shh, be quiet, don’t let Andrew catch us in his wallet.”
  • Person 2: “He would be so upset, he calls me his best friend.”

*Andrew enters the room*

  • Andrew:Et tu, Brute? How could you?”

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Et tu, Brute