Exo Meaning: What Does the Term EXO Mean and Stand for?

Generally when people hear of see the term “exo” used, they think of exoskeleton or exorcism. While this word can have its own meaning as a prefix, when used as a standalone term, it means something different. In this piece of writing, you will unearth this meaning and discover some other characteristics of the slang term including its origin and other meanings.

You will also become privy to some conversation examples to assist you in understanding its meaning a little better. Lastly, you will uncover some other words that you can use as a substitution for this term in everyday conversation.

Exo Meaning

What Does Exo Mean?

This slang term is most often used to denote the word “exodus.” This word means a large group of people leaving an area. It is used mostly to describe immigration, but that is not always the case.

Origin of Exo

The term “exodus” is the name of a book in the Bible where the Israelites leave Egypt in order to escape being slaves to the Egyptians. Following its usage in the Bible, the word was first used again sometime in the 17th-century meaning the definition that has been stated above. The term was originally derived from the Latin word “Exodos” which means “the road out.”

Other Meanings

This term can also represent the name of a Korean and Chinese boy band. The band consists of 9 members, originally 12, and is made up of boys of both Korean and Chinese descent. It is the largest and most popular all boy K-pop group. Additionally, the term is a prefix in the English language and is defined as the outer covering of something. It is combined with many other terms to create additional words in the English language.

Conversation Examples

A text message discussion between two friends.

  • Friend 1: There were so many people waiting outside the Walmart on Black Friday it was not even funny!
  • Friend 2: Yeah, people are crazy this time of year.
  • Friend 1: You got that right. When they opened their doors, it looked like a mass exo.

An online discussion among two gamers.

  • Gamer 1: This game has been lacking lately.
  • Gamer 2: You are right. Even the updates suck!
  • Gamer 1: Unfortunately, the devs aren’t going to learn until there is a mass exo of players, and they start losing money.
  • Gamer 2: That will never happen.

Synonyms for Exo

There are several optional words that you can use to replace this term and retain its meaning. Three of the other words that you could use instead include:

  • leave
  • depart
  • exit

Exo Meaning Infographic

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