EXPLAIN Synonym! 9 Synonyms for Explain in English 1

EXPLAIN Synonym! 9 Synonyms for Explain in English

Explain Synonym! In this lesson, you will find different ways to say explain in English with meaning and examples. Learn synonyms for explain to improve your vocabulary in English.

Explain Synonyms

List of Synonyms for Explain in English

  • Elaborate
  • Clarify
  • Define
  • Elucidate
  • Expound
  • Explicate
  • Interpret
  • Reveal
  • Spell out

Explain Synonyms with Meaning and Examples


  • Meaning: To explain or describe something in a more detailed way
  • Example: She said she was resigning but did not elaborate on her reasons.


  • Meaning: To make something clearer or easier To understand
  • Example: I asked him to clarify what he meant.


  • Meaning: To say or explain what the meaning of a word or phrase is
  • Example: The term ‘mental illness’ is difficult to define.


  • Meaning: To make something clearer by explaining it more fully
  • Example: You have not understood; allow me to elucidate.


  • Meaning: To explain something by talking about it in detail
  • Example: She expounded her views on the subject to me at great length.


  • Meaning: To explain an idea or a work of literature in a lot of detail
  • Example: It is impossible to explicate this concept in any meaningful way.


  • Meaning: To explain the meaning of something
  • Example: She was asked me to interpret the poem.


  • Meaning: To make something known to somebody
  • Example: His expression revealed nothing.

Spell out

  • Meaning: To explain something in a simple, clear way
  • For example: Let me spell out why we need more money.

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Explain Synonyms

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