20 Useful Expressions with GET in English

Expressions with “get” are commonly used in the English language, and they can be a bit confusing for non-native speakers. In this article, we will explore the most common expressions with “get” and provide examples of how to use them correctly. Whether you’re learning English as a second language or simply looking to expand your vocabulary, this article will help you understand and use these expressions with confidence.

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Useful Expressions with GET

Get + Adjective/ Comparative

Get angry

  • Meaning: To become angry
  • Example: The parent gets angry when their child misbehaves.

Get dark

  • Meaning: To become dark, usually referring to the sky or the lighting in a room
  • Example: She gets scared when it starts to get dark outside.

Get rich

  • Meaning: To become wealthy or financially successful
  • Example: She hopes to get rich by winning the lottery.

Get better

  • Meaning: To recover or improve from an illness, injury, or situation
  • Example: I am taking medicine to get better from my cold.

Get + Preposition (Phrasal Verb)

Get to

  • Meaning: To arrive at a destination or to accomplish a task
  • Example: They have to get to the airport early for their flight.

Get in

  • Meaning: To enter a place or vehicle
  • Example: They have to get in line to buy tickets for the movie.

Get through

  • Meaning: To complete a task, to endure a difficult situation, or to successfully communicate with someone
  • Example: They need to get through the traffic to arrive at the meeting on time.

Get on

  • Meaning: To board a vehicle, to have a good relationship with someone, or to make progress
  • Example: They get on the train to travel to another city.

Get + A Place | Expressions with GET

Get home

  • Meaning: To arrive at one’s home
  • Example: He got home late last night after a long day at work.

Get to the office

  • Meaning: To arrive at one’s place of work
  • Example: She always gets to the office early to avoid traffic.

Get there

  • Meaning: To arrive at a destination
  • Example: Does she get there by driving or taking the train?

Get + Direct Object/Noun

Get an e-mail

  • Meaning: To receive an email
  • Example: I hope to get an e-mail from the company about my job application.

Get a present

  • Meaning: To receive a gift or present from someone.
  • Example: She wants to get a present for her sister’s graduation.

Get an award

  • Meaning: To receive recognition or an award for one’s achievements
  • Example: She is confident that she will get an award for her outstanding performance.

Get a job

  • Meaning: To obtain employment
  • Example: He got a job as a manager at the new store.

Get + Past Participle | Expressions with GET

Get worried

  • Meaning: To become anxious or concerned about something
  • Example: The parent gets worried when their child is sick.

Get involved

  • Meaning: To become a part of or to participate in something
  • Example: What organization did she get involved in to help the homeless?

Get confused

  • Meaning: To become perplexed or uncertain about something, to misunderstand or be unclear about something
  • Example: I get confused when I try to use new software.

Get married

  • Meaning: To legally enter into a marriage
  • Example: Where did they get married?

Get divorced

  • Meaning: To legally end a marriage.
  • Example: She gets divorced after 10 years of marriage.

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