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Exploring synonyms for ‘extremely’ opens up a world of expression where each word carries its own connotations and can set a different tone. Whether we’re writing an imaginative story, an academic piece, or even just crafting a message, having a collection of alternatives at our disposal is extremely useful. 

Extremely Synonyms

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What Is “Extremely”?

Extremely is an adverb we often use to signify that something is done to a great or high degree. When we describe something as extremely, we’re highlighting its exceptional nature or intensity.

List of Synonyms for Extremely

  • Highly
  • Incredibly
  • Exceptionally
  • Extraordinarily
  • Remarkably
  • Particularly
  • Very
  • Most
  • Utterly
  • Absolutely
  • Thoroughly
  • Totally
  • Completely
  • Wholly
  • Entirely
  • Quite
  • Decidedly
  • Deeply
  • Profoundly
  • Intensely
  • Acutely
  • Seriously
  • Significantly
  • Truly
  • Uncommonly
  • Unusually
  • Amazingly
  • Astonishingly
  • Staggeringly
  • Vastly
  • Hugely
  • Greatly
  • Tremendously
  • Monumentally
  • Enormously
  • Immensely
  • Colossally
  • Exceedingly
  • Superlatively
  • Majorly
  • Fiercely
  • Severely
  • Intensively
  • Excessively
  • Supremely
  • Overwhelmingly
  • Strikingly
  • Emphatically
  • Unprecedentedly
  • Singularly
  • Notably
  • Distinctly
  • Outstandingly
  • Radically
  • Dramatically
  • Massively
  • Fabulously
  • Fantastically
  • Madly
  • Wildly
  • Passionately
  • Terribly
  • Awfully
  • Mega
  • Ultra
  • Super
  • Mighty
  • Powerfully
  • Overly
  • Immoderately
  • Beyond
  • Substantially
  • Considerably
  • Peculiarly
  • Especially
  • Unmitigatedly
  • Purely
  • Perfectly
  • Infinitely
  • Limitlessly
  • Boundlessly
  • Unboundedly
  • Unspeakably
  • Indescribably
  • Inexpressibly
  • Inordinately
  • To a great extent
  • To a large extent
  • To the nth degree
  • To the utmost
  • To the core
  • To the maximum
  • All-out
  • Full-on
  • Full-scale
  • Out-and-out
  • Downright
  • Dead
  • Flat-out
  • Blindingly
  • Stupidly
  • Ridiculously
  • Ludicrously
  • Preposterously
  • Absurdly
  • Genuinely
  • Sincerely
  • Heartily
  • Thoroughgoingly
  • Unadulteratedly
  • Unalloyed
  • Unqualifiedly

Types of Synonyms for Extremely

Intensity and Degree

  • Very: This is our most common substitute. It’s versatile and fits in many contexts.
  • Highly: Suits formal and academic contexts, indicating a high degree.
  • Exceptionally: Adds a sense of rarity or uniqueness to the degree of something.

Emotional or Dramatic Effect

  • Terribly: It has an emotional aspect and suggests a negative connotation.
  • Awfully: Similar to “terribly,” it might imply a negative impression, but can be used ironically in a positive sense.
  • Extraordinarily: Implies a surprising or remarkable degree.

Informal Contexts

  • Super: A casual and colloquial alternative.
  • Really: Informal and widely used, similar to “very.”

Colloquial or Intensifiers

  • Incredibly: Suggests that something is almost unbelievable.
  • Hugely: Has a grandiose feel to it, implying a vast degree.
  • Tremendously: Also implies a large, perhaps overwhelming, degree.

Common Synonyms for Extremely 

Extremely vs. Very 

“Very” is a common modifier that indicates a high degree of something but often lacks the intensity associated with “extremely.” For example:

  • The soup is very hot. (high temperature)
  • The soup is extremely hot. (potentially scalding temperature)

In these sentences, “extremely” conveys an intensity that “very” may not quite capture, suggesting a level that goes beyond the norm.

Extremely vs. Exceedingly 

“Exceedingly” suggests a level that goes beyond expectations, similar to “extremely,” but with a slightly more formal tone. For example:

  • The task was exceedingly difficult. (surpassing usual hardness)
  • The task was extremely difficult. (pushing the boundaries of difficulty)

While both words amplify the adjective they modify, “exceedingly” might be preferred in more formal or literary contexts.

Extremely vs. Highly 

“Highly” implies a great degree or extent of something, often related to qualities rather than physical measurements. For example:

  • She is highly respected in her field. (refers to the degree of respect)
  • She is extremely respected in her field. (suggests respect to an unusual level)

The choice between “highly” and “extremely” can depend on whether the emphasis is on a qualitative measure or the extremity of a situation.

Extremely vs. Absolutely 

“Absolutely” serves to express complete or total affirmation, sometimes functioning as an intensifier akin to “extremely.” For example:

  • The performance was absolutely stunning. (without any doubt)
  • The performance was extremely stunning. (to a tremendous degree)

Synonyms for Extremely in Different Contexts

Intensity or Severity

For situations where we want to emphasize the intensity or severity of something, consider these words:

  • Remarkably: Our team performed remarkably well under pressure.
  • Exceptionally: The dessert was exceptionally sweet.

Exceeding the Norm

When we mention something that goes beyond the normal bounds, these synonyms are appropriate:

  • Excessively: We were excessively proud of our community’s efforts.
  • Inordinately: The play was inordinately long, stretching over three hours.

High Degree

These are suited for expressing a very high degree of some quality or state:

  • Terribly: The weather today is terribly cold.
  • Highly: We are highly interested in your proposal.

Absolute and Near Synonyms of Extremely

Absolute Synonyms for Extremely 

Word Meaning
exceptionally To a degree that is unusual; extraordinarily
exceedingly To an unusually large extent; very
intensely With extreme force, degree, or strength
highly To a great extent or degree; very
tremendously Extremely; enormously
utterly Completely and without qualification; absolutely

Near Synonyms for Extremely 

Word Meaning
remarkably In a way that is worthy of attention; notably
particularly To a higher degree than is usual or average
exceptionally In a manner or to a degree that is unusual
very To a high degree; extremely or exceedingly
seriously In a solemn or considered manner; to an impressively great extent
severely Very great; intensely

Synonyms for Extremely with Examples | Infographic

Another Word for Extremely | 110+ Synonyms for "Extremely" with ExamplesPin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some informal synonyms for ‘extremely’?

Informal language gives us lively alternatives like ‘incredibly’, ‘super’, and ‘really’ that we can use in casual conversations to replace ‘extremely’.

Can you list synonyms and antonyms for the word ‘extremely’?

Certainly! Synonyms include ‘highly’, ‘exceptionally’, and ‘particularly’. On the flip side, antonyms that soften the intensity would be ‘slightly’, ‘somewhat’, and ‘moderately’.

Which words can be used in place of ‘very’ to indicate a higher degree?

When ‘very’ isn’t strong enough, we can escalate it with words like ‘exceedingly’, ‘particularly’, and ‘utterly’ to convey a higher degree of emphasis.

What are some formal expressions equivalent to ‘extremely’?

In formal writing, we often employ terms like ‘extensively’, ‘immensely’, and ‘profoundly’ as equivalents to ‘extremely’ to add a touch of sophistication to our language.

How might one describe something that is ‘extremely good’ with a different term?

For something that is ‘extremely good’, we have glowing terms at our disposal such as ‘superb’, ‘excellent’, and ‘outstanding’.

Are there antonyms that effectively contrast with the term ‘extreme’?

Yes, indeed! To contrast with ‘extreme’, we utilize words like ‘mild’, ‘insignificant’, and ‘minimal’ to communicate a lower level of intensity.

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