EYE Idioms: 25+ Useful Expressions & Idioms with EYES

EYE Idioms and Sayings! Learn useful phrases and idioms with EYES in English with meaning, example sentences and ESL picture to improve your English vocabulary.

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Eye Idioms & Sayings

List of Eye Idioms in English

  • A Sight for Sore Eyes
  • All Eyes And Ears
  • All Eyes Are On
  • An Eye for an Eye
  • Catch Someone’s Eye
  • Cry Your Eyes Out
  • Keep an Eye On
  • Keep an eye peeled
  • See Eye to Eye
  • See Something/somebody Out of the Corner of Your Eye
  • To be the apple of someone’s eye
  • Turn a Blind Eye (to)
  • Wandering Eye
  • Black Eye
  • Blue Eyed Boy
  • Baby Blues

Eye Idioms with Meaning and Examples

A Sight for Sore Eyes

  • Meaning: Someone that you’re pleased to see
  • ExampleI’m so glad to see you! You’re a sight for sore eyes.

All Eyes And Ears

  • Meaning: Attentive
  • Example: The team was all eyes and ears as the coach explained the challenges ahead.

All Eyes Are On

  • Meaning: Watching alertly or attentively.
  • Example:  After the candidate’s strong performance in the first debate, all eyes are on him to see if he will make a mistake this time.

An Eye for an Eye

  • Meaning: Justice in which reparation or vengeance exactly matches the harm caused to the victim
  • ExampleNegotiations broke down, and the war devolved into an endless eye-for-an-eye cycle of revenge.

Catch Someone’s Eye

  • Meaning: Attract someone’s attention
  • ExampleI was reading Internet classified ads, and an ad for an old Ford Mustang caught my eye.

Cry Your Eyes Out

  • Meaning: Cry hard for a very long time
  • ExampleAfter my boyfriend broke up with me, I cried my eyes out.

Keep an Eye On

  • Meaning: To keep an eye on something or someone is to watch it periodically, to keep it under surveillance.
  • ExampleI’m leaving my son with you for the day. Please keep an eye on him.

Keep an eye peeled

  • Meaning: Be observant; watch out for something
  • ExampleIf you go to the mall, keep an eye peeled for Anita-”she said she’s be there.

See Eye to Eye

  • Meaning: To concur, agree
  • ExampleI don’t see eye to eye with Frances on the workflow, but she’s the boss.

See Something/somebody Out of the Corner of Your Eye

  • Meaning: Use peripheral vision
  • ExampleHow did you know I was here? You didn’t even look up! — I saw you out of the corner of my eye.

To be the apple of someone’s eye

  • Meaning: To be loved and treasured by someone
  • ExampleYou are the apple of my eye!

Turn a Blind Eye (to)

  • Meaning: Choose not to notice something
  • ExampleMy husband always supports me and is willing to turn a blind eye to my faults.

Wandering Eye

  • Meaning: A tendency to look at and desire women or men other than one’s committed romantic partner
  • Example: I know Sean has a wandering eye, but I’m sure he’s never cheated on me.

Black Eye

  • Meaning: A mark of shame
  • Example: By overcharging customers, you not only gave the company a black eye – you broke the law.

Blue Eyed Boy

  • Meaning: A person who is a favorite of those in authority; someone whose mistakes are forgiven.
  • ExampleSteve is the supervisor’s blue-eyed boy. He doesn’t really do that much work, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

Baby Blues

  • Meaning: Blue eyes.
  • ExampleI know Jason is bad for me, but when I get a look at his baby blues I can’t resist him.

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