Fiancée or Fiancé: The Cool Difference between Fiancée vs. Fiancé

Fiancée or fiancé? what is the difference between Fiancée vs. Fiancé? This pair of words is borrowed from French, so the confusion is only normal for all the non-French speakers. As with among and amongst, they mean roughly the same thing. This time, though, they are used in the same context, the only difference being gender.

Fiancée or Fiancé: the Difference

Key takeaway: “Fiancé” refers to a male engaged to be married, while “Fiancée” refers to a female engaged to be married.

These words are used in the context of engagement and they both mean “person to whom someone is engaged to be married”. Why the different forms? In French, nouns have different genders and, in some cases, different words are used to talk about different genders. Usually, an additional e at the end of the noun shows that the person that noun is referring to is a female.

When to Use Fiancée

As I said, an extra e refers to a female. Naturally, fiancée would mean “woman to whom someone is engaged to be married”. Basically, a fiancée is always female.

  • I don’t like it when my fiancée wears make-up.

When to Use Fiancé

Fiancée is the word with the extra e so that would mean fiancé is the word used for males: “man to whom someone is engaged to be married”.

  • Her fiancé works in the film industry.

Fiancée vs. Fiancé: the Definition

The term “fiancée” refers to a woman who has been engaged to be married.

A fiancé is a man who has promised to get married to a woman (fiancée), and they have both agreed to be engaged. After the wedding, the fiancé becomes the woman’s husband.

Fiancée or Fiancé: Other Ways to Say …

Synonyms of Fiancée

  • Future wife
  • Betrothed
  • Intended
  • Bride-to-be
  • Prospective spouse
  • Engaged partner
  • Fiancée-to-be
  • Future spouse


  1. Susan is my future wife, and we are planning a beautiful wedding.
  2. The engaged couple, Mary and Tom, were picking out their wedding bands.
  3. Anna’s betrothed, James, surprised her with a romantic dinner date.
  4. The bride-to-be, Rachel, was trying on different wedding dresses at the store.
  5. I’m going to visit my intended, Michael, at his apartment tonight.
  6. The prospective spouse, John, was proposing to his partner with a beautiful ring.
  7. The woman’s engaged partner, David, was busy planning the perfect proposal.
  8. Tina’s fiancé-to-be, Andrew, promised to take her on a romantic trip to Paris after they get married.

Synonyms of Fiancé

  • Future husband
  • Betrothed
  • Intended
  • Groom-to-be
  • Prospective spouse
  • Engaged partner
  • Fiancé-to-be
  • Future spouse


  • The betrothed couple was excitedly planning their wedding.
  • Emma’s intended was busy preparing for the wedding day.
  • The groom-to-be was nervous about his upcoming wedding day.
  • My future husband and I are planning to go on a honeymoon to Hawaii after our wedding.
  • Emily had been introduced to her prospective spouse by a mutual friend.
  • The engaged partners were happily planning their future together.
  • Isabella was excited to meet her fiancé-to-be’s parents for the first time.

Tips for Using Fiancé or Fiancée

To correctly use these two words you have to remember that females get an extra e: the word males only has one e, while the word females has two.

Fiancée vs. Fiancé Examples

Examples of Fiancée in Sentences

  • My fiancée and I are getting married next year.
  • I bought my fiancée a beautiful engagement ring.
  • I’m so excited to introduce my fiancée to my family.
  • My fiancée and I have been together for three years now.
  • I can’t wait to start a family with my fiancée after we get married.

Examples of Fiancé in Sentences

  • My fiancé and I are planning our wedding for next summer.
  • I asked my fiancé to help me choose the flowers for the wedding.
  • My fiancé surprised me with a romantic dinner last night.
  • I love spending time with my fiancé, he always makes me laugh.
  • My fiancé and I have been engaged for six months and we’re both really excited to start our lives together.

Fiancée vs. Fiancé: Common Misspelling

Misspelling of “fiancé”:

  • One common misspelling of “fiancé” is “fiancee”.
  • Another common misspelling is “fiance”.

Misspelling of “fiancée”:

  • One common misspelling of “fiancée” is “fiance”.
  • Another common misspelling is “fiancee”.

When to Use Fiancé vs. Fiancée | Infographic

Fiancé vs. Fiancée – When to Use Fiancée or Fiancé

FIANCÉE or FIANCÉ: Interesting Difference between Fiancée vs FiancéPin

Fiancée vs. Fiancé Exercises

Exercise 1: Choose the correct form

  1. My ___________ and I are getting married next year. (Harry said)
  2. She said yes! I’m engaged to my ___________.
  3. John’s ___________ bought him a beautiful engagement ring.
  4. Isabella’s ___________ proposed to her on a beach in Hawaii.
  5. She can’t wait to introduce her ___________ to her family.


  1. fiancée
  2. fiancée
  3. fiancé
  4. fiancé
  5. fiancé

Exercise 2: Fill in the blanks with the correct form

  1. He’s been with his ___________ for five years.
  2. She’s excited to meet her ___________’s family for the first time.
  3. The ___________ surprised her with a romantic dinner.
  4. His ___________ is from France, and they plan to move there after the wedding.
  5. The ___________ are planning a destination wedding in Mexico.


  1. fiancée
  2. fiancé
  3. fiancé
  4. fiancée
  5. fiancés

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