FINGER Idioms: Common Idioms with FINGER in English

Learn Useful FINGER Idioms in English with meaning and examples.

List of Commonly used Body Idioms in English.

Common Idioms with FINGER in English

List of Idioms with FINGER


  • Meaning: Blame; a situation within a group where each member attempts to blame others
  • ExampleI’m not going to get into finger-pointing because the sales campaign failed. The lesson is that we need to work better as a team.

Not Lift a Finger

  • Meaning: Do nothing to help
  • ExampleI worked all night on the new ad campaign. Jacob was in the office for most of the evening, but he was playing video games. He didn’t lift a finger to help me.

Point the Finger At

  • Meaning: Blame (someone)
  • ExampleShareholders pointed the finger at the board of directors for the losses, and voted most of them out.

Someone’s Fingerprints Are All Over (Something)

  • Meaning: Someone’s influence is evident
  • ExampleColin isn’t listed as an author on this report, but his fingerprints are all over it.

Work One’s Fingers to the Bone

  • Meaning: Work very hard over an extended period
  • Example: I’ve been working my fingers to the bone, and you have the nerve to ask me to stay late again? I can’t believe it.

Have a Finger in Every Pie

  • Meaning: To be involved in many activities and to have influence over a lot of people
  • Example: She likes to have a finger in every pie.

Keep One’s Fingers Crossed

  • Meaning: To wish for good luck
  • Example: The exam’s at two. Will you keep your fingers crossed for me?

Keep/ Have Your Fingers on the Pulse

  • Meaning: To be/stay familiar with the most recent changes or improvements
  • Example: The situation changes daily, so you’ve got to keep your finger on the pulse.

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Common Idioms with FINGER

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