Fishing Terms: Useful Fishing Vocabulary Words in English

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Fishing can be done as either a hobby or as a career. If you enjoy taking part in a spot of fishing or if indeed, you are a fisherman by trade, then knowing the English terms related to fishing will be very useful vocabulary to have.

There are also a lot of television documentaries in the English language which centre around fishing and so these words will help you to better understand what is being said in these.

Fishing Words

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Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish. Fish are normally caught in the wild. Techniques for catching fish include hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling and trapping.

Fishing Terms List

  • Rod
  • fishing line
  • reel
  • lure
  • net
  • tackle box
  • hook
  • fly fishing

Fishing Vocabulary Words with Pictures and Examples

Learn these fishing vocabulary words to improve and increase your English.


lure is an artificial bait or decoy used to attract fish or other animals, typically made to resemble natural prey.

  • Example: The fisherman tied the lure to his fishing line and cast it into the water, hoping to catch a big fish.

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hook is a curved or bent piece of metal or other material used for catching, holding, or hanging things.

  • Example: She hung her coat on the hook by the door and went inside, glad to be out of the cold.

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net is a woven mesh of threads or fibers used for catching or trapping things, such as fish or insects.

  • Example: The fisherman cast his net into the water and waited patiently for it to fill with fish.

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rod is a long, thin and straight object typically made of metal or wood, often used for fishing or as a support structure.

  • Example: He cast his rod into the water, hoping to catch a big fish for dinner.

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Tackle box

tackle box is a container used to store fishing equipment such as lures, hooks, and lines.

  • Example: He opened his tackle box and carefully selected the right lure for the type of fish he was hoping to catch.

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Fishing line

fishing line is a long, thin cord or strand used for catching fish, typically made of nylon or other synthetic materials.

  • Example: She tied the fishing line to the hook and cast it into the water, waiting patiently for a fish to bite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are common fishing equipment names?

There are several essential pieces of fishing equipment you should be familiar with, such as the rod (used for casting), the reel (mechanical device for holding and spooling fishing line), and the hook (used to catch fish). Also, there’s bait (something used to attract fish), lures (artificial bait designed to imitate prey), and the tackle box (container to store and organize fishing gear).

What terms describe different fishing techniques?

Some popular fishing techniques you may come across include casting (throwing the bait or lure into the water), trolling (dragging a baited hook or lure behind a moving boat), jigging (dropping a lure into the water and moving it up and down), and fly fishing (casting a specially designed fly line with an artificial fly attached).

What is a fishing line?

A fishing line is a cord or thread specifically designed for angling. There are various types of lines available, depending on the desired strength, visibility, and flexibility. Common types include monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon lines.

What phrases are used for a big catch?

When you land a particularly large fish, anglers might refer to it as a lunker or a whopper. Catching a big fish can also be described as bagging a monster or landing a trophy.

Which terms are specific to saltwater fishing?

In saltwater fishing, you may encounter terms such as inshore fishing (fishing in coastal waters, bays, and estuaries), offshore fishing (fishing in deeper waters, farther from the shore), and bottom fishing (targeting fish that dwell near the ocean floor). Additionally, specific species like billfish and tuna are commonly targeted in saltwater fishing.

What are some essential fly fishing terms?

Fly fishing has its unique vocabulary, including terms like dry fly (a fly that floats on the water’s surface), wet fly (a fly that sinks below the surface), nymph (a fly imitating the aquatic larval stage of an insect), and tippet (the thinnest part of the leader connecting the fly line to the fly).

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