65+ Delicious Foods that Start with I with Pictures

Food is one of life’s great pleasures, and trying new dishes can be a thrilling experience. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next meal, why not explore some foods that start with I? Indeed! Here are some interesting facts and examples of foods that start with the letter I.

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Foods that Start with I

Food that Starts with IPin

Seafood Starting with I

  1. Ika (Squid)
  2. Iridai (Tilefish)
  3. Isaki (Grunt fish)
  4. Ikura (Salmon roe)
  5. Iwi (Bonefish)

Healthy Foods that Start with I

  1. Irish Oatmeal
  2. Italian parsley
  3. Instant oatmeal
  4. Inca berries
  5. Iced green tea
  6. Iodized salt
  7. Iced herbal tea
  8. Iron-fortified cereals
  9. Island taro root
  10. Indian Spices

Dishes that Begin with the Letter “I”

  1. Indian Curry
  2. Italian Pasta
  3. Indian Dosas
  4. Italian Pizza
  5. Irish Stew
  6. Indonesian Nasi Goreng
  7. Israeli Falafel
  8. Indian Biryani
  9. Italian Risotto

Snacks that Begin with the Letter “I”

  1. Ice pops
  2. Iced cookies
  3. Indian samosas
  4. Instant noodles
  5. Irish soda bread
  6. Italian crostini
  7. Instant oatmeal cookies
  8. Instant pudding

Fruits that Start with the Letter “I”

  1. Illawarra Plums
  2. Imbe
  3. Indian Fig
  4. Iced Melon
  5. Indian Gooseberry
  6. Indian Jujube
  7. Ivanolema
  8. Indian Persimmon
  9. Ice Cream Bean
  10. Indiana Currant

Vegetables Starting with the Letter “I”

  1. Iceberg lettuce
  2. Indian eggplant
  3. Inverted tomato
  4. Irish potatoes
  5. Ice cream beans
  6. Indian mustard greens
  7. Italian radicchio
  8. Italian dandelion greens
  9. Italian artichokes

Sweets that Start with the Letter “I”

  1. Ice Cream
  2. Icing
  3. Indian Jalebi
  4. Indian Ladoo
  5. Irish Cream Cake

Grains Starting with the Letter “I”

  1. Indian basmati rice
  2. Israeli couscous
  3. Italian farro
  4. Irish oats
  5. Indian millet
  6. Italian polenta
  7. Instant oats
  8. Indian broken wheat

Desserts that Start with the Letter “I”

  1. Ice cream
  2. Iced cupcakes
  3. Italian tiramisu
  4. Irish whiskey cake
  5. Italian panna cotta
  6. Italian cannoli

Foods that Start with I

List of Common Foods that Start with I

  • Ice Cream
  • Injera
  • Ital
  • Ice
  • Inarizushi
  • Iceberg Lettuce
  • Icaco
  • Idli
  • Italian Sausage
  • Ikizukuri
  • Isaw

Food that Starts with I | Facts & Pictures

Ice Cream

In Turkish cuisine, Dondurma is an ice cream variant that hails from the city of Kahramanmaras. It consists of whipped cream, sugar, cream, mastic resin (Arab gum), and Salep (orchid tuber flour). Unlike other ice creams, it stretches and is chewy in texture.

Ice Cream Pin


Injera is an East African flatbread made from teff flour. Teff is a type of grass whose seeds are ground to make flour. Injera is enjoyed in Ethiopian, Somali, and Eritrean culture and is served alongside spiced meat, vegetable, and lentil dishes.



Ital is a vegetarian cuisine associated with those in the Rastafari movement. Its origins lie in several foundational beliefs regarding health, vitality, longevity, and life energy. Its dishes consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoidance of meat and highly processed foods.


In the United States, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) considers ice to be a food. The FDA recognizes ice made from spring water, tap water, and purified water, as well as ice’s crushed, shaved, cubed, and nuggeted forms.



Inarizushi is a type of Japanese sushi that consists of fried Abura-age tofu wrapped around sushi rice. It is named after Inari, a Shinto god. Inari is the protector god of food and is also associated with rice, tea, foxes, fertility, sake, and prosperity/wealth.


Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is the variety of lettuce that is grown the most in the state of California, amounting to 70 percent of all lettuce crops there. Iceberg lettuce was first developed in 1894 and gained its name after being transported “on ice” in the 1920s.

Iceberg LettucePin


Icaco is the name of the fruit from the Chrysobalanus icaco plant. They are also known as Coco-plums and come in blue, white, red, and yellow varieties. It is found in the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Africa, and the southern United States (Florida).



Idli is a steamed rice cake made from rice and fermented black lentils. It is popular in Southern Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. It is served alongside chutney, sambar (lentil and vegetable stew), and fish curries.


Italian Sausage

In Italian American cuisine, Italian sausage is a key ingredient in Sausage and Peppers, a dish consists of fennel-based sausages fried with bell peppers and onions in olive oil. This dish can be eaten alone but is often eaten as a sandwich.

Italian SausagePin


In Japanese cuisine, Ikizukuri is the practice of making sashimi (a raw seafood or meat dish) using live seafood. The practice often involves slicing different parts off of a fish (or crustacean) body and serving them together with the main body portion. It is outlawed in Germany and Australia.



In Filipino cuisine, Isaw is a dish that consists of skewered pig or chicken intestines. After an extensive cleaning and boiling process, the intestines are grilled and served with vinegar or a vinegar-based marinade.


Food that Starts with I | Picture

Names of Foods That Start With I in English

Foods That Start With IPin

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