Useful Formal and Informal Expressions in English

Learn useful Formal and Informal Expressions in English with examples and pictures.

Formal and Informal Expressions

How do you do? >>——-<< What’s up?

It is a pleasure to meet you >>——<< Nice to meet you

At your earliest convenience >>——<< As soon as you can

Concerned about you >>——<< Worried about you

Firstly, >>——<< To start with/…, For a start

Give my regards to >>——<< Say hello to

Have you heard from her lately? >>——<< Heard from her lately?

Have you seen Tom? >>——<< Seen Tom?

I agree with my colleague, Anna, that… >>——<< Anna’s right.

I would like to remind you that… >>——<< Don’t forget

I appreciate your assistance! >>——<< Thanks a lot!

In light of the fact that >>——<< Because

It is my opinion that… >>——<< I think…

It is necessary for me to… >>——<< I need to…

It is not necessary for you to… >>——<< You don’t hafta…

It is recommended >>——<< We recommend

Please accept our apologies for… >>——<< Sorry…

Secondly/ Besides/ Furthermore, >>——<< Another good thing is/ What’s more/ Not only that,

Lastly, >>——<< And one of the best things is…/ And best of all, / The most important thing is…

She has the ability >>——<< She can

The plan was implemented / carried out >>——<< They put the plan into action

Our destination >>——<< The place where we want to go

I regret to inform you of… >>——<< I’m sorry to tell you that…

I was hoping that you could… >>——<< Could you…?

It will cease to be a problem >>——<< It won’t be a problem anymore

One grows weary in these matters. >>——<< I’m getting tired of this junk.

This appeared to rectify the problem >>——<< This seemed to fix the problem

Your arrival >>——<< When you get here,

Please state your business >>——<< Can I help you?

We note that you have not… >>——<< You haven’t…

I would be grateful if you could reply early. >>——<< Please get back to me ASAP.

I’d really appreciate it if you could… >>——<< Could you…?

We would like to >>——<< We want to

Would you like me to…? >>——<< Shall I…?

To consider >>——<< To think about

This demonstrates… >>——<< This shows that …

To distinguish >>——<< To tell the difference

We are in receipt of >>——<< We’ve received

Revision should be done >>——<< You should revise

This will be of great benefit to you >>——<< It will do you good

How are you doing? >>——<< What’s going on?

I am writing to inform you… >>——<< Just a note to say…

I am afraid I will not be able to attend >>——<< Sorry, I can’t make it.

The experiment was carried out/ performed >>——<< They did the experiment

Thank you for your email of the 10 of March >>——<< Thanks for your mail on 10 Mar

Please let us know of your requirements  >>——<< What do you need?

People consume a tremendous amount of… >>——<< People use a huge amount of

Please let me know when you will be available. >>——<< Let me know if we can get together.

I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience >>——<< Write back soon!

As per our telephone conversation on today’s date >>——<< As we discussed this morning

We would be honored if you would attend this event >>——<< It would be great if you could attend this event.

We can assist in the resolution of this matter. >>——<< I can help you to solve this problem.

I am afraid your child is experiencing difficulty >>——<< Your kid is making trouble

I look forward to meeting you next week. >>——<< See you next week.

Useful Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 1.

Formal and Informal Expressions

Useful Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 2.

Formal and Informal Expressions

Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 3.

Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 4.

Useful Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 5.

Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 6.

Formal and Informal Expressions | Video

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