9 Delicious Fruits that Start with Q

Most of us think that there are only a few fruits that start with Q. However, it may surprise you that there are at least 9 fruits whose names start with the letter Q.

Looking at the list, you realize that this is a list that is likely to see new names in the future. As new fruit species are created, many scientists like to start the name with Q. The Q fruit list is rather sparsely populated. Giving a new fruit a name starting with Q makes it easier to remember.

List of Fruits that Start with Q

  • Quararibea Cordata Fruit
  • Quandong Fruit
  • Queen Anne Cherries
  • Queen Tahiti Pineapples
  • Quenepa Fruit
  • Querina Apples
  • Quinault Strawberries
  • Quince
  • Queen’s Forelle Pear

Quince Fruits

Are All of The Q Fruits Exotic?

Often we think of the letter Q as slightly exotic. In the English alphabet, there are not many words that start with Q.

That does not mean all of the fruits on the list are exotic. For instance, quince is a fruit that is far from exotic. It used to be a popular fruit. Today, Quince trees are found in far fewer gardens.

But, the humble quince deserves to be grown in our gardens.

What Is Quince Fruit?

Quince is often called a pear or an apple. However, the humble quince is neither. It is the sole member of the Cydonia genus which belongs to the Rosaceae family.

It is a very tolerant fruit that copes well with whatever the climate and weather throw at it. If you are looking for a tree with vanilla-smelling fruit and beautiful flowers, planting a Quince tree is a good choice.

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What Does A Quince Taste Like?

Quince is a delicacy. Too many, the taste is slightly tart. But, that depends slightly on your personal taste palate. If you like tart flavors, you are going to love quince.

How Do You Eat Quince?

Quince is easy to eat raw. But, most of the time, the fruit is not eaten in this way.

If you like making jams, fruit butter, and jellies, quince is one of the best fruits. As it is naturally high in pectin, you really can’t go wrong when you prepare it.

One of the best ways of adding quince to your diet is to turn the fruits into an apple-style butter.

First, you need to peel the fruits. Once you have done that, remove the seeds, and chop the fruit up. Put the pieces of fruit in your crockpot and add brown sugar. The amount of brown sugar you add depends on how sweet you like your fruit butter.

If you want to add spices you can. Cinnamon is a spice that works well with quince. Cook for about 5 – 6 hours in your crockpot on a low heat setting and you end up with a lovely fruit butter for toast.

Fun Facts about the Quince Tree

Planting a quince tree in your garden can help to combat pollution. The thick leaves on the tree are great at absorbing harmful pollutants.

Quince trees are relatively disease-free and often live for 50-plus years.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the other fruits that start with Q are also delicious. But, please don’t overlook the quince – this is a powerhouse of antioxidants perfect for our modern world. It is one of the oldest domesticated fruits which we often overlook.

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Fruits that Start with Q

Fruits that Start with Q Pin

Last Updated on April 9, 2023

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