45 Funny Would You Rather Questions in English

Funny would you rather questions are a great way to break the ice. Get your guests energized by serving up these delicious either/or scenarios. Even the most straight-laced guest will laugh at these funny, would you rather, questions.

Add a little absurdity into your life with these 45 questions listed below. They will certainly stir up some interesting conversations. You may learn some really surprising things about even your closest friends.

45 Funny Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would you rather be set on fire or run over by a semi-truck?
  2. Would you rather have lunch with a cannibal or get abducted by fashion-forward aliens?
  3. Would you rather change your name to Moby Dick or Luv Handles?
  4. Would you rather live as a skunk or a porcupine for a year?
  5. Would you rather have gills for lungs or scales over your entire body?
  6. Would you rather be a psychopath or a sociopath?
  7. Would you rather eat bugs or cat food for the rest of your life?
  8. Would you rather spend the rest of your life watching Harry Potter or reading Harry Potter?
  9. Would you rather live in a bubble or a tree until you die?
  10. Would you rather play with dynamite or play guitar?
  11. Would you rather be invisible or kicked by a donkey for 584 days?
  12. Would you rather eat lunch off a leprechaun’s stomach or go swimming in shark-infested waters?
  13. Would you rather have to tell a secret to your nemesis or tell a secret to your parents?
  14. Would you rather it thunder every time you went to the bathroom or it rain any time you spoke?
  15. Would you rather live in a storm drain or under a bridge?
  16. Would you rather marry an ogre or a troll?
  17. Would you rather be bald or have two horns growing out of your head?
  18. Would you rather chain yourself to a lion or have a ton of maggots crawl all over you?
  19. Would you rather be ten inches or ten feet tall?
  20. Would you rather marry an ax murder or a ghost chaser?
  21. Would you rather be the subject of a viral video or the face of a popular meme?
  22. Would you rather sleep in an open grave or a cage at the zoo?
  23. Would you rather be reborn as a dental hygenist or a rotten molar?
  24. Would you rather tie yourself to a railway track or hang off a cliff?
  25. Would you rather live in a world without straws or paper towels?
  26. Would you rather be stuck in a locked cage with an enemy or a raging bull?
  27. Would you rather dress like a tree or dress like a hippy for one year?
  28. Would you rather be a mad bomber, have your manifesto read by everyone on the planet, or be a psychic no one ever believes?
  29. If you had magical abilities would you rather use your abilities to help people or to prank them?
  30. For the next month would you rather live without hope or without love?
  31. Would you rather someone trap you in a transparent box naked, in the middle of Times Square, or leave you in a gator infested pool.
  32. Would you rather the dentist start pulling your tooth before you were numb or a surgeon sew your lips shut?
  33. Would you rather people point or laugh at you?
  34. Would you rather pirates hold you captive or a marching band serenade you?
  35. Would you rather ride a bull or pet a tiger?
  36. Would you rather be poor but fun or rich but boring?
  37. Would you rather have your body covered in tattoos of easter eggs or have your ex’s name tattooed on your forehead?
  38. Would you rather live your life in reverse or fast forward to the end?
  39. Would you rather give up your cellphone or your bank card passcode?
  40. Would you rather play Russian roulette or watch Barney & Friends on repeat for a day?
  41. Would you rather know how you die or know who you marry?
  42. Would you rather kiss a fox or a snake?
  43. Would you rather someone lick your face or bite your arm?
  44. Would you rather have amnesia or be a know-it-all?
  45. Would you rather have a neck like a giraffe or eyes like an owl?

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