FURTHERMORE Synonym: List of 9 Synonyms for Furthermore with Useful Examples

Furthermore synonym! In this article, you will learn a list of commonly used synonyms for furthermore in English with ESL images and example sentences. Learning those furthermore synonyms will help you broaden your English vocabulary.

Furthermore Synonym

Furthermore Definition and Examples

Meaning of Furthermore:

This can be defined as in addition to what precedes. As a transition word, it can also be defined as besides or in addition to or used to indicate additional information.


  • The house is nice and furthermore, it is not far from the gym.
  • The building looks terrible and furthermore, the environment looks even worse.
  • He is old and unpopular. Furthermore, he has at best only two years of political life ahead of him.

List of Synonyms for Furthermore

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Furthermore Synonyms with Examples

Learn another word for furthermore with example sentences.

  • Additionally

Additionally, the bus service will run on Sundays, every two hours.

  • Besides

She likes football. Besides, she likes tennis and basketball.

  • By the same token

By the same token, it has not been a triumph for the Tory Party.

  • In addition

In addition, interest on Treasury issues isn’t subject to state and local income taxes.

  • Moreover

The rent is reasonable, and moreover, the location is perfect.

  • On top of that

On top of that they poured a thin layer of silicone oil.

  • To boot

To boot, the wind in the Sounds is gusty.

  • What’s more

What’s more there is the added benefits of calcium and iron.

  • Withal

Withal, I always hold an optimistic attitudes.

More examples with the word “furthermore”:

  • Furthermore, there is a marked absence of peer pressure here, which would make itself palpably felt when such anti – social conduct occurs.
  • Furthermore, immune responses to tubercle bacilli are extraordinarily complicated.
  • Furthermore, dietary manipulation studies have shown that high fat intake can increase faecal bile acid excretion.
  • Furthermore, in times of economic constraints, the incorporation of aspects of an economics-based strategy may be beneficial.
  • Furthermore, such modes of discussion are expected to conform also to the rules of professional literacy discourse.

Synonyms for Furthermore | Infographic

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