FURTHERMORE Synonym: 80+ Synonyms for Furthermore with Useful Examples

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‘Furthermore’ is a commonly used adverb that helps us add information or build upon a point we’re discussing. It’s key in crafting arguments or elaborating on a subject. However, if we repeatedly use ‘furthermore,’ our text might become monotonous. That’s where synonyms come into play, allowing us to diversify our language.

Furthermore Synonyms

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What Is “Furthermore”?

“Furthermore” is an adverb we use to introduce a piece of information that adds to or supports the point we’re discussing. It serves as a transition, indicating that the upcoming statement is in line to what has already been mentioned, often strengthening an argument or providing additional detail.

List of Synonyms for Furthermore

  • Moreover
  • Additionally
  • Also
  • Besides
  • Plus
  • Likewise
  • As well
  • In addition
  • Too
  • Similarly
  • Correspondingly
  • By the same token
  • Again
  • Equally
  • And
  • Then
  • As well as
  • Along with
  • Not to mention
  • What’s more
  • To say nothing of
  • Let alone
  • On top of that
  • Coupled with
  • In the same vein
  • Further
  • In conjunction with
  • Subsequently
  • Next to
  • At the same time
  • Concurrently
  • In the same way
  • In like manner
  • In tandem with
  • Together with
  • As another point
  • In the bargain
  • Into the bargain
  • Over and above
  • Beyond
  • Apart from
  • Secondarily
  • Added to that
  • To boot
  • Withal
  • In the second place
  • As a bonus
  • As a matter of fact
  • Indeed
  • In a similar fashion
  • Then again
  • By extension
  • In addition to this/that
  • On another note
  • In addition to what has been said
  • To top it off
  • As a complement
  • In the light of
  • Notwithstanding
  • On top of which
  • In addition to the foregoing
  • As an addition
  • As an adjunct
  • In the context of
  • In addition to everything else
  • To go further
  • In the wake of
  • Following on from
  • As an extension
  • To build on that
  • Along the same lines
  • In the same context
  • In continuation
  • As a continuation
  • As a further point
  • As another factor
  • Complementarily
  • Supplementarily
  • Adjunctly
  • Including
  • To continue
  • To add to that
  • To supplement
  • Analogously
  • In a related note
  • As a follow-up
  • In parallel

Types of Synonyms for Furthermore

Adding Information or Detail

  • moreover
  • in addition
  • additionally
  • also
  • as well

Emphasizing a Point

  • besides
  • what’s more
  • too
  • on top of that

Formal Contexts

  • moreover
  • additionally
  • furthermore

Informal Contexts

  • plus
  • and
  • too

Common Synonyms for Furthermore 

Furthermore vs. Moreover 

Furthermore often introduces information that is not only additional but also emphasizes the significance or relevance of the next point, while moreover might be used to add information that is of the same or greater level of importance.

  • The novel is a masterpiece of character development; furthermore, its intricate plot has captivated readers worldwide.
  • The software update includes several bug fixes; moreover, it introduces new features that enhance user productivity.

Furthermore vs. Likewise 

Furthermore is used to add additional information or points that support the argument or topic being discussed. Likewise is used to draw similarities and show that something is the same in one situation as it is in another.

  • The research indicates a significant increase in sales last quarter. Furthermore, customer satisfaction ratings have also improved.
  • The coach not only expects discipline from his players but likewise demands it from his coaching staff.

Furthermore vs. And 

Furthermore is a more formal conjunction used to add important information or to emphasize a point that is being made. And is a basic conjunction that connects two or more similar ideas, actions, or items in a sentence.

  • The new policy will cut costs by 20 percent; furthermore, it will streamline the workflow, increasing overall efficiency.
  • She needs to finish her report, and she has to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting as well.

Furthermore vs. What’s More

Furthermore is used to introduce a piece of information that strengthens or supports the previous statement. What’s more is a conversational phrase that is used to introduce an additional fact that is often surprising or that emphasizes the previous point.

  • The artist is known for her attention to detail. Furthermore, her work has been praised for its innovative use of color.
  • He’s an excellent writer, known for his attention to detail. What’s more, his latest book has been shortlisted for a prestigious literary award.

Importance of “Furthermore” Synonyms in Academic Writing

In academic writing, we strive for clarity, precision, and variety. The use of synonyms for “furthermore” serves these purposes by enhancing our text’s readability and avoiding repetition. We emphasize the continuity of thought and argumentation without sacrificing the formal tone required in scholarly contexts. To elucidate, “furthermore” is a transitional adverb we employ to introduce additional information that supports the preceding arguments or statements.

Variation of Expression: By integrating synonyms, we prevent the monotony that comes with the repeated use of “furthermore.” It allows us to present our ideas with a refreshing yet formal style that maintains the reader’s engagement.

Elevated Language: The apt choice of synonyms can convey our points with more nuanced meaning, providing subtle distinctions that can sharpen our arguments.

Cohesion: Academic writing must flow logically. Synonyms for “furthermore” help us link ideas seamlessly, which is vital in constructing coherent and persuasive academic papers.

Consider the following examples of synonyms that can be appropriate in formal writing contexts:

  • Additionally
  • Moreover
  • Besides
  • Likewise

Each term possesses its own connotation and may fit differently depending on the context of the argument being made. Therefore, we judiciously choose synonyms that best align with the specific message we wish to convey and the tone we aim to uphold.

Synonymous Expressions for ‘Furthermore’ in Research Papers

Our choice of words can enhance both the flow and the credibility of our research papers. Employing synonyms for the term “furthermore” is one way to avoid repetition and maintain reader engagement. The following table presents synonymous expressions that serve the same purpose as “furthermore,” often used to introduce additional points or evidence within our papers:

Synonymous Expression Usage in a Sentence
Moreover Moreover, the latest results support our initial hypothesis.
Additionally Additionally, the study explores the implication of these findings.
In addition In addition, this correlation indicates a broader impact.
Also Also, the contrast between these variables is significant.
Likewise Likewise, contemporary theories validate our approach.
Similarly Similarly, the data from newer studies corroborate these conclusions.

We utilize these expressions to link ideas and introduce new, relevant information, reinforcing the arguments made or presenting a nuanced extension of the previous point. Using such synonyms not only varies our language but also emphasizes the additive nature of the information we are presenting. It’s important for us to use these expressions judaciously, ensuring that they fit the context of our discussion and maintain the formal tone appropriate for scholarly work.

Synonyms for Furthermore in Different Contexts

In Academic Writing

  • Moreover: The study’s results are conclusive; moreover, the methodology used can be applied to other research areas.
  • Additionally: We must consider the historical background; additionally, the economic factors are also crucial.

In Business Communications

  • In Addition: Our revenue has grown by 10%; in addition, customer satisfaction scores have improved.
  • Plus: We’ve signed three new clients; plus, our marketing campaign is gaining traction.

In Casual Conversation

  • Also: I love hiking in the mountains; also, it’s a great way to stay fit.
  • Besides: She’s a talented musician; besides, she’s an excellent painter.

Absolute and Near Synonyms of Furthermore

Absolute Synonyms for Furthermore 

Synonym Meaning
Additionally As an extra factor or circumstance.
Moreover As a further matter; besides.
In addition Together with; plus.
Also In addition; too; besides; as well.

Near Synonyms for Furthermore 

Synonym Meaning
Besides In addition to; apart from.
Likewise In the same way; also.
Then At that time; subsequently.
Again Another time; once more. Used to introduce repeated information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some alternative expressions to ‘furthermore’ used in formal writing?

In formal writing, expressions like “moreover,” “in addition,” and “thus” serve a similar purpose to ‘furthermore,’ providing a smooth transition between statements that add information or evidence.

Could you provide a list of informal synonyms for ‘furthermore’ typically found in colloquial speech?

Colloquially, phrases such as “what’s more,” “plus,” and “on top of that” capture the additive nature of ‘furthermore’ in a more relaxed tone suitable for everyday conversation.

Can you offer some words that serve as opposites to ‘furthermore’?

While ‘furthermore’ is used to add information, its opposites might include “however,” “on the other hand,” or “nevertheless,” which introduce a contrast or counterpoint instead.

What replacements are commonly used for ‘furthermore’ in academic papers or research contexts?

Academic writing favors terms such as “additionally,” “consequently,” and “as a result” for their precision and formality when elaborating on previous points or introducing related data.

How can I incorporate ‘furthermore’ into a sentence to connect ideas clearly?

We can use ‘furthermore’ to connect ideas by placing it at the beginning of a sentence that builds upon the previous point, ensuring a logical flow; for instance, “She has decided to join the seminar; furthermore, she plans to present her own research.”

What other phrase has a similar meaning to ‘moreover’ or ‘additionally’?

The phrase “as well as” is akin to ‘moreover’ and ‘additionally,’ offering a means to include extra information that reinforces or supplements the initial point made.

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