FW Meaning: What Does FW Mean?

What does FW stand for? The following article provides the definition and how to use this texting abbreviation with ESL infographic and useful conversation examples in English.

Key Takeaways

  • FW is an abbreviation with multiple meanings, such as “forward” in emails and “fuck with” in internet slang
  • Its origin can be traced back to email use in the 1980s and has since evolved to encompass various digital platforms
  • FW is commonly utilized in texting and social posts to convey associations or preferences in a brief and efficient manner

What Does FW Mean?

Trying to keep up with popular lingo seems like a full-time job these days. New words and acronyms are always being created. What a word meant 10 years ago might not be the same as it means today. Take “FW” for example. If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you know this to stand for “Forward”, as in when you get an email from someone and send it to someone else. However, here in 2019, this word has a completely different meaning.

“FW” stands for “f*** with,” “forward,” “future wife,” and “firewall,”…

F*** with

FW, as an abbreviation, can stand for “f*** with” in internet slang. It is commonly used across various online platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and text messaging. When someone says “FW” in this context, it generally means to associate with or hang around with a person. For example, if you “FW someone,” that signifies that you enjoy their company or like them as a person.


Another meaning of FW is “forward,” which is more commonly used in the context of emails. When someone forwards an email, they often include “FW” in the subject line to indicate that the message has been forwarded from a different sender. This usage of FW has been prevalent since at least the 1980s, with the origins of email itself tracing back even further.

Origin of FW

The term FW has different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In emails, FW signifies “forward,” a function that has existed since at least the 1980s, though email itself is older. This usage stemmed from the need to share messages with multiple recipients without manually rewriting or copying the content. Forwarding messages is a feature that has remained relevant in the world of electronic communication, making the acronym FW widely recognized.

On the other hand, when it comes to internet slang, especially on platforms like Instagram or Snapchat, FW stands for “fuck with.” This modern slang term is defined as associating with or liking someone or something. It is commonly used to express agreement and approval. For example, “I fw this song” signifies that the individual likes and supports the song. The origin of this slang term is less precise, with many attributing it to the influence of street language as it has permeated the online world.

Though FW may have different meanings, it serves as a convenient acronym. It is important, however, to consider the context in which it is used to avoid confusion. While “forward” remains a standard function in email communication, the slang term “fuck with” reflects current social media vernacular, highlighting the evolution of language and the ways in which we convey information and feelings online.

Related Terms to FW

When discussing the term “FW,” it’s essential to understand that it can have various meanings depending on the context in which it is used. This section will provide a brief overview of related terms to FW and their meanings.

RE: In email and messaging, “RE” stands for “regarding” or “reply” and is commonly used to indicate that a message is a response to a previous message.

OT: In online forums, “OT” might mean “off-topic,” referring to a conversation or post not directly related to the subject at hand.

Firmware: In computing, “FW” can represent “firmware,” a type of software that provides control, monitoring, and data manipulation of a device’s hardware components.

Firewall: In the realm of network security, “FW” can also mean “firewall.” A firewall is a device or software that monitors and controls network traffic, helping to protect against unauthorized access and security threats.

Fresh Water: In environmental science, “FW” is frequently used as an abbreviation for “fresh water,” referring to water sources that lack significant concentrations of dissolved salts or minerals.

Fighter Wing: In the military context, “FW” can mean “fighter wing,” a unit comprising fighter aircraft and personnel responsible for their operation. Fighter wings play a critical role in air defense and offensive air-to-ground operations.

Fixed Wing: In aviation terminology, “FW” might refer to “fixed wing,” describing aircraft with wings that do not move relative to the main body of the aircraft. Fixed-wing aircraft include traditional airplanes and some drones.

Feed Water: In industrial applications, “FW” can stand for “feed water,” water that is sent to a boiler or other processes where it is converted into steam or subjected to treatment.

LF: Although not directly related to FW, “LF” is another abbreviation used in online communication, often representing “looking for,” a term used when searching for something specific or seeking assistance.

Floor Waste: In construction and plumbing, “FW” might refer to “floor waste,” a drainage system installed within the floor surface to collect water and waste materials, preventing buildup and damage to the structure.

FW Examples

Examples of FW in Texting and Social Posts

In today’s digital world, people often use abbreviations and slang in texting and social media posts to express their thoughts and emotions quickly and conveniently. One such abbreviation is “FW,” which stands for “f*ck with.” This term is commonly used on various platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and internet forums, to convey agreement, liking, or support for something or someone.

On Twitter, users may incorporate “FW” in their tweets to show their appreciation for a song or a movie. For example, someone might tweet, “I FW that new album, it’s straight fire 🔥.” Here, “FW” is used to express the user’s admiration for the recently released music.

In Facebook conversations or group chats, “FW” can be employed to indicate a user’s affinity for a person or an event. For instance, a user might comment on a friend’s post about an upcoming party, saying, “Can’t wait for the party, I really FW this plan!” This example demonstrates the excitement and agreement with the idea.

On internet forums and chat rooms, the abbreviation “FW” might also be used, especially when discussing shared interests, opinions, or ideas. A user might participate in a thread debating a specific topic or share their thoughts on a recent news headline by posting something like, “I FW these new updates on the climate change policy.”

In all these instances, the use of “FW” simplifies the communication process while maintaining a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral tone. It’s important to note that while the term might include a profanity in its full form, its usage doesn’t necessarily convey aggression or negativity – rather, it’s often employed to emphasize one’s enthusiasm or agreement.

Conversation Examples

It’s often easier to get the meaning of a word by seeing it used in a sentence. Here are two conversation examples to assist you. One will use the phrase “fw” meaning “f*** with” in reference to a person. The second example will use “fw” meaning “f*** with” in relation to a place.

Example 1: “fw” referring to a person

  • Suzie: You and bf wanna have dinner?
  • Sally: Girl! I don’t fw that asshole no more.
  • Suzie: OMG. What happened?
  • Sally: Caught him in another bitch’s dm’s.
  • Suzie: Wow. Hell to the nah.
  • Sally: what you said

In this example, Suzie is asking her friend to go out to dinner and to bring her boyfriend, or “BF” along. Sally responded with a “FW”, meaning she no longer “f*** with” or “dates” the person. Below are explanations of the other acronyms used, in case you are unfamiliar with any of them.

  • *”BF” = “B” (boy) + “F” (friend)
  • “OMG” = “O” (Oh) + “M” (My) + “G” (God)
  • “DM’s” = “D” (Direct) + “M” (Messages)

Example 2: “fw” referring to a place

  • Tommy: yo what happened at Oasis last night? Heard it got crazy.
  • Billy: idk. I dont fw that place
  • Tommy: fr? Wth.
  • Billy: Too much drama. My ex works there. She always starting sh*t.
  • Tommy: gotcha. That’s f’ed up.
  • Billy: You got that right

*”idk” = “I” (I) + “D” (Don’t) + “K” (Know)

*”fr” = “F” (For) + “R” (Real)

*”wth” = “W” (What) + “T” (the) + “H” (Hell)

*”f’ed” = “f***d”

More about FW Terminology

Similar Internet Slang Terms

Similar phrases of “f*** with” are “mess with”; “hang with”; “chill with”; “associate with”; “date”; “hook up with”; “participate in”; “go to”; “visit”; “do”; and “buy from”.

Other Meanings

As is common, “FW” can also mean a bunch of other things. We’ve already given you one example in the beginning of this article. “FW” used to mean “forward”. And in some circles, it still does. You might have to rely on context to determine which meaning is appropriate. However, if you receive an email from your boss, chances are their “FW” means “forward” and not “f*** with”. “F*** with” is used in more of a social situation and is not appropriate for formal communications.

“FW” also means:

  • Future wife
  • Firewall
  • Fort Worth (Texas)
  • Friend way (meaning to love you as a friend but nothing more)
  • Financial winner (when you score a good deal on something or get it for free)
  • Fresh weight (used in agriculture or when referring to a catch of fish)
  • Fighter wing (used by the Air Force)
  • Formal wear
  • Flood warning

FW Meaning Infographic


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